3 Reasons Why Guys Should Still Be Paying For Dates

Young Couple In Restaurant

Jordan Gray believes in equality for men and women, but refuses to budge on the ‘who should pay on a first date’ issue.

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When The One Who Got Away Found Me On Facebook

facebook on the beach mkhmarketing:Flickr

She reached out from another lifetime, and tapped me on the shoulder through the time-travel machine that lets old flames find each other: Facebook.

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Why Putting Off Being in a Relationship May Be the Most Grown-Up Thing You Can Do


Putting yourself first isn’t always selfish. Joshua Eferighe on love and being alone.

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5 Ways Not to End a Relationship—Unless You’re “That Person”

5 Ways Not to by WaysAndHow

It’s not always easy to take the high road when you’re breaking up. Here are 5 low ways to end it, along with 5 healthy ways to achieve closure.

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Ready or Not-Ready for a Relationship: Keys to the Dating Game

dating dance

A first date is a sniff-test. John McElhenney shows us how to tell if the scent is off—or on.

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What Affirmative Consent Looks Like


How to give and accept consent without necessarily verbalizing it.

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How Being An Introvert Helps You In Your Love Life


Jordan Gray says that there are several often ignored benefits to being an introvert in an intimate relationship.

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How Narcissists Devalue You Through the ‘Mean-Nice’ Cycle

How Narcissists Devalue by Pulkit Sinha

Learn how narcissists keep partners off balance and stuck in relationships through the use of a behavior cycle that alternates between mean and nice.

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The Unique Pain Of Loving Someone Who Put You In The Friend Zone


The “friend zone” can be a painful place, but it’s also often an excuse to demonize and insult women. Nadia Kardan shows us how to move on from the pain and toughen up at the same time.

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8 Ways Dating Changes As You Get Older

8 Ways Dating Changes by Valerie Everett

What we appreciate—and need—in a potential mate changes as we get older. James Michael Sama identifies eight ways our dating outlook shifts with—shall we call it, ahem, maturity instead of age?

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6 Healthy Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic


Mark Manson says that couples do occasionally need to be willing to hurt each others feelings.

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Should Exes Ever Get Back Together?

beautiful couple

Jordan Gray dives into when you should and when you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

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Being Bisexual Taught Me That Sexual Intolerance is a Bigger Problem Than We Realize


How do we teach our children to love unconditionally when they are surrounded by a culture of violence, discrimination and hate?

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Getting Space In A Relationship

getting space in a relationship

One of the things that people often don’t understand about relationships is that everybody needs their space at one point or another.

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Another Guy Was A Swipe Away: Why I’m Now Into Actual Human Courtship


Sure, Tinder has its perks and is a great ego-booster. But Jenn Ficarra thinks it’s time to weigh in on a few of the cons.

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You’re MINE: 6 Things People Say While In Love That Are Really Creepy Out Of Context


Love is already a strange thing, but have you ever thought about the words people use towards their significant others? Cashie Rohaly draws attention to 6 weird phrases used by lovers.

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