The Beast Destroying Our Neighborhoods


What is this beast gobbling community resources?

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Not a Day Goes By That I Don’t Think of You


Writing as a cathartic practice helps release emotional pain and gives a chance to be read, understood, and nurtured.

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How Do I Become Someone?


Luis Nunez asks the questions every man faces.

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Ever Lose Yourself in Losing Someone?


When we hold all the emotion of loss inside, we become an empty life.

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: Transmissions from the 12th Circle


Going to Jail is like traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language or know anything about it. No passport needed.

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Losing Center in the Tank


Keeping your head together can be a struggle, especially in “The Tank”.

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How to Stop the Infinite Loop of Incarceration


A blueprint for eradicating recidivism . . . Operation Fresh Start ™

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Escaping the Cycle of My Father

Eduardo Hernandez

P.O.P.S. the club is a high school-based community for students who have endured the Pain of the Prison System.

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A Friend in A Dark Place


The three best things a new guy in jail can have are a bunk, a book, and a friend who knows how to navigate hell.

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We all Need Love to Get Through Tough Times

Lucy Rodriguez

Life can get you so lost you find your self confidence.

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A Veteran of War, Now A Tortured Man in A Cage


An Iraq War Veteran, now in jail, shares what War really does to the mind of a man.

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Revisiting the Deceitful Street Where I am From

Eduardo Hernandez

John Rodriguez paints a snapshot of the deceitful streets of Los Angeles.

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New Years in The Tank: Transmissions from The 12th Circle


New Years comes and goes for everyone.’s a bit different in a concrete box.

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Experimenting With My Life

Eduardo Hernandez

Can you get something from nothing?

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Poetry in Exile


Nature inspires us all. Even in the cold confines of Prison.

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Neglecting Neuroscience Has Criminal Consequences for Youth


The high rates of neurodevelopmental disorders among young people in custody show more must be done to resolve the problems that lead them there.

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