How To Make Life Better With Better Sex

better sex better life

Bob Schwenkler on how to get more sexual stamina, give more pleasure to your partner, and experience profoundly deepened connection through sex. Yes, really.

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This is Your Brain on Love and This is Your Brain on Lust

your brain on lust

Lust is primal; love is romantic. People who have been both in love and lust can often distinguish between the two more clearly than those who haven’t.

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Three Myths That Keep Us From Finding Love


How many of these have you heard before? Ken Page has antidotes for these toxic half-truths.

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What to Do When Your Partner Stops Loving You

What to Do by Michael Dorokhov

Trish Everett offers two keys to moving on when a relationship is over.

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3 Ways To Turn Cabin Fever Into Couples Therapy


If the weather has you cooped up with your partner, here’s how to cope and bond instead of snap and split.

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What it’s Like to Know You’re Toxic for Each Other But Can’t Let Go


Paul Hudson on meeting the right person at the wrong time.

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When You Feel Attraction But Don’t Want Action

When You Feel by Jean Francois Gornet

Trish Everett offers an innovative way to deal with desire we don’t want to act on: the attraction contract.

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Why We Love—a Call for Submissions to The Good Men Project

call for subs why we love

Everyone loves. We want your love stories. The who, the how much, and most important, the why.

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5 Surprisingly Loving Ways to Leave Your Lover


Breakups don’t have to be messy. Lion Goodman has discovered the art of clean endings.

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Getting Old Just Got Awesome: Sex Gets Better After 50 Years Of Marriage

GettyImages_200313650-001 (1)

A new paper says married sex after 50 is a serious upgrade from the 20-something hot-but-confusing dating malaise.

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Ten Ways to Prevent Your One Night Stand From Blossoming Into a Meaningful Relationship


Comedian Pam Gaslow, a.k.a. Depressed Hot Girl, explains how a meaningful relationship based on the passion of a one-night stand with “Big Hands” really wasn’t that meaningful in the first place.

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5 Reasons to Treat My Ex-Wife Like a Goddess


Choosing to view my ex-wife in a positive light for my own happiness.

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Why Forgiveness is the Answer to Finally Moving On


Kaya Adler had to forgive her cheating ex before she could be happy.

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7 Lies That Take the Joy Out of Sex

7 Lies by Infrogmation

Want great sex? Let Paul Nelson debunk some myths for you.

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Do Good Men Get Laid? Science Explains Who’s Having the Most Sex and Why

good guys sex

Bad boys have a reputation for great sex lives… but science has uncovered something surprising about who is actually getting the most (and best) sex.

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Dating by the Book: Asking What They Read on Tinder

Dating by the Book by Joe Wolf

Danica Barnett turns the page on Tinder by using books to find a match. Should we call this ‘booking up’?

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