Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama?

Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion in which a group of men talk about the plight of Black America under Barack Obama

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Fear Of Black Men — Not For Whites Only

Fear Of Black Men - Not For Whites Only

Dr. Vibe hosts a panel discussion in which men discuss why some blacks feel that black men are hypersexual, dangerous, idle, unemployable, criminal and the epitome of death and doom.

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Why Do Young Black Men Resort To Violence?

Why Do Young Black Men Resort To Violence

Dr. Vibe asks a panel of men the reasons why young Black men resort to violence.

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Black Players on the Miami Dolphins Support Ritchie Incognito? A Conversation.


Dr. Vibe and a panel of men discuss how black players from the Miami Dolphins are supporting Ritchie Incognito, the man accused of bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

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Dr. Vibe Asks: Do You Know What Time It Is…?


Dr. Vibe launches a new weekly roundtable radio show covering recent news pertaining to men

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Halloween Is for White People

yellow face

In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt takes his daughter to a Halloween party and wonders: Is Halloween a White People Holiday?

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Unsolved Mystery of Not Being White


Bob Munoz peers through the prism of his brownness.

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Race in America: It’s Time for the Small Conversations, too


The most powerful way to oppose systemic racism? Just say hello.

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Where Our Voices End and the System Begins, or: The Limits of What We Make Happen


What power do our voices really have? Will the American system ever be a system of equal rights?

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Yellowface in CLOUD ATLAS

Hugo Weaving in yellowface

Tweet Yellowface in the new Cloud Atlas movie? Hollywood is getting out of control, forgetting the reality of racism in its mixed-up pursuit of ambition. Shame on the movie business. Last night, I found out that the new Cloud Atlas movie will be sporting several actors in yellowface–that is, white actors made up to look Asian. You […]

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