3 Obnoxious Things People Say to Adoptive Parents

Receiving sticker therapy and playing doctor like any regular parent. Photo courtesy of Jenelle Geransky.

Please. Just stop.

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A Prince, Even If Others Want to Make You A Pauper


When dressing for success Is not an option, there is help for young males.

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Is Your Son Really Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Son Really Ready for Kindergarten

Meeghan Mousaw shares how just because a child has all the reading readiness skills to be able to read academically, does not mean that the child is socially/emotionally ready to read and learn in Kindergarten.

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Shedding the Role of The Father

father with sons

To role model true compassion, we need to give up ownership of our children.

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Andrew Young Gives Kids on Civil Rights Tour Passionate Post MLK Message

andrew young

1960’s Civil Rights Activist Speaks on Life With and After MLK

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In the Blink of an Eye: Protecting our Sons From the Criminal Justice System

In the Blinkof the Eye Criminal Justice System

Connie K. Grier sheds light on how in the criminal justice system, the transition from boyhood to manhood happens in the blink of an eye

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Raising a Servant Leader: Giving Back on MLK Day of Service

Raising a Servant Leader Giving Back on MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exemplified servant leadership. When we teach our kids to lead with love and be of service to others, we show them the true meaning of leadership.

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A White Dad’s Thoughts on Raising His Black Son, Racism, and MLK


Alex Barnett shares how his interracial family is exactly the embodiment of the integration and progression forward for which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so fervently fought.

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“Why Did You do That?” A Fun Look Into the Minds of Little Kids

Why Did you do that

Marie Roker-Jones take a wild guess at what goes on in the mind of small children.

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My Son, the 5th Grade Gynecologist


A story about the most awkward parent-teacher conference, ever.

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Why Video Video Games are Good for Boys and How You Can Help Them be Even Better

Video Games are Good for Boys

Alison Carr-Chellman offers insight into why video games are so enticing to boys and how we can leverage them for the good.

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Employee Assistance Programs Can Be a Win for Sick Kids

asick kid

Working Parents and Employee Assistance Programs Partner for Success

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The Boys in the Plastic Bubble

The Boys in the Plastic Bubble

Connie K. Grier wanted to protect her sons from the world. So it’s understandable that she panics when one of her sons ventures on his own by public transportation.

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Will Prioritizing my Son’s Emotional Well-Being Emasculate Him?

boy walking

When we give special consideration to our children’s emotional health are we taking care of girls, but coddling our boys?

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How I Know I Love Our Son Unconditionally

How I know I love my son unconditionally

Alex Barnett shares 10 things that proves he loves his son unconditionally.

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How America Messed Up Its Kids…And How We Can Fix Them


Where did we go wrong in raising this generation, and how can we correct these mistakes? Take a look.

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