I Have Always been Searching for a Father


“The ability for students to express feelings about their circumstances that POPS provides is perhaps one of the most powerful educational tools for self-awareness in existence.” —Robert Barton, California’s Inspector General

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He Thought Prison was Rough. Then he Got Out.

he thought prison

Let’s break the stigma of criminal records. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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Our History


Dannie Maddox gives us a count down to take us back step by step to her birth

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Walked in Blind


What do you do when anxiety can attack at any moment?

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Immigrants for Sale

for sale

Private prisons sell people like products

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Anthony Rios pays tribute to his primary male role model. His brother.

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War Zone, That’s Where I’m From


P.O.P.S. writer Kei’Arri McGruder hits hard with cold truth about survival

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P.O.P.S. Special Significance to a Student


Venice High School has an amazing club called Pain of the Prison System, also known as P.O.P.S.

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innocent copy

Family tension can lead to false allegations of abuse, Mariana Hernandez saw her father face the charges.

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I am an Immigrant


A young man comes to a new country, a new language, a new vulnerability.

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There Are Four


The simple arithmetic of friendship, when four becomes one.

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PAWS For Life


The dogs’ death sentences were stayed, they were sent to prison instead. How does their treatment compare with an incarcerated man?

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What Do You Do When You are Stuck?


Can you look back and smile while your feet are glued?

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The Death Penalty in SE Asia


Is there a trend towards abolition?

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What is an Ordinary Night to You?

Eduardo Hernandez Street Scene 1 2015 copy

I exceed every possibility before I ask for help because I hate to give up.

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He Left Because He Doesn’t Love You

he left because he doesnt love you

All we can ask is, “Why?”

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