Sometimes I Need God to Be Male


Hugo Schwyzer doesn’t mind a gender-neutral God, but the last thing he wants is for people to think that only a female God can be nurturing and compassionate.

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A Gay Man and the Church: Trying to Reconcile My Sexuality


Paul Leroux turns to spirituality to reconcile his sexuality.

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How an Atheist Learned to Think About Spirituality

photo by aturkus

Lisa Hickey finds something she can believe in. And it has everything to do with “good” and much to do with “men”.

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Can a Manly Man be Spiritual?

photo by ntoper

Roland Maimonedes views spirituality as empathy, love, uncertainty, and the surrender of power—none of which he had considered particularly manly.

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Questioning My Faith

photo by bluebuddhastudio

“Even in my most desperate moments, when I was ready to embrace religion, I still couldn’t figure out which one I belonged to.”

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A Moment in Time


Penelope Thompson meditates with prisoners and finds that “one aware moment is as special and unique as another.”

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Here I Am


Chris Wiewiora lives up to these words by facing questions about God, porn, and accountability.

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For a Loving Dad, Spirituality Is Optional

father hand

Fathers who are deeply spiritual have more in common than they might think with fathers who don’t consider themselves spiritual at all.

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Re-Imagining Heaven


Jack Varnell uses free verse to look at religion and the society that needs a God.

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Does Your Soul Have a Goal?


Paul Leroux discusses the ways in which today’s man can find purpose in life.

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Use Everything


Loving yourself is the soul’s work, says Rick Belden.

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The Faith of a Wimp


In Tom Matlack’s last column, “Questioning My Faith,” he declined to choose a particular religion. One reader thinks that makes him a wimp. Here, they talk it out.

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