On Plans to Build My Daughter a Tipi


Speaking as a father to a young daughter, Adam Hughes explores the gap between expectation and reality–parental promise and parental failure.

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Love Letters

old woman

The tragedy of national and family histories collide in Jung Hae Chae’s tribute to her grandmother.

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Exercise: write a letter to the person who infected you


Noah Stetzer explores HIV and uncertainty in this sobering poem.

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Spontaneous Heart Poem


Social Justice Editor Wilhelm Cortez offers some spontaneous thoughts on the heart.

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Not Humming


Laura Foley uses brevity and simplicity to make a powerful impact in this prose poem.

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David Bublitz recalls a letter from his soldier father and what the night sky brought him.

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Going Dutch on Plan B


Hannah Baggott presents a woman’s perspective on desire…and the “morning after.”

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Full Moon, White Sands


The late poet Reginald Shepherd called Kenny Fries “a poet of the luminous moment and the luminous landscape,” a title Fries more than lives up to in this poem.

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Boot Camp–1967


Brady Peterson captures the sexual frustration of the deployed man while at the same time tapping into a deeper kind of loneliness.

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December 2014


Peter Putnam offers an image of hope and growth in the midst of a time marked by destruction and hate.

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Matthew Lippman considers the needs, desires, and experiences of a broad range of men in this searching poem.

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Poetry Selections– 2014


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus bids farewell to 2014 with a representative sample of some of the fine work published in the past year.

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Story of a Man

City Man

In this poem, Jia Oak Baker examines a certain kind of man.

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This Christmas, Adam Prince focuses on St. Joseph, a nativity scene mainstay who is, nonetheless, often overlooked.

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Somehow the Music


Grant Clauser offers an affecting poem on those who are often alone during the holiday season.

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L. Lamar Wilson writes of men and rape, survivors and aggressors, in this stark poem.

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