She’s Going to Do Something Amazing: Poem by Lynn Melnick

heinz fischer

She’s choking on the inspirational music / from the nurse tech’s radio, something about running and fire

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How to Do Things with Words: Poems by Matt Hart

photo by kevin dooley

And with one look back, / as if to say, Is it okay to go in now? / or maybe to declare it, Yes!

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The Unabashed Tourist Talks With a Skee-Ball Proprietor: Poems by Catherine Pierce

photo by benimoto

Our eyes are full / of glitter and guile, our mouths spin / voodoo, I am gorgeous with my cigarette, / you’re a gangster with your sazerac

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Tiny Hand-cuffs: Poems by Dennis J. Bernstein


Dennis J. Bernstein has been a longtime front line reporter specializing in Human Rights. His poetry has appeared in the New York Quarterly, Chimaera, Bat City Review, elsewhere.

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Bad Luck Ends the World: Poems by Seth Abramson

photo by mikelehen

Boys toeing candied heads / beneath their boots, / rolling them back one step on the macadam / and then forward. Back two steps / and then forward. You grinning Apocalypse, / all this is yours

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I said What and she said Cheating: Poetry by Sasha Fletcher

photo by marcus_hansson

let us hold hands as we walk through the fire

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The only old thing I really loved was Poseidon. He won the ocean. Poems by Dorothea Lasky

poseidon 2

Dorothea Lasky’s poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Boston Review, among other places. She is the author of three books of poems.

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Ventriloquism. Poems by Melissa Broder

photo by centralasian

Melissa Broder is the author of two collections of poems, most recently MEAT HEART. Poems appear in Guernica, Redivider, The Missouri Review, Court Green, et al. She edits La Petite Zine.

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If Lightning Loved Me: 3 Poems by Bob Hicok

photo by pennuja

“Pilgrimage”, “Once again the world has dreamed me”, and “The middle class: a fairy tale”

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Today I Turn to Stretch Armstrong for Comfort: Poems by Julianna Baggott

photo by therubyring

Three poems by renowned poet and author of 19 books.

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