A Minor History of Brooklyn

VIETNAM - OCTOBER 10:  A nattily dressed young couple zip down the road on a motor scooter, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  (Photo by Wilbur E. Garrett/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Tina Cane performs a sleight-of-hand in this quirky poem, gliding between Brooklyn, France, and two different kinds of relationships.

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Poetry — Best of the Net Nominations 2015


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus has nominated the following six poems for Sundress Press’s 2015 “Best of the Net” awards. Read and enjoy!

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The Octogenarian Asks the Feminist Sex Educator


Alice Isak raises important questions about consent and what it actually looks like and means.

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This companion piece to her earlier-published poem, “Shepherd,” finds Heid E. Erdrich again using the lyric to explore–and question–marital devotion.

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Season of Renewal


After the storm, Jenifer DeBellis inhabits a quiet yet intense moment of satisfaction.

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Driving the Beast Away


R.G. Evans offers a poignant meditation on manhood, aging, and libido.

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Helen Wing’s poem is bleak, but probably accurate.

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Viewing Vintage Porn


By turns wistful, by turns puckish, David Bergman’s tribute to gay adult film of yesteryear is a fun twist on the language of nostalgia.

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Stars–They’re Just Like Us


Shevaun Brannigan uses a familiar image in a fresh, stunning, sustained way.

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To the Poet Whose Lover Has Died of AIDS


Kenny Fries writes of love, AIDS, and their difficult overlap.

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Lois Roma-Deeley offers an enigmatic look at a husband and a wife who have lived lives “no one thought practical.”

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How Will I Know When I Am in a Body?


Nora Meiners writes as the white mother of a biracial son, reflecting on black male bodies and the perils that attend them.

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Answering the Call


Laurie Kolp paints a portrait of a hard living man and the nature of inevitability.

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Gone Incognito


Faced with a racist pickup line, the speaker of Jia Oak Baker’s poem chooses playfulness over outrage.

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I, Robot


Joy Ladin offers a bittersweet remembrance of a father who loved and was loved from a distance.

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at Beaches & Cream, Yacht and Beach Club Resort

Sarah Ann Winn celebrates the Fourth of July with a parade of images.

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