Non-Believer and Chief: Will America Ever Have an Atheist President?

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Atheism is on the rise in America. Secularism and scientific thought is creating a generation of voters with the ability to think critically about the issues. Will the popularity of disbelief give rise to a political party devoid of religious factions?

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Nine (Final) Christian Cliches to Avoid


Nine final(?) cliches to strike from the Christian lexicon.

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Ten Cliches Christians Should Stop Saying


Ten things Christians say a lot, but shouldn’t.

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Row, row, row your boat


Strange dreams in India lead to a self-realization

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Is Evil a Derivative of Good? A Theologian’s View

photo by cali4beach

Jeremy John would like to see us deal directly with the concept of evil. Here’s how he thinks about it.

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Soul Is Hard to Find

photo by AlicePopkorn

After all the hard work he’s put in, Rick Belden wonders if there are some things we just can’t change.

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Occupy Toronto: A Spiritual Renaissance


Through emphases on dialogue and community, the Occupy movement has displayed a new brand of political and spiritual expression, writes Avi Zer-Aviv.

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Hard Work Is Faith


Men and women of every belief have been praying their whole lives, writes Paul Leroux, whether they’ve known it or not.

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My Power Place

photo by lmmnfrsh

A trip to the Grand Tetons fourteen years ago brought Roger L. Durham into contact with something profund.

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Where My Prayers Went

photo by schizoform

A poem by Terre Spencer

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My Subversion Experiment

photo by mikefats

Jeremy John looks at the type of faith and belief can arise from experimentation with truth.

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A Phoenix Rising

brad oliphant angel

Lili Bee talks with photographer Brad Oliphant about addiction, homosexuality, and coming to terms with one’s spirituality.

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Spirituality: In Pictures


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Brad Oliphant uses his camera to find the spiritual in a number of different places.

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The First Step I Took as a Man

photo by soschilds

A batch of psychedelic mushrooms and a lazy canoe ride helped Michael Carpenter realize he was a man.

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The Spirituality of #Occupy


Jack Varnell looks at the #Occupy movement through the lens of “everything has spiritual consequences”.

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Men and Spirituality

Men and Spirituality

What do you believe in?

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