When Bad Men Do Good Things

Katherine Sandoz, when bad men do good things, evil that men do, men's rights

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?

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The (Quiet) Feminist Revolution

photo by WeNews

Joanna Schroeder advocates both individual responsibility and an understanding of the realities of the society we live in.

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My Guilt

photo by msvg

Tim Pylypiuk will tell his soon-to-be born niece or nephew, “No matter what your gender, be courageous.”

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Male Teachers Are Vital


Julie Gillis remembers a teacher who changed her son’s life.

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Rapists, I Have Known

photo by aklawstudio

Lisa Hickey believes that the “presumption of male guilt” is equally damaging to both men and women.

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‘Knight in Shining Armor’ Syndrome

Bar Friends Chicago

There’s probably no better place on earth to observe gender dynamics than in a bar on a Friday night.

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Being a Dude Is a Good Thing


With so many men feeling like they’re being blamed for being men, Tom Matlack wants us to embrace manhood.

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In Rape Culture, All Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent


Why do good men have to pay for other men’s bad behavior? Hugo Schwyzer explains the answer he learned in his first Women’s Studies class.

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Why ‘The Presumption of Male Guilt’ Is A Backlash Myth


Michael Kaufman says there is no presumption of male guilt. Here’s why.

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Surviving in the Creep Zone


How does a non-creepy guy overcome the presumption that he’s a creep… without sounding like even more of a creep? Oliver Lee Bateman has an idea.

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Presumption of Male Gas


Jamie Reidy knows that women aren’t immune to laying a stinker—even in downward facing dog.

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Accused on the Airwaves


Accusations are easy to make, but impossible to take to take back, as Shawn Peters painfully discovered.

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Paternal Instinct


Ken Solin proves that men are capable of great devotion, fidelity, and nurturing.

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Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

He looked at me, and I sensed trouble. Like he was checking my distance, like he might try and run off with you.

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Guilty of Helping

old lady on park bench 588x350

Being found guilty when you are doing the right thing is tough. But, as MediaHound explains, being presumed guilty when you are saving a life is far tougher—and dangerous.

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When Women Fear Men

photo by Bao Tri Nguyen Phuoc

Statistics don’t make us safe, Lisa Hickey says. Self-empowerment and facing our fears do.

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