7 Things I’ve Learned from My Son with Autism

mother and son

One mother shares her journey with her special needs child.

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Why Isn’t a Mama’s Boy a Good Thing?

Why Mama's Boy isn't Good Thing by Mary McLaurine

View image | gettyimages.com Mary McLaurine’s sons have been called Mama’s Boys. And that’s OK. Why? Because they love their mother. They are also independent adults with lives of their own.   My sons and I have always been close. Today, one is 30, and the other 34. Like most siblings, they have much in […]

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Nail Polish, Long Hair, Strange Clothes – It’s What Makes Up, but Doesn’t Mix Up, the Boy

punk kid

This dad says let kids experiment — self expression is part of figuring out who they really are.

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How I Got My Kids To Ask for House Rules


Coach Aleasa Word talks about getting kids to ask for rules.

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An Ad for Barbie Breaks Barriers by Featuring a Boy and the Dolls Sell Out!

boys barbie

Mattel launches a new ad and breaks a barrier. Its new Barbie ad, for the first time in history, features a boy. The fierceness of the young man worked. The doll is now sold out.

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Why My Boys Don’t Have a Male Teacher

in class (1)

Anna Rosenblum Palmer wonders how to answer her son when he asks, “Why don’t I have any men as teachers?”

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What My Long-Haired Son Taught Me About Gender Bias

long hair son (1)

Do we offer more praise and fewer expectations to girls than boys, or vice versa? One mother of two sons shares her observations.

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A Plea To the Man I’m Raising

little boy playing with trains

Right now, you know only good. As you learn the bad this world can offer I hope you never, ever give up.

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I’ve Got Your Back!


Millo Aldea has seen incredible things in his life, but nothing as beautiful as his Autistic son.

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My Sons are Not Animals, Stop Trying to Tame Them

My Sons Are Not Animals by Christine Walker

Christine Walker, mom of sons, is frustrated by damaging and false messages that boys have uncontrollable, animalistic urges that need taming.

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Kindness Is a Universal Language


Parents Have the Ability to Teach Kids the Message of Kindness Is Universal

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Why I’m Learning to Let My Son Correct Me

Why Son Correct by Colette Sartor

Colette Sartor’s son corrects her because she’s done something right, not because she’s done something wrong. She’s raising a confident boy who feels safe enough to challenge others, and to be his own person.

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My Boys Are Not Stereotypes, They’re So Much More

boys playing with a toy plane

Negative stereotyping breeds negative behavior. And a lot of stereotypes about little boys are negative.

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Smartphones are Weapons in the Wrong Hands (Video)

Smartphones are a Weapon in the Wrong Hands

International Activist Gabriella van Rij offers insight into how smartphones can be used to potentially harm others and technology is not to be blamed.

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My Kid Said ‘I Hate You’ and That Means I’m Doing Something Right

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.45.04 PM

My son was pissed that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and I stood my ground, even when that made him feel, for that moment, the worst sort of frustration. That’s my job, as a parent, to do my best to lead him in the right direction, even when he hates me for it. The fact that we had that exchange meant I was doing something right.

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How to Make Resilience Your Child’s Superpower


Emotional intelligence Coach Aleasa Word gives tips on increasing kids’ resilience.

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