Life Is the Fire That Burns [Lyrical PhotoEssay of an Australian Bushfire]

Leaping Flames Credit_KirraPendergast-6079

David Packman adds words to Kirra Pendergast’s amazing photos of how a lightening strike forced an evacuation from the flames.

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6 Heartwarming Photos of Soldiers in Afghanistan Celebrating Christmas

AP Photo/Capt. Thomas Cieslak, U.S. Army

A Christmas away from home for those fighting in America’s longest war.

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The Manliest Thing About Me Is…

Jeff and Carlos

A new photo project explores the way men define their own form of masculinity. The results are astounding.

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Ten of the Most Touching Photos Ever Taken

Sometimes the photos that make us cry are the most important photos of all.

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Afghanistan and Iraq: Photographs by War Correspondent Michael Kamber


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“You can’t enter here with a camera,” I was told repeatedly.

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School’s Out, Forever? Documenting School Closings Through Photos and Words.


A school shuts down and no one asks, “Where are those kids now and what are we doing for them?” Amanda Keller-Konya and Dennis Danziger document school closings through words and photos.

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Project Unbreakable

1 Be a Man

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Grace Brown photographs survivors of sexual abuse with posters that hold quotes from their attackers. TRIGGER WARNING.

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The Last Meals Project

Ted Bundy

Jonathon Kambouris visually documents the face and last meal of convicted killers in order to question how society is really served by the death penalty.

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Drip: A Photo Series


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Samuel Quinn’s love of portraiture and his failed past as a graffiti artist led him to this.

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A Conversation With Tim Hetherington

1 Tim Smoke Epiphany

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“He was like Hercules. I’m surprised the shell that killed him didn’t just bounce off.”

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Solitude: A Photographic Series


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Stephen Sheffield shares three images that speak volumes about being alone.

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It’s in the Eyes

01 death header All rights Tom Stone

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Renowned portrait photographer Tom Stone shoots with a discriminate eye, but it is the eyes he shoots that remind us of our mission.

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Spirituality: In Pictures


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Brad Oliphant uses his camera to find the spiritual in a number of different places.

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The Charles Street Jail Series


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A man’s haunting walk through an abandoned prison.

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Solitary Man


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Stephen Sheffield tries to find something in a black suit and a black hat.

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A Meditation on Africa

Field of Dreams

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‘I don’t know anything. I am finally still. I am far away in a distant land where nothing is the same. I am at peace. I don’t want to leave.’

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