The Good Men Project Presents The Good Voice Campaign


All around us there are voices that deserve to be heard. A call for submissions to Good Men Project’s latest on-going series.

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Travels With Casey: Benoit Denizet-Lewis Goes Cross-Country With His Dog


It’s all for a book.

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The Best of Good Sports in 2011



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“Mocked and Misunderstood”: We Must Be Onto Something Big

image from startupQuote dot com

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson sees a high correlation between companies that are ‘mocked and misunderstood’ and those that go on to become breakout successes.

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Two New Sections on The Good Men Project: ‘The Issues of Men’s Rights’ and ‘Men and Feminism’

photo by centralasian

One thing is clear: The discussion needs to continue.

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Why I Loved ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’


Lisbeth Salander is a badass, Tom Matlack writes, and she turns the Hollywood hero ideal on its head.

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Call for Submissions: The Presumption of Male Guilt Thurs. Dec. 15

photo by renaissancechambara

We are looking for submissions that respond to the ways in which people and institutions presume that men are inherently guilty.

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What if They Had a Gender War and No One Came


This is what Lisa Hickey thinks of the so-called gender battle: we’re all in it together.

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It’s Not the End of Men, and We Still Have Work to Do

happy man

Men and women should celebrate where we are, Hugo Schwyzer writes, but we still need to keep moving forward.

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Forbes: What Gender War?

photo by imalegend

Tom Matlack doesn’t understand why we can’t talk about the good of men without continuing to step backwards.

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The 30th Anniversary of AIDS


With the passing of another International AIDS Day, Robert Levithan reflects on his experience.

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Can Giving Away Twenty-Dollar Bills Help the Economy?


Jasmin Nazarian interviews the founders of Plenty of Twenties and asks them “why?”

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Afghan Rape and Goodness?

KY ADT III facilitates Bagram women’s shura

A story about the rape of an Afghan woman prompts Tom Matlack to ask more questions about the nature of goodness.

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Quilt Letter: In Honor Of World AIDS Day

photo by Elvert Barnes

Today is World AIDS Day.

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Tom Matlack on Penn State, the Catholic Church, and Child Rape

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 9.48.15 AM

The GMP founder makes an appearance on NECN’s “The Morning Show.”

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TV News: A Danger to the Boys


How are our boys going to grow up to be good if we only show them stories of men being evil?

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