On Penises: Average and Normal Are Not the Same Thing

Mr. Happy

Noah Brand talks about the difficult task of accepting one’s own genitals.

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Let’s Talk About Penises, Shall We?


Carlo Alcos: “I will not be apologetic for what I am about to write, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make you feel.”

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Can We Really (Really?) Talk About Sex?


In response to a Julie Gillis’s piece, Valter Viglietti wonders if it’s really possible to talk openly and freely to a possible partner about maybe having sex.

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A Mother’s Frank Discussion of Sex


“Mommy, how are babies born?”

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Stop Making Sex Taboo


18-year-old Hugo Martins offers a young person’s perspective on what kids want, and need, to hear from their parents about sex.

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There’s More to Sex Education Than Teaching Reproduction

sex ed

Many young children learn where babies come from, writes Justin Cascio, but teaching about their bodies and pleasure remains taboo.

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Really (Really) Talking About Sex, Part 2: Starting The Conversation


Julie Gillis is co-producer of Bedpost Confessions, a monthly reading series in Austin that encourages perspective and education through conversations on sexuality and human relationships.

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Riding in PopPop’s Vulva


Joanna Schroeder teaches her sons about sex, and ponders the merit of words like “vajayjay” and “hoo-hah.”

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photo by massimo_riserbo

Jeremy M. believes you don’t need to let society’s rules get in the way of the kind of relationship that you are interested in having.

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Low And Slow: My Sequel to Dad’s Sex Talk

Free Willy

Tomas Moniz takes a cinematic look at a father, three kids, the evil media, and the perils of sex education.

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The Ethics of Vocabulary (Sexual and Otherwise)

photo by merfam

Lisa Hickey believes that some words are used to create intimacy and some to marginalize. And perhaps, by allowing all words to be said, we can marginalize less and connect more.

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The Unnamed Genitals Have a Name: Vulva


Marcus Williams wishes our earliest sexual vocabulary acknowledged that boys and girls both have interesting parts, not just a penis and the place where penises want to go.

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Let’s Really (Really) Talk About Sex


Julie Gillis doesn’t believe in plain, old consent. She wants it to be enthusiastic.

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Why ‘Losing It’ Is Sometimes the Best Term for First Sex


Despite the negative connotations, Hugo Schwyzer writes, using the term “losing your virginity” actually makes a lot of sense.

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Bro-ing Alone


College-age “bros,” writes Oliver Lee Bateman, have an extensive bro-cabulary for their describing their exploits, but don’t say much about sex.

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Potty Mouth Versus Poetry Mouth


Paul Leroux shares a gay man’s perspective on the visual and verbal idioms (and idiocies) of porn versus erotica.

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