Family Romance


Timothy Liu writes of addiction, resentment, and family secrets.

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How Could I Not See


Lauren Camp recounts a woman’s tender moment with her father-in-law, bonding over Emily Dickinson.

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Bill Trüb presents a poem replete with striking–and eerie–imagery.

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The Readers (after Robert Hayden)


Recalling Robert Hayden’s classic poem “Those Winter Sundays,” Philip Clark presents his own remembrance of a father and his sacrifices.

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All the Men Went


In this remembrance of a grandfather, Charles Bane Jr. writes of coal mines and light, death and the sublime.

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Maura Alia Badji’s poem about a sister, a brother, and a jock strap is funny and, in a surprising way, tender.

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For Valentine’s Day, enjoy these two wife/husband poems–which are normally performed simultaneously–from Helen Wing.

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Most of What is Written is Simply Grief


This poem from Todd Davis is a prime example of the power of the unspoken, the understated.

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The Daily Beast

Check out

Tina Cane’s poem considers a male construction of femininity.

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Shanty Hollow


Dwight Gray writes of family and fishing, in a poem where much lurks beneath the surface.

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Shaking Off the River


Brian Beatty offers a brief, Zen-like meditation.

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Battle of Midway, photo 80-G-701843


Von Thompson brings out the horrors and human costs of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

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Cutting Firewood in the Cup


Stephen Scott Whitaker channels Henry David Thoreau in this meditation on the natural world.

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Watching Apocalypse Now


Michael Frizell writes of Vietnam and the father who was there.

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On Plans to Build My Daughter a Tipi


Speaking as a father to a young daughter, Adam Hughes explores the gap between expectation and reality–parental promise and parental failure.

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Love Letters

old woman

The tragedy of national and family histories collide in Jung Hae Chae’s tribute to her grandmother.

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