Counting Down Backward on the Ladder to Manhood


17-year-old Anthony Cortez looks back on the ways he thought he was becoming a man.

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Dad’s Last Day


Jackie Sanchez faces her father’s alcoholism.

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My Prison Part II


Tyanni Gomez revisits the theme of prison and pain. Is there a chance for release?

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My Uncle’s DUI


Alejandra Ruiz is concerned for her father in the face of an uncles DUI.

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He’s Never Coming Back


Counting the years back shows the track to the border of familial seperation

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I am the Fetus of an Affair


Elia Espinosa confronts herself about the man who provided the other half of her genetic material.

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Who Signs Up For Gladiator School?


Former private prison worker blows the whistle on abuse

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Why I Couldn’t Leave


POPS the Club recognizes and celebrates our students’ talents, ideas and points of view, and we create a community that does not allow stigma or suffering to silence us.

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How Texas Shut Down A Prison


Texas saved $2 billion for taxpayers by cutting prison spending while making the state safer.

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I Have Always been Searching for a Father


“The ability for students to express feelings about their circumstances that POPS provides is perhaps one of the most powerful educational tools for self-awareness in existence.” —Robert Barton, California’s Inspector General

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He Thought Prison was Rough. Then he Got Out.

he thought prison

Let’s break the stigma of criminal records. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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Our History


Dannie Maddox gives us a count down to take us back step by step to her birth

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Walked in Blind


What do you do when anxiety can attack at any moment?

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Immigrants for Sale

for sale

Private prisons sell people like products

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Anthony Rios pays tribute to his primary male role model. His brother.

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War Zone, That’s Where I’m From


P.O.P.S. writer Kei’Arri McGruder hits hard with cold truth about survival

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