The Proper Way To Share Your Junk


“You keep it classy, San Diego.” Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

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Has Anyone Seen My Faith?


 Eighteen years after losing his faith, J.R. Reed would really like to find it again. I can’t stand when I misplace things. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 12.  If it’s something important I move it up to the 15-20 range, depending on what it is. I tell you this because about […]

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a Letter To My Daughter


Being a single dad to a teenage girl is hard. ADD doesn’t make it any easier.

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Alex P. Keaton is Still My Hero


Thirty years after being inspired by a TV character J.R. Reed is inspired by the real life of Michael J. Fox.

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Bastards Invited


John Taylor raises both hands and admits that he is a contender for Tool of the Year.

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Should Christians Smoke Marijuana?


“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” –Barack Obama

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Can A Dad Take His Daughter Clothes Shopping (and Other Indignities of Modern Dadhood)

Alleged father

J.R. Reed, on a rant about fathers who are treated as second-class parents.

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Summers in Maine


Guest blogger Justin Cascio looks back on youthful summers in Maine filed with ice cream, fireworks,adopted grandparents and a motorcycle riding chef.

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The Return of Sex and the Single Dad


J.R. Reed changed the name of his blog in a moment of panic, but now he’s back with confidence.

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Long Live Life—a modern fable


J.R. Reed turned on his iPod and listened to a song he’s heard a hundred times before. This time he heard a fable set to music.

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A Message To My Dog

Lucy DQ beach

A tribute to Lucy, the rescue dog who has been taking care of J.R. Reed and his daughter for ten years.

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Youth Without Youth


J.R. Reed muses on a song that brings back memories of younger days.

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Learning on the Fly is Totally Scary

“There’s my anxiety, let’s knock it on its ass and go score a goal,” sometimes works in the short term, but isn’t so hot for the long haul.

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I was a bad Little Leaguer


Hilton HHonors is hooking up two of my readers with a baseball related prize package. Two winners will each receive: an official Little League Sports Bag, Little League Aluminum Water Bottle, Rawlings MLB Official Baseball, DVD of Moneyball, The Art of Fielding novel, David’s Sunflower Seeds and a pack of Topps 2012 baseball cards.

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This bud’s for you

Anyway, the times Mrs. Something had me read aloud and I was having an herbal moment, I would be reading and then think oh shit I think I’m reading too slow or too fast and then words would just sound really funny to me so I would start laughing.

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Chorizo con yummy stuff

To me breakfast is loaded with flavor. There’s nothing wrong with a muffin or oatmeal but I prefer something with a little kick. That’s probably why there’s almost always chicken chorizo in my fridge and fresh jalapenos on the counter.

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