Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Male Adult Prison


Bathrooms are not the only battleground for transgender rights. Peter LaBerge speaks in the persona of a Connecticut trans girl, incarcerated alongside men.

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Children Love the Dumps

Trash Hill1

Much can be learned from detritus. For Stephen Scott Whitaker, the dump is where children can “study the worst of us.”

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The Man Who Sought Asylum


Home is just one of the things a refugee loses in David Bergman’s moving poem.

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Sleeping Apart


Much is hinted at in Robert Carr’s intense, imagistic poem.

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Gender Issue

Baby Man

Diane Lockward explores one man’s desire to transcend gender boundaries.

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English poet Anne Lawrence Bradshaw reflects on her grandfather’s World War II service and its impact on her father.

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Tow Truck Driver in Oz


Worlds collide when a blue collar guy winds up in the mystical land of Oz in this poem from Sarah Ann Winn.

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Ed Madden juxtaposes gender, race, and paint samples in this surprising prose poem.

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Adam Hughes’s ecstatic poem is a celebration of love and the natural world.

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My Father Buys a Ballroom in Shanghai, China, 1944


Lois Roma-Deeley shows how our parents can surprise us in this poem, which is a “war story” in every sense of the term.

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Freed from prison, man robs Same N.J. store 14 years later


Gary Bouchard’s blank verse “ripped from the headlines” poem is a remarkable meditation on cycles and human habit.

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Laura Foley recounts the embarrassment of visibility and the joys of risk-taking.

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On Sunday We Slide Into the Mud of Our Dreams


William Reichard brings us an evocative poem of loss and, perhaps, hope.

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Old ’89


In tight couplets, John Trigonis writes of desire, car wrecks, desperation, and Superbowl XLII.

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Jia Oak Baker’s poem made finalist for the 2015 Best of the Net Awards!

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Between Me and Death


Parkinson’s Disease and a parent’s past and present are the subjects of Dion O’Reilly’s moving poem.

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