Bipartisanship Is No Utopia


Washington gridlock can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean bipartisan consensus produced outcomes that are necessarily more popular.

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Why Did America Embrace Torture as Policy?


The Senate’s official report on the use of torture during the Bush Administration is out, and it’s hard to see how it could be worse.

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Don’t Look To The President For Justice For Eric Garner


Real change in American policing will come at the local level.

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Mitch McConnell Is No Genius


Yes the incoming Senate Majority Leader is a successful politician, but he’s hardly some political superman.

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No Liberals, Uber Is Not Evil


It’s true that that the car service company Uber has done some questionable things, but it’s also advancing liberals priorities.

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The Benghazi Scandal That Never Was


It turns out that all the talk about Benghazi over the last two years was a giant waste of time, there just never was a cover up.

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Hooray for Jim Webb


The former Democratic Senator from Virginia has officially announced he’s running for president, Democrats should applaud.

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Feel Free To Ignore The Electoral College


Yes the Electoral College is a strange way to electing presidents, but it’s safe to ignore it until fall of 2016.

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Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break the Internet’ Photos Gave Me an Idea

Kim Kardashians by Mortimer 62

Maria Shriver wants to break the Internet, too, but not the way Kim Kardashian did.

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Bill Cosby’s Silence Is About Our Media


The famous comedian and television personality’s silence on charges of sexual assault shows a lot about Bill Cosby—and even more about our media.

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Sorry America, Republicans Don’t Want Bipartisanship


It’s really hard to be bipartisan when one partisan side doesn’t want to.

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Stop Blaming Obamacare For Everything


While the landmark health care law is having a huge impact on our health care system, but its political impact faded long ago. A fun Twitter fight broke out yesterday after political analyst Charlie Cook declared that everything would have been fine for the Democrats right now if they had never passed Obamacare back in […]

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Hey Pundits, Why Not Leave Washington?


Nothing much is going to happen in Washington for the next two years, so now’s a great time for pundits to investigate what’s going on in the rest of the nation.

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Ignore All That Mandateology


Politicians win elections, they don’t win mandates.

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Happy Election Day!


Yes I know you’re busy, but you still need to go vote.

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Trolling Liberals For Fun And Profit


A recent Fox News clip on street harassment shows the perverse incentives in the conservative media at work.

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