8 Reasons Why I’m NOT Encouraging My Son to go to College


Leah Bell is on a mission to challenge what we’re traditionally told about college and what it takes to be successful. — There is a ridiculous notion that the smart kids go to college and the ones who do not won’t amount to anything. This is exactly why so many students go to college. They […]

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Dear Jeremy Renner: Calling a Fictional Woman a Slut is Still Misogyny

renner misogyny Conan

Black Widow isn’t real, but the millions of women and girls called “sluts” everyday are. Somehow, Jeremy Renner still thinks his joke was okay.

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The Baltimore Protestors Should Never Go Home


Eric Shapiro realizes a whole lot of people wish the protesters in Baltimore should just go home. Here’s why he believes that is the last place they should go.

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A Century of Anzac – Drowned in Beer, Bogans and Patriotism?


When it comes to war, few issues are as polarising as how we choose to remember the men who fought in them.

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Think Getting Rid of Native Mascots Ruins Your Team’s Heritage?

NotYourMascot heritage photo

Ramone Romero thinks it’s pretty ironic that people who want to keep offensive Native mascots complain about losing their heritage.

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How Much Will It Really Cost to Send Your Kid to College?


Are student loans a bubble like real estate was?

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Madonna, Drake, and the Entitlement of White Women

Drake performs at Coachella - Scott Roth/AP photo

Britni de la Cretaz condemns Madonna’s clear sexual violation of Drake at Coachella, and notes that it’s not the first time the star has acted out white supremacy.

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Mary Kay LeTourneau is Not a Lover, She’s a Rapist


We cannot allow the media to romanticize and downplay child sexual assault. This is not a love story. This is a horrifying story of abuse.

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Why We Need H.L. Mencken


Could a sharp-tongued journalist with a reputation for bitter honesty be the person we need to bring some sense to our 24/7 media circus?

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An American Liberal on the Israeli Elections


Julie France discusses the seemingly unbridgeable divide currently separating the Israeli left from the Israeli right.

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Phil Robertson Reminds Me Why I’m a Humanist

phil robertson is willfully ignorant

Dear Phil Robertson: A moral code based upon anything other than compassion for others is not really moral. Now, ask God to forgive you for the harm you’ve caused.

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What If ‘New Atheism’ is Actually Causing Harm?

Richard Dawkins/ AP photo - Manish Swaru

If our goal is peace, how can destroying all of Islam be the answer?

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6 Really Important Reasons You Should Think Twice About College


If you think a college degree will bring you success, here’s why you should think twice. — Challenging my beliefs piqued my curiosity, and I began gathering information. It is time to stop the insanity! The insanity of blindly believing what we’re told! The insanity of blindly going to college because we think it will […]

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Why Don’t We Read?


It took two hundred thousand years for man to develop the written word, another five thousand years to mass-produce it, and one generation to forget it.

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How Many Dollars are Enough?


After reading an article blasting men who don’t spend lavishly on dates, James Rigdon commented…and then kept writing.

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28 Black People Who Should Inspire You — Percy Julian


Without him, the birth control pill wouldn’t exist.

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