Evening Therapy


Joshua Martin sheds light on the casual yet essentials ways by which men support each other.

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TV Guide

A 1960s queer boy finds solace in television in Jim Elledge’s poem.

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Counter Clockwise


Telaina Eriksen recalls the surreal, backwards feeling that many of us felt on 9/11.

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Chimney Swifts


Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

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Letter to My Daughter


Joy Ladin captures both a parent’s love and a sense of deep loss in this villanelle.

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Spat, with Birdseed


A husband comes to terms with an ending relationship in Lynn Marie Houston’s poem.

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Self-Portrait as Mountain

Mountain Man1

Pepper Trail engages the mythic in this poem of life, death, and self-transformation.

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Cubist Spring


Benjamin Myers invokes the mood and texture of Cubism to convey a critical moment in one man’s life.

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Glinda Meets the Tow-Truck Driver


Glinda–Oz’s resident “good witch”–encounters a Kansas tow-truck driver. Imagine the possibilities.

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A veteran father strategizes how to communicate with his ill child in Randy Brown’s sweet and unsettling poem.

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Outer Space

Homeless Man1

Matthew Lippman uses an innovative trope to reflect on poverty, homelessness, and a middle class man’s fraught relationship with these categories.

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One Minute Memoir of a Semi Embittered Lifetime AA Batter


Dennis Mahagin offers a snapshot of a jaded ballplayer.

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2015 in Poetry


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus highlights some of the poems published on The Good Men Project in 2015.

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My Father Tells a Story About Beauty

Silent Night 2

Hayden Saunier shares a story of Christmas past, the power of compassion, and our capacity to heal.

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The Gift


Christmas morning provides the occasion for this poignant and vaguely disturbing poem about the sometimes convoluted relationships between mothers and sons.

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Empty Nest


Tom Mallouk’s speaker reaches out in sympathy to the mother of his grown child in this emotionally impactful poem.

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