On Prison Reform

prison planet

Keep fewer behind bars and offer opportunities for self-rehabilitation

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700,000 Ways We Can Invest in Our Future Every Year

double rainbow

The case for a mandatory healing and humanization program for the incarcerated

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Take a Moment to Listen


Listen to the words, don’t read them with your eyes. Read them with your voice. Read these words and feel.

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The Unnatural Desert of War

unnatural desert of war

First, there was a war on crime, then a war on drugs and then a war on war.

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I am Who I Serve

Tomas Martinez

Tomas Martinez lived in-and-out of prison for 17 years. Now he uses his experience to help young men of color lead a better life

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Raising the Village With Fathers and Children Together

raising the village

African American and Latino incarcerated men have a new game changer for the intergenerational cycle of incarceration

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My Prison

my prison

Thought and silence can push us to the emotional wall.

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Who Gets a Second Chance?

second chance

Questioning the myth of justice

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Call Me By My True Names

prison window

For some people, even the freedom of being called by their name has been taken away.

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I was Homeless at the Age of Eight

lost boy

Anthony Rios builds from loss and strength to overcome his early start on the streets.

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Take the Realness Challenge


How much realness do you have?

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I’m Still Being Punished for His Crime


Would you like to repeat the details your trauma again, and again, and again?

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Imagining Three Decades of Change

imagining change

What is life now if I became a free man again?

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Remember This

empty chair

Stark reality hits when the violence is gone, but so is he.

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Forgiving Himself Can be the Hardest for a Man

forgive yourself

A man serving a life sentence can forgive himself. Can you?

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His Blood Runs Through Me


The blood of POPS the Club runs with emotional healing that can emerge unexpectedly.

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