Mia Love May Be Black, But She’s Also Red

AP/Nick Bowmer

Dr. Darron T. Smith makes clear that even though a Black woman was elected to Congress, we are still far from a post-racial society.

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Why We Need to Address Transgender Issues

trans issues

Addressing transgender issues is important because they’re human issues, too.

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How Both Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Got It Really Wrong on Asian Americans


Jenn Fang is sick and tired of Bill O’Reilly’s commitment to the Model Minority myth, and wishes Jon Stewart had challenged the FoxNews star more effectively, and with more nuance.

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Hey Shia LaBeouf, Method Acting Isn’t an Excuse to Act Like a Jerk


Chris Osterndorf wants to remind famous guys like Shia LaBeouf that being an actor doesn’t mean you should get away with treating people badly.

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That’s So Raven—On Keeping Whiteness at a High Premium


Billy Flood hopes someday Raven-Symoné will look in the mirror and be proud of the Black gay woman she is.

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The Transformation of Justin Bieber From a White Youth to a Black Man

AP Photo/Mark J Terrill

Dr. Darron T. Smith explains that white artists like Justin Bieber enjoy the benefits of “acting black” without shouldering the racial burden of being black.

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Is Nick Jonas “Gay Baiting”?!

nick jonas flaunt magazine

Michael Rowe responds to claims that Nick Jonas is using his hotness just to lure in gay fans.

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Geeky Feminazis – A Comic


You hear these kinds of complaints from dudes all the time but to me it doesn’t make any sense.

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113 Years Ago Today, a President Died


On the operating table, President McKinley said, “He didn’t know, poor fellow, what he was doing. He couldn’t have known.”

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Ray Rice, Bystander Behavior, and a Culture of Violence


Instead of asking women the ‘why did you stay’ question, let us ask ourselves how do we become bystanders to a culture of violence?

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Kicking the Extra Point: How the NFL Should Take a Stand in Preventing Violence Against Women

Kicking the Extra Point by Bradley Gordon

The Ray Rice story presents a perfect opportunity to stand up against domestic violence. Will the NFL go for it—or will they punt?

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Is There a Non-Creepy Way to Run Behind a Woman?


Running has caused me to follow many women I don’t know. Is there a right way or a wrong way to run along an empty street?

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We Need To Be Brave And Stand Up To Evil

tianaman square

In the aftermath of the Rotherham Child Exploitation scandal, too much focus has been put on the ethnicity and religion of the criminals. Andrew Lawes believes fear is the real issue. He wants to help you be brave.

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The Student Debt Crisis and the Value of a College Education


Bram Berkowitz sees the student loan debt crisis spiraling out of control, and he believes we must restore value to the college degree to avoid another financial crisis.

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