Is Obama Getting Too Much Credit For Last Week?


A lot of important events happened last week, but most of them didn’t have a whole lot to do with what President Obama did or didn’t do.

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Gay Marriage, Political Division, and the “Right Side” of History


What’s TRULY driving your politics and beliefs about gay marriage?

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Should We Praise Nikki Haley?


People are right to praise the politicians in South Carolina who have finally come around to wanting to disown the Confederate battle flag.

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Could A Defeat in 2016 Change The Republican Party?


If Hillary Clinton wins next year, we could see a more moderate GOP emerge.

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Is Jeb Bush Losing?


Jeb Bush’s White House bid may not be doomed, but he clearly isn’t winning.

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Shadows And Shadowboxing: Bush For President?


As Jeb Bush departs for Europe to practice looking “presidential,” many people wonder if he stands a chance to be president (or should stand a chance).

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Who Cares If Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Run For President?


Liberal’s obsession with the presidency is one of their biggest problems these days. So it’s official, the grassroots campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren formally titled “Run Warren Run” has dissolved. As a liberal I personally think Elizabeth Warren is a great senator and am glad to see more liberals getting involved in the nitty gritty […]

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Patriot Act Meltdown: Surveillance, Politics and Rand Paul

rand paul

The expiry at midnight, Sunday of three key provisions of the Patriot Act has thrown Washington into turmoil and halted surveillance programs – a panel of scholars gives their verdicts.

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Should We Ignore Bernie Sanders?

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, gestures as he speaks at the Californi Democrats State Convention in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, April 30, 2011.  Sanders called on Democrats to work together to stop what he calls the GOP's attack on the middle class.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Bernie Sander’s run for the White House will be a lot of fun, but he’s not going to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Lest We Forget The Tragedy In Ukraine


How Long Will The World Permit Rampant Aggression In Ukraine?

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Where Have All The Social Conservatives Gone?


Social conservatives are no longer the majority in American society.

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From Riot to Uprising: How Baltimore Protestors Flipped the Script


Protestor poet Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum on the streets of the Baltimore Uprising

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Another Republican Contender Bites The Dust


The current field of announced and unannounced candidates for the Republican nomination in 2016 is pretty big, but it won’t stay that way forever.

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Free-Trade Agreements: Economic Lifter Or Middle Class Destroyer?


Should Sovereign Nations Continue To Find Ways Of Promoting Trade Agreements That Increase Global Competition And Threaten The Stability Of Established Industries?

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Former Conservative Insider Speaks on State Proposed Bans of Reparative Therapy for Minors


As the former policy analyst for Family Research Council, Yvette Schneider shares her perspective on religious freedoms and reparative therapy.

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Get Ready For Another Republican Tax Cut


The Republican Party is still deeply committed to big tax cuts for the rich.

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