The American Jewish Minority

Jewish Kid

Being Jewish, and Pro-Israel, Joel Abramson never expected to feel all alone in a support group of young Jewish professionals. But that’s exactly what happened.

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More Accountability Please: Goodell, Rice, and a Chance to Do Better

Ray Rice

Richelle Carey knows that the NFL understands what accountability and consistency mean. Why then, won’t they show it in a case of domestic violence?

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Hey #WomenAgainstFeminism and Feminists Against #WomenAgainstFeminism: A few things we can agree on


Sarah Beaulieu is ready to have a conversation about why there is so much hate against feminism.

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MR. MST Reacts to Confirmation of New Secretary of Veterans Affairs


Brian Lewis, President of Men Recovering from Military Sexual Trauma (MR. MST) discusses the persistent invisibility of male sexual assault victims.

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When Social Justice Forgets Its Compassion

eric garner choked

Kimberly Foster of won’t march on behalf of Eric Garner, because she’s only concerned with women at the moment.

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Feminists Can’t Stop Spoiling Everything


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a feminist in possession of respect for women must spoil everything.

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Not in My Name, Prime Minister Netanyahu


Samuel Mahaffy insists that despite what the Prime Minister says, not all men will resort to violence.

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Obama Needs Europe’s Support in Responding to Putin

Don't make me bring Angela into this. Photo: File/EPA

President Obama needs solid, consistent and explicit long-term support from Brussels and Europe’s major capitals in order to get anything done – to present a united front both diplomatically and economically.

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Shouldn’t Fit Parents Be Allowed To Choose How To Raise Their Kids?


Michael Amity calls for action in spreading the awareness of a new Constitutional Amendment.

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think-Tim Green

What happens when you beg your friends to donate to an adorable toddler with cancer, and he turns out to be a 30-year-old millionaire?

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The Hidden Superpower of Bisexuals

captain america toy

They lack representation in media and sometimes, their very existence is denied. Invisibility shouldn’t be bisexuals’ only superpower.

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Should a Teen Sexter Be Forced to Provide Photos of His Genitals?


Michael Amity is horrified by what seems to be an invasive and violating request by the officials for photos of a teens genitals.

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7 Tips Fathers Need To Know About Their Teenage Sons


Steven Cessario from imparts some wisdom for fathers about their teenage sons.

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Why We Need to Support Mothers and Hungry Babies


Phil Leech believes that breastfeeding moms should be supported, not shamed.

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The Pope’s New Clothes


Anna March argues that Pope Francis’s liberal reputation is mostly spin, thanks to a PR campaign run by a former Fox News correspondent

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I’m a Feminist, So Go Out With Me

Gloria Steinem quote

Katie Ellison explains the difference between being an actual feminist and being an opportunist.

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