Who’s Going to the Superbowl? Tickets and More from PrimeSport

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 9.37.21 AM

Raring to go to the Superbowl after last nights game? PrimeSport has tickets, parties, transportation and more. Sponsored by PrimeSport

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Overcome Hip and Knee Pain with DePuy (Sponsored)

Depuy Patient Series Bill

“It gave me my life back.” Bill’s story, a forestry serviceman in Vermont who can now climb back to the top of the green mountains.

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Win A Trip for Two: Cigar Safari in Nicaragua with Richard Crawford Luxury

cigar safari giveaway graphic

Win four days and three nights of an immersive experience at the Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan Cigar Factory with luxury lifestyle expert Richard Crawford.

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What Happens When a TV Producer and a Rapper Join Forces For Good?


With social media, we all have the ability to help others. The founders of Detroit Dog Rescue know that more than anyone. They were a winner of last years Toyota’s #100CarsforGood—and you can vote now for this years winner.

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Whoever Said Millennials are Lazy Never Met Danny Mendoza

Toyota 100 Cars for Good

What do you do when you see the hurt and need of kids in your community? If you’re Danny Mendoza, you set out to change their lives. Together We Rise was a winner of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good, sponsor of this post.

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The Man Who Loves Minivans. And the Veterans Who Needed One.

Toyota 100 Cars for Good showroom

Proud minivan driver William Lucas Walker tips his hat at an organization that is helping veterans with the Toyota Sienna they won in the 100 Cars for Good campaign.

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Shoes May Not Make the Man, But They Sure Make the Outfit

Stacy Aldren

Shoes from Stacy Adams A part of the pop culture for 100 years. And a part of men’s style now. Sponsored by Stacy Adams.

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Finding Inspiration in the Most Unusual Places

Eileen Smulson, Operation Blankets of Love

Eileen Smulson, founder and president of Operations Blankets of Love found inspiration in a 4 month old female terrier-poodle mix wandering on a deserted highway. A sponsored story from Toyota’s #100CarsForGood campaign.

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When You Grow Up Without a Car, You Don’t Take Them for Granted

Mission: St Louis house

Fred Goodall grew up without a car, and knows how hard it can be to accomplish your goals without a vehicle. Sponsored by Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good.

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A Late-Night, Guy-Friendly Extravaganza, Only $6: Jacks Munchie Meals

Jack in the box

My first thought, when I heard about Jacks Munchie Meals was “So Much Stuff!” Apparently, I must not have been the first person to have that reaction.

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Staying Present With Your Children: A Cool Discussion From MyDaddyCool.com

photo by jason lander

4 ways to be present with your kids even when you are worried about working hard to provide for them. Prompted by a cool discussion at MyDaddyCool

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The Mad Men Guide to Dating

Mad Men dating photo by x1brett

What can you learn from Mr. Draper and the rest of the male cast when it comes to dating in modern times? (no not the outdated sexist come-ons.)

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Truffol iPhone Cases Are an Extension of You. Just like Your iPhone.

Truffol Top image

Truffol iPhone cases—You’ll love them almost as much as your iPhone.

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Aruba: What’s Your Happy Place?

Aruba hike

What’s your happy place? Mine is a beach with white sand, turquoise waters and lots of water sports. Aruba offers all of these and more.

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Music Fuels My Passion and Saves My Soul

Fueled by Passion for Music and Travel_Nissan Versa_Jeff Bogle and daughter with Brandi Carlile

Jeff Bogle fell in love with music long before he fell in love with his wife, long before his children were born. And luckily, he’s still passionate about all of them.

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Imagine You Had a Dream Shopping Spree for Shaving and Grooming Items. What Would You Buy?

Shaving photo by dharion and circasassy

We all have our favorite shaving and grooming tools. But what would you buy if you could start over?

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