Teaching Kids to Open the Tap on Creativity

open the tap on creativity Ryan Vaarsi:Flickr

Diving deep into the place we come from inspires the scenes for future creativity.

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California Students Transform Through Art With POPS

California Students Transform Through Art With POPS  kevin dooley:Flickr

This school year The Good Men Project is teaming up with The Pain of The Prison System (POPS) to show how art can transform people.

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What is the Worst Thing About Prison?

The worst about prison  la Caja de la china:Flickr

Spoon Jackson knows the worst of the prison system, but THE worst thing about prison isn’t about the prisoner.

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Wormwood Scrubs Exposed: The Inside Story

wormwood scrubs

“No one knows what really goes on inside a prison unless they are invited through its iron doors.” Read Wormwood Scrubs.

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Prisons Animated

Prisons animated

Hank thinks the prison system is, “messed up,” and he has a snappy video to explain why.

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Yoga Gains Traction Behind Razor Wire

Yoga Gains Traction Matt From London:Flickr

Could the mindfulness of yoga be a key to prison reform and reduced crime rates?

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So What if I am your Meal Ticket

So What If I am Your Meal Ticket Brett Jordan:Flickr

How can a prisoner transform himself into a good man?

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A Prayer for No Father

A Prayer for no Father  Alejandro Hernandez.:Flickr

A son’s pride and gratitude come from inside when the father has become a living ghost.

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‘God’father in Name Only

Godfather  Chazodude:Flickr

A godfather is a man who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism, or any male sponsor or guardian.

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Good or Bad is About Perspective

Good Bad is about Perspective  Neal.:Flickr

Even in absence, a father’s voice can echo and guide.

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How Do You Learn to be a Father Without a Father?

How Do You Learn to be a Father  Milosz1:Flickr

The search for male role models can be dangerous when your father is a missing piece.

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Do Daddy Issues Disappear?

Daddy Issues mrbill78636:Flickr

A runaway dad fails to reach out and teaches that pain can and should end.

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Dear Dad, I Can’t Be Your Clone

Dear Dad by H o l l y.:Flickr

As we look toward Fathers’ Day, take some time to reflect on the children whose imprisoned dads are unable to come home.

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Visiting Day From the Pain of the Prison System

Visiting Day martinak15:FLickr

Even a young child is treated like a criminal when she only wants to visit her father.

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New Identity From the Pain of the Prison System

New Identity  roger_alcantara:Flickr

Prisons punish more than criminals. P.O.P.S. creates a safe and nurturing community for those who have endured the Pain of the Prison System.

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How Can Society Best Deal With Violent Offenders?


Garth McVicar started a non-profit organization in New Zealand to help change the way violent offenders are being sentenced.

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