How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Thrive

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Jordan Gray says that with a little bit of intentionality, you can not only maintain your long-distance relationship, but make it grow and thrive.

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Why Being Needy Is A Good Thing


Jordan Gray says that we’re all so fearful of coming across as dependent, that we never learn to lean on each other in a healthy way.

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6 Powerful Connection Exercises For Couples

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Jordan Gray says that intimacy and connection can easily be built with these six simple exercises.

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Reinventing the Pickup Strategy: Approaching Women Like a Gentleman


You can have a mindful pickup strategy. If you are true to yourself, it’s not a pickup strategy at all. It’s simply an honest way to meet someone new.

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When the Feeling Isn’t Mutual: How it Feels to be in an Unrequited Attraction


Unrequited love is unavoidable. But just because we experience pain, it doesn’t mean we need to hide our hearts.

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Men, You Have to Start Earning a Woman’s Trust the Moment You Meet Her


James Michael Sama on one of the most important aspects of a relationship — the ability to make yourself vulnerable, and in turn, accept your partner’s vulnerability.

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The Sexiest Thing You Can Do Outside Of The Bedroom

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Jordan Gray says that there’s one massively sexy thing you can do in your daily life that will make your relationship thrive.

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How to Troubleshoot Your Online Dating Failures


If you’re online dating, you’re probably making some mistakes. Some you’ve probably never even thought about. Dr. NerdLove illuminates.

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How We Talk About Emotions


A tool for writers could be valuable for us to explain how we, or others, are feeling.

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Why Heartbreak Isn’t The End To Your Love Story, It’s The Beginning


A break up can be the end of a chapter, but not the entire book. Danielle Bertoli on how to keep your love story alive.

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Sorry Guys, Marriage Can’t Save You


The truth about using relationships to ‘fix’ yourself…

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3 Ways Real Love Is Like Medicine


Healthy relationships can actually heal your heart.

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5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing


Dr. Kristen Hick identifies five relationship blunders and how recognizing these mistakes may make the difference between long-lasting and short-lived duos.

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How To Make Her Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman In The World


Jordan Gray believes that your partner deserves to know how much she affects you.

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My Wife Is My Best Friend, Why Am I Not Hers?


Cody Mullins on friendship, family, and love.

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9 Facebook Tips For Married Men


When two flawed people fall in love and get married they are bound to have problems. Let them log into Facebook and the possibilities for stupid decisions are endless.

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