Do Daddy Issues Disappear?

Daddy Issues mrbill78636:Flickr

A runaway dad fails to reach out and teaches that pain can and should end.

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Dear Dad, I Can’t Be Your Clone

Dear Dad by H o l l y.:Flickr

As we look toward Fathers’ Day, take some time to reflect on the children whose imprisoned dads are unable to come home.

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Visiting Day From the Pain of the Prison System

Visiting Day martinak15:FLickr

Even a young child is treated like a criminal when she only wants to visit her father.

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New Identity From the Pain of the Prison System

New Identity  roger_alcantara:Flickr

Prisons punish more than criminals. P.O.P.S. creates a safe and nurturing community for those who have endured the Pain of the Prison System.

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How Can Society Best Deal With Violent Offenders?


Garth McVicar started a non-profit organization in New Zealand to help change the way violent offenders are being sentenced.

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Beyond Bars: Better on a Boulder

Better on a Boulder Tomas Sobek:Flickr

June 2, 2013 New Folsom Prison. Share the Realness and more about the Gosling Five.

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Beyond Bars: Worry and Bridges

beyond bars worry and bridges by mac.rj:flickr

June 1, 2013 New Folsom Prison. Thoughts of prison transfer and how to span the distance between you and those you don’t like.

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Inside Always

Beyond Bars Inside Always  pasotraspaso

May 31, 2013 New Folsom Prison. A break in physical activity inspires thoughts on an apparent lack of inspiration. The outcome is inspired Realness!

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Beyond Bars: No Goodbye

Beyond Bars no goodbye Wikimedia Commons

May 30, 2013 New Folsom Prison. Even when there is a visitor, isolation is still the rule.

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Beyond Bars: Musical Empowerment

Beyond Bars Musical Empowerment Wikicommons

May 29, 2013 New Folsom Prison. A visit of realness music lifts the spirit.

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Beyond Bars: Flight

Beyond Bars Fight  KSI Photography

May 28, 2013 New Folsom Prison. Sometimes it is hard to find artistic inspiration, so just float on feathers.

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LOCKED UP: Mandatory Life Without Parole


Over 2,000 Americans are serving life sentences for drug charges. This documentary seeks to free six of them.

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Beyond Bars: Dreams and Memory

Beyond Bars Dreams and Memory blachswan

May 27, 2013 New Folsom Prison. In dreams we can escape whether we recall them or not.

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Beyond Bars: Of Race and Beasts

Beyond Bars of Race and Beasts jacquesy_m

May 26, 2013 New Folsom Prison. Meditation on geese invokes deep realness on race.

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To the Class of 1991, OR: A Life Journey Guide for Any Man

To the Class of 91 Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)

In a letter to his younger self, Brian Shea gives the guidance of hindsight.

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Beyond Bars: Exercise and Hate

Beyond Bars Exercise and Hate Son of Groucho/Flickr

May 25, 2013 New Folsom Prison. The Gosling Five proves better company than the guard.

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