Rock Salt Blues

jack rabbit

“I was almost killed by men with shotguns, on a raft, down a river.” Sounds like the start of a blues song to us.

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A Dark Road

photo by shortfatkid flickr

Tom Matlack gives a very personal account of Civil Rights in a time and place where not much was civil–Mississipi, 1964

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Switcheroo: A Confrontational Gender-Bending Experiment

Hana Pesut Wedding

Hana Pesut’s Switcheroo photos expose how gender and identity are defined by the clothing we choose to wear. Joanna Schroeder and her husband volunteer to participate in the experiment.

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Confessions From a Former Psycho Bitch From Hell


A quest for perfection turned Vironika Tugaleva into an urban legend.

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The Astoundingly Simple Truth About Masculinity and Goodness


Pretty much everything is good about masculinity, writes Michael Kaufman.

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Why I Blow-dry My Son’s Hair

Why I blow dry My Sons Hair

Starring resident bluesman Todd Mauldin and his son.

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It’s Okay to Want Sex


For Harris O’Malley, being willing to admit that he was interested in sex – and understanding that yes, women liked it as much as he did – made his relationships more authentic, and sex more collaborative.

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My Father’s Ponytails: A Love Story


My father wants me to mix his ashes with the ponytails that he has saved in plastic bags. All things considered, this seems like a reasonable final directive.

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The Corn Curl Experiment

corn curls

How long can a friendship last?

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I Am Ronin

photo neet_lind

Jackie Summers on rogue Samurai and being single.

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Homo’s Odyssey


An unexpected breakdown on a family trip gave William Lucas Walker and his husband a chance to teach their kids what real family values are.

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Chained to a Madman: Charged With Grand Larceny at 19


Eventually Steve Jaeger got himself on the right path, but not before he was shackled to a deranged prisoner who thought there was a witch inside of him.

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The Pain of Being Poor: Masculinity and Manhood in a Recession

photo by ElvertBarnes

Yolo Akili brings us a reflective essay about unemployment and barber shop culture in black communities.

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Flying Weather


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After a love affair that fizzled and popped like a bubble, Steven Axelrod wonders what went wrong.

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The Happy Hour Miscarriage in Paradise

couple sun

How many times can you lose a child without even having one before things change?

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Blood Spattered


An excerpt from The Good Men Project book: Julio Medina’s story.

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