8 Things Women Do That Guys Can’t Get Enough Of


Ladies: Bet you don’t even realize when you’re doing half of them!

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Why Falling Out Of Love is so Much Harder Than Falling In Love


Falling out of love can be prevented, but only if you fight the urge to kick back and relax when it comes to your relationship.

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Before You Decide to Pick Up a Drunk Girl at a Party, Take a Listen to This

Will Evans performs Manifest Destiny

Will Evans performs “Manifest Destiny.”

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8 Surprising Facts About Loving a Highly Sensitive Person


Things like sex, bedtime, and alone time garner a different kind of energy in highly sensitive people. Chaunie Brusie explains.

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How Can Men Love Women When We’re Taught to Demean Femininity?

How can men love women

Raised in a masculine-obsessed world, taught to deny emotions and depreciate feminine ways of being, it’s no surprise many men struggle to love all of a woman.

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If Your Partner Doesn’t Make You Feel These 11 Ways, It Isn’t True Love


Finding someone is easy. Finding THE one isn’t. Here’s how to tell if what you’re feeling is true love.

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Breakups Aren’t One-Size Fits All: 5 Unique Ways to Help You Cope


Let’s be honest: breakups are the worst. And asking yourself the wrong questions just makes it worse. Here are five healthy ways to control the pain and withdrawal.

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The ‘It’ Factor When Meeting a Woman

man penetrating woman energetically

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt believes women yearn to be find men who will be open to her in 3 ways.

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Why Some Men Are Too Damn Smart For Dating Advice


The man who is willing to take advice to improve will always be the better partner in a relationship. James Michael Sama tells us how.

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The 3 Best Questions You Could Ever Ask Your Partner

Loving couple in the park. Vintage retro style with light leaks

Jordan Gray says that we can avoid a lot of pain if we get in the habit of asking these three simple, but challenging questions. —– One of the worst things that we do in our intimate relationships is make assumptions. We assume that our partners receive love in the same manner that we do. […]

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10 Sweet, Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say it

Kissing couple

Words can save relationships. But sometimes it’s the things we notice — but don’t say — that are just as important as the things we do say.

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5 Ways Men Sabotage Their Own Love Lives

guys ruin dating outcome

You’ve probably never read these hard-hitting (but honest) challenges to the way you’re currently acting toward women.

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Never Really Gone: 17 Ways the Person Who Broke You Still Impacts You


No matter how well you’ve healed after a break-up, you’re still being influenced by that person. But that can actually be a good thing. Here’s why.

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8 Things to Remember if You’re Looking for a Loyal Woman

loyal woman

Chris Brown may lament “those hoes ain’t loyal,” but the truth goes a whole lot deeper.

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This is Your Problem: You’d Rather Be Comfortable Than In Love


What you already know could change your life… but it probably won’t, because you like being comfortable too much.

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Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective


Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

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