Sandusky, Scapegoats, and Systemic Violence

I’ve avoided writing about Sandusky. In fact, until very recently I’ve avoided reading or talking about Sandusky, too. As a survivor of a serial sex abuser, I know myself well enough to know that engaging the media coverage of the case with moderation and restraint would be a challenge for me. More often than not, […]

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Monetary Settlements Will Not Be Enough To Make Penn State’s Troubles Go Away

Joe Paterno legacy

The NCAA may ban Penn State from football for “lack of institutional control” and “inaction,” writes education attorney and former higher education administrator Galen Medley.

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Withdrawing from the Sandusky and Lynn Trials

box turtle

After prolonged exposure to the Sandusky and Lynn trials, it’s natural for a survivor to crave the safety of his own shell.

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The Sandusky Salvo


As the parallels between the Sandusky trial and my childhood unfold, I wish I could tell other men like me what I’ve learned.

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The Sandusky Trial: Reflections From Penn State


An adult survivor of abuse reports from the Sandusky trial.

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Sandusky, Triggers, and Self-Care

shotgun trigger

Some things you can do if news coverage of abuse stories is triggering you. From the Executive Director of MaleSurvivor.

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The Signals of Child Abuse and Neglect

child abuse

Learn how to spot signs of potential abuse and report it to the proper authorities.

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I’m Really Angry About Creepy Guys


Earl Hipp is not happy.

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The Right Thing

photo by snakateria

“If men like Paterno are our gods, if football is our religion,” Megan Rosker writes, “then we have just sacrificed our children on the alter of the nine-yard line.”

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Bite Me, Bite Me


MediaHound wonders what happened in Happy Valley, the emotions involved, and looks at how the Victims are being treated by people who may not know their own minds.

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Is There a Way to Be Good Again?: How to Be a Man After the Penn State Pedophilia Scandal


Sophia A. McClennen examines the crisis of manhood now in State College.

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What If It Had Been a Girl in the Shower?

photo by katerha

Tom Matlack wonders if the Penn State incident remained hidden for so long because what happened was beyond the scope of men inside football to even comprehend.

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Now…Give Your Uncle A Kiss

photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Yashar Ali wants us to stop telling our children who they should be affectionate with.

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Look in the Mirror: The Hypocrisy of PSU Rage


Before we can properly punish Sandusky and those who protected him, we must first point the finger of blame at ourselves, Tom Matlack writes.

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To Prevent Future Penn States, We Need to Celebrate the Good in Male Sexuality


Hugo Schwyzer agrees we should be talking more. But let it be about what healthy, joy-filled, life-enhancing male sexuality looks like.

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Money and the Moral Compass

moral compass

Robert Steven Williams wonders what a moral compass is when it’s not even being guided by morals.

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