The Fatal Flaw of Men’s Rights Activists

mens rights

The men’s rights movement is a reactionary, desperate attempt to hold onto social and political power.

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Deficits Don’t Matter


The federal deficit declined massively over the last few years, so where’s the cheering?

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Why Republicans Are Even Losing Middle-Aged White Guys Now


Christopher Dale isn’t as liberal as he used to be, but he’s not ready to vote for bigotry and craziness either.

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A Fifteen Year Old Trans Girl In A Men’s Prison? Are You Kidding Me? #RethinkMalloy


Tweet In what world is it okay to throw a fifteen year old girl in a men’s prison? Not one that I want to be apart of. – Al-Jazeera America is reporting on an especially disturbing story this week coming out of one of America’s northeastern liberal bastions, Connecticut.  A transgender teenager in Connecticut was […]

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John Boehner Isn’t Going Anywhere


Despite all the talk about ousting the current Republican Speaker of the House, his position is pretty secure.

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A Tale of Two Tragedies


Paul Blest on two heartwrenching tragedies and what we can learn from them.

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Republicans Still Don’t Have A Plan On Health Care


Five years after they first promised an alternative to Obamacare, Republicans still don’t have a plan to replace it.

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Government’s Latest Tribute To Harvey Milk Unveiled

Harvey Milk

The USPS has announced a new stamp to honor the gay rights pioneer.

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The Historian And The Politician


An online intellectual fight shows the limits of the historical perspective in politics.

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President Jeb Bush?


What the Jeb Bush surge tells us about the state of the 2016 presidential race.

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Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Not Be Able to Carry Guns Into a State Capitol Building

start the conversation

Politics Editor Paul Blest thinks the current conversation about guns is disingenuous. It’s time to change that.

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Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Be Able To Carry Guns Into A State Capitol Building

start the conversation

An Oklahoma state senator recently reported 40 state sheriffs lobbying in Oklahoma. Contributor Michael Amity thinks that’s morally reprehensible.

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An Open Letter To The DCCC


The depressing emails have got to stop.

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The Tough Road to a Trade Deal Between the US and Europe


When the EU-US summit kicks off in Brussels this week, the prospects of a new trade deal will be jostling for attention with events in Ukraine.

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Gaffes Don’t Matter


The political media loves to cover politicians making gaffes, but at the end of the day they don’t really matter at all.

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Nate Silver’s Epic Fail

Nate Silver

Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight site has gotten some pretty bad reviews in its first two weeks.

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