All My Life

Angel De La Cruz crop

For some, years can pass before they are ready for their story to be heard, for the pain to escape, for life to begin again.

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Echoes of Incarceration

echoes of incarceration

From the folks at Sesame Street, an eye-opening look at the lives of 5 young filmmakers whose parents are incarcerated.

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The Doctor is in


The oldest man on the cell block is also a first timer who is learning how to be in the here and now.

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I Remember


Memory can be an intense rush of emotional turmoil. When a family member is incarcerated, memories can be uncomfortable company.

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Secret Policy


For those who attempt to navigate the labyrinth of law and court

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A Man Wrongfully Incarcerated Becomes a Prison Reformer

Jeffrey Deskovic

After spending 16 years wrongfully incarcerated, Jeffrey Deskovic could have re-entered society bitter and downtrodden. Instead, he began to exhaustively work to help others in his situation.

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He Deserves To Live


However, the health care industry in the USA might make a different decision.

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On Prison Reform

prison planet

Keep fewer behind bars and offer opportunities for self-rehabilitation

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700,000 Ways We Can Invest in Our Future Every Year

double rainbow

The case for a mandatory healing and humanization program for the incarcerated

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Take a Moment to Listen


Listen to the words, don’t read them with your eyes. Read them with your voice. Read these words and feel.

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The Unnatural Desert of War

unnatural desert of war

First, there was a war on crime, then a war on drugs and then a war on war.

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I am Who I Serve

Tomas Martinez

Tomas Martinez lived in-and-out of prison for 17 years. Now he uses his experience to help young men of color lead a better life

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Raising the Village With Fathers and Children Together

raising the village

African American and Latino incarcerated men have a new game changer for the intergenerational cycle of incarceration

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My Prison

my prison

Thought and silence can push us to the emotional wall.

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Who Gets a Second Chance?

second chance

Questioning the myth of justice

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Call Me By My True Names

prison window

For some people, even the freedom of being called by their name has been taken away.

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