When Is Casual Sex Too Casual?

Yet another reason to NOT be Alex.

Dating is hard. Eli and Josie want to make it easier for you to get back in the game, with a little help from Hulu’s new show, Casual.

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Getting Personal About Success Through Continuous Improvement

speaker on stage

Personal success isn’t about pursuing perfection, it’s a process of continuous improvement that yields unexpected rewards. In partnership with #TheToyotaEffect and @ToyotaUSA

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3 Ways You Can Be Chivalrous Today

nate bagely wonders about shaving

Chivalry is NOT dead, it’s merely evolving. Nate Bagley and the BIC Flex5 razor help you #SmoothUp your moves.

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Everyone Has a Dysfunctional Work Family. It’s Why I Love ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

brooklyn nine nine crew

Tom Burns thinks that no matter where you work, you’ll relate to the wonderful (and sometimes terrible) colleagues on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Perfection is Unattainable (Even In Sports). Try Continuous Improvement Instead.

Toyota 116 Innovations

Salvador Dali once said, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” Dali obviously never played sports.

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The Cure for Male Pattern Baldness

photo by Jeroen Bennink

You don’t need a cure, just a trim.

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4 Ways Hulu Might Save Your Marriage


Drama is great for relationships (when you’re watching it on TV). Joanna Schroeder on why you need Hulu.

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Dads Are 24/7 Improvement Machines


Your baby is placed in your arms and you start learning. Written in partnership with Toyota and #TheToyotaEffect.

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Torch: The Router You NEED if You’re a Parent


The Internet is a wild and wooly place, and not always great for kids. So how do you allow them to satisfy their curiosity online? Torch. You gotta see this.

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Stubble All Week Long

Beard Short

The Panasonic All-In-One Trimmer

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College Football Season says “Time for Slow Cooked Dr Pepper® BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches!”


In honor of his favorite time of year, College Football season, Alex Yarde gives you one of his all time favorite recipes for tailgating.

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6 Times in History I Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck, if I Couldn’t Get Back to the Future

patrick back to future

Happy #BacktotheFutureDay! Patrick Sallee was a huge fan of Back to the Future when he was a kid. Now, on the 30th anniversary, he’s contemplating time travel himself. #Ad

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Keep-It-Simple Style: 5 Ways for Everyday Guys to Stay Cool and Smooth

Wai Sallas sure is is one smooth dude

Style tips don’t have to be complicated, in fact looking cool (and staying cool) can be easy. Especially with the help of the BIC Flex5 razor and Wai Sallas. #SmoothUp

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Yum! Farm Rich Smokehouse Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders with Blackberry Tabasco Sauce and Cilantro Lime Cole Slaw

Alex Yarde BBQ with Farm Rich Smokehouse

Alex Yarde discovers an easy way to make the BBQ he loves with FARM RICH SMOKEHOUSE products!

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My #Filthiest Play from Maytag Gives You a Chance to Win Big

Will and his tennis not so whites

Alex Yarde encourages his children to play dirty. And if yours do too, you can enter for a chance to win a grand prize trip to the World Series, plus a Maytag Top Load Washer and Dryer.

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We Love the Outdoors. We Hate Poison Ivy. With Tecnu Extreme, it’s No Worries All the Way.

outdoor land

Active families need active solutions to the inevitable encounters with poison ivy.

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