Tips for Boys Starting Puberty

Tips for Boys by watchwellcast

Puberty can be confusing for boys, despite what they’re taught in school health classes. Wellcast has some solid, practical advice for soon-to-be men.

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Fear and Loneliness in Boys and Men

fear poster

How fear and loneliness are wired together in boys and men.

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Taxes, Chores & Allowance: Raising Financially Savvy Kids

baby money

Teach money matters early to help kids thrive as adults.

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Raising a Gentle Boy in a Violent World

gentle boy

Her worry over how to raise a hell-raising boy has become a concern for protecting the sweetness of her gentle son.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Son Out of Prison

Baby behind bars

How Kozo Hattori is proactively keeping his sons out of jail.

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How to Make Sure Kids FEEL Your Love


What we say and show kids can often be two completely different things

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The Only Guaranteed College Scholarship

The only guaranteed scholarship

Candi Sparks shares the valuable lesson she learned in assuming that her son would get money for college.

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My Sons Are More Than What They Wear

ME The Boys in MV

Jacqueline DuJour is concerned about how the world sees her sons and that they will be judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

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What My Son’s Love of Soccer Did to Make Me a Better Dad


An already great dad Chad Schefka, shares how he took notes from his son’s playbook

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“Mom, You’re a Bully.”

Mom, You're a Bully

What are we teaching our kids when we don’t practice what we preach about bullying?

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Why I’m No Longer Using the C-Word

Man on Bed

Kozo Hattori investigates the fundamental misunderstanding about the C-word.

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5 Quick Tips on Getting to Know Your Teen Better


5 Tips to Help You Not Bury Your Head in the Sand During The Teen Years

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Dads, Sons and “The Talk”

The "Talk"

Dad’s giving their sons “The Talk” are often moments of extreme discomfort for both parties and can sometimes be a source of very funny stories –here is one such case.

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Mascupathy: Giving a New Name to an Old Problem


“Mascupathy is a mental health disorder, a pathology of masculinity, stemming from a socialized exaggeration of genetic masculine traits — aggression and invulnerability — and a reduction of inherent feminine characteristics — openness and sensitivity.”

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Raising Compassionate Boys: Why I Practice Compassion?

boys growling

Kozo Hattori explains why he practices compassion above all else while raising his sons.

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10,000 Fathers Wanted to Tackle Early Childhood Literacy


When an 8th grader can’t read Americans have a real problem

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