Happy Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Pal, Woolite

Happy Birthday by Ron Cogswell

Adiba Nelson shows us how one company got it horribly wrong.

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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

slow and painful death

Carl Bosch is just looking for a little honesty. And sometimes he finds it.

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6 Reasons ‘In Touch’ Magazine’s Bruce Jenner Cover Will Horrify You

Frank Micelotta/AP

Excuse me, In Touch Weekly, but I think you dropped your ethics. Oh, and I could do a better photoshop job in MS Paint.

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The Caveman Feminist -Choosing Nurture While Respecting Nature

David's photo

How do we free ourselves of the shame society puts on our primal instincts while demonstrating true respect and equality between men and women?

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The City of Lights was Dimmed, but not Diminished. Free Speech was Violated, but not Silenced.


Neal Brown believes that free speech is costly but worth the investment.

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Why Are We Still Circumcising Our Boys?


Whether it was God, Mother Nature, or Darwin, the skin that we brutally cut or cauterize away is there for a purpose, a purpose that has been forgotten.

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Post-Holiday Rant: Maybe Christmas Shouldn’t Come From a Store


Now that Christmas is done, and the New Year is upon us, Raoul Wieland is a bit dismayed with what the season has come to mean.

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Am I a Feminist? I’ll Let You Decide


Ally Fogg firmly believes that it is for women to decide feminism, and that includes what place men should or should not have in the movement.

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What is Justice? I Have Questions


John Anderson would like to start a conversation about the meaning of justice as it relates to stories in the news today.

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Tony Robbins, WTF???

Tony Robbins

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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I’m The Son Of A Famous Second-Wave Feminist — And Want The Men Of Tomorrow To Be Different


Good people of all sexes should be motivated to end gender inequality because patriarchal rules limit everyone’s ability to be their whole selves.

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A Call to Dispense With Our Culture of Fear

A Call to by GlynLowe

Matthew Rozsa offers three suggestions to protect both the police and the communities that fear them and calls for both groups to demand that politicians enact them.

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I Support Private Naked Photos


Duran Price explains why he thinks the people who got hacked are victims, too.

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Australia’s Response to the Sydney Terror Siege


Australia says #illridewithyou in the face of crisis and racial prejudice

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What Circle of Hell?


Rev. Neil O’Farrell and the Darkest Horror of the Torture Report

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Why I Believe My Son’s Life is Safer if He Questions Authority

little boy

Respect for authority is great, but blind obedience can leave a child open to all kinds of abuse.

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