The Bachelor, Shirtless Men, And The Dawn Of The Female Gaze

soules lead

Are the reality show’s ubiquitous shirtless scenes a strange sign of progress?

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5 Ways To Be A Better Live-In Partner

Beautiful young couple enjoying a bath

Jordan Gray says that living with your significant other can kill the passion in your relationship… unless you decide to do these five things.

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Why You Don’t Need to Get Married to Prove You Truly Love Someone

cake topper

Proving you love someone isn’t a one-time act — it’s something you need to prove over and over, every day.

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Everyone Deserves Love. But Are You Ready For It?


James M. Sama on why you need to get yourself ready for the greatest thing that’ll ever happen to you.

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5 Signs a Man Is Connected to His Heart

5 signs a man is connected photo by babysingsing

To find his path of heart, former US Air Force Captain Bryan Reeves had to break the lifelong stranglehold his brain and balls had on his heart.

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5 Ways ’50 Shades of Grey’ Will Make You Feel Better About Your Marriage

50 Shades

Aaron Traister on why we should be happy we’re not actually with Ana or Christian from 50 Shades of Grey.

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8 Things You Can Do to Fix Your Broken Relationship


Can you create a better relationship with your partner or should you give up?

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Are Your Self Improvement Efforts Killing Your Relationship?


Is self improvement making us self centered? Stacy Mackey uncovers the contraindications of too much self empowerment, and how it impacts relationships.

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Don’t Stress: 46 Things A Man Will Never Notice on A First Date


Prepping for a first date just got a whole lot easier.

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You Can Move From Dating to Love With One Simple Change

How to Move by Kerem Tapani Gultekin

Thomas Fiffer may have found the dating game-changer. Care to give it a try?

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I Married A Man


Duana Welch is in love with her man, and she wants the world to know about it.

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Why Complicated Women are Hard to Love, but Worth It

complicated women

She will make you work for her love — and that’s the only thing that really keeps a relationship together.

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Want Love? Break These Ten Common Dating Habits


If we want a shot at real romance, we’re gonna have to blow this BS out of the water. James Michael Sama explains.

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Read This When You Feel Unlovable

Young couple jumping and drawing connected hearts by flashlight

Jordan Gray wants you to know that you are loved… even if you don’t feel loveable.  —– Wow! I had no idea I was going to be running into you today… But now that I have, I think that you should know something. The timing of this really is insane… Anyways… I’ve been thinking a […]

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It Just Works: 19 Signs You Are in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

happy healthy couple

You’re just as comfortable being silent as you are talking.

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5 Dates That Will Reconnect You As A Couple


Jordan Gray says that every couple should have a few dates on stand-by to help them deeply reconnect. Here are five of the best.

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