Why I’m Not Ready to Date (Video)


Young boy tells people “get yourself together” BEFORE you try to date someone else

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A Prayer for My Future Son-In-Law

A Prayer for My Future Son-In-Law

Adiba Nelson prays that once her job as a parent is done, God will send her daughter a man who will genuinely love her and see her and not her special needs.

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Raising Compassionate Boys: Compassion for Ray Rice

Ray Rice

For the sake of his sons, Kozo Hattori challenges himself to find compassion for Ray Rice.  ___ My first reaction to the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée was not only horror and alarm, but also fear and compassion for Janay Palmer, specifically, and all women, in general. I have no doubt […]

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Who Are You to Correct My Child?


Devin Robinson debates if the “Village Raising a Child” Mentality Still Stands

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Sometimes, I’m Not Myself. By My Maybe-Autistic Son. Sort Of.

Sometimes I'm Not Myself 1 by Kristi Rieger Campbell

A mother imagines what her special needs son is saying when he’s too stressed out to speak.

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I Don’t Love This Parenting Thing

I Don't Love This Parenting Thing

In keeping with the notion of being transparent, Adiba Nelson longs for the life she thought she might have if she never had a child.

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Raising Compassionate Boys: Letter from An Absent Father

boy praying

Kozo Hattori writes a letter to his sons in case he dies.

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If the Computer Dies Will Our Kids Survive?


Aleasa Word reflects on the high dependence we have on technology and its impact on kids

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10 Things I Never Thought I’d Have To Say…Until I Had Boys


You never know what you’re going to have to say when you have kids. Danielle Anderson at ScaryMommy.com shares a few of the phrases she’s been slinging around these days.

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Do Mothers Of Black Boys Stunt Their Growth?

Do Mothers of Black Boys Stunt Their Growth

Dr. Vibe talks with Christopher Norris and Arthur L. Griffin Jr. about how black mothers are raising their boys

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Does Your Son Know What to do if Stopped by the Police? (Video)

Flex Your Rights

Does your son know what to do if he is stopped by the police?

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7 Seriously Cool Lessons I’ll Teach My Sons About Dating (Video)


Rodney Rock’s funny yet inspiring video speaks to his future children on tips for dating women

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Your Penis Won’t Fall Off And Other Things Boys Should Know


Rita Templeton, author at scarymommy.com, has some advice for boys discovering their anatomy.

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The Truth About High School Dropouts (Video)


“When it comes to ‘Dropouts,’ Things Are Never As They Seem!”

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Raising Compassionate Boys: Responsible or Kind

Boy doing homework

Kozo Hattori questions the necessity for kids to “take responsibility” at the expense of kindness.

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7 Mannerly Things Our Kids Should Really Be Doing


Rude kids become rude adults; teach them early and save them heartache in the end

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