Sorry Guys, Marriage Can’t Save You


The truth about using relationships to ‘fix’ yourself…

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3 Ways Real Love Is Like Medicine


Healthy relationships can actually heal your heart.

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5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing


Dr. Kristen Hick identifies five relationship blunders and how recognizing these mistakes may make the difference between long-lasting and short-lived duos.

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How To Make Her Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman In The World


Jordan Gray believes that your partner deserves to know how much she affects you.

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My Wife Is My Best Friend, Why Am I Not Hers?


Cody Mullins on friendship, family, and love.

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9 Facebook Tips For Married Men


When two flawed people fall in love and get married they are bound to have problems. Let them log into Facebook and the possibilities for stupid decisions are endless.

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Online Videos Causing IRL Erectile Problems? These Three Steps Can Help

arrow by greg nehring 2609405510_c0265f7cdd_b adapted

Andrew Smiler discusses a straightforward and often effective solution to adult video-induced erectile difficulties.

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Heal Your Relationship Without Saying a Word


This ancient Hawaiian healing ritual can transform your relationships and your life.

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He Knows Your Soul: 8 Signs He’ll Still Love You After You’ve Grown Old

old love

We all know it: getting older is unavoidable. But staying beautiful in the eyes of your loved one is never impossible — in fact, Lauren Martin shows us how that’s quite the opposite.

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Do You Have a Love Story?


Stephen Michell wonders if the importance of a great “how did you meet?” story is changing with the popularity of online dating.

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How to Avoid Ending Up with the Wrong Mate

dream woman

Here’s how to avoid the trap of instant attraction and find your perfect mate without breaking a sweat…

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4 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting Into A Relationship

Happy couple outdoors

Myke Macapinlac says that a bit of self-reflection before you dive in to your next relationship could save you a lot of time and heartache.

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10 Signs You’re Codependent… Even If You Think You’re Not

13331076374_6580127915_z (1)

Are you a codependent person?

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Who Do You Think Of When Your Flight Hits Heavy Turbulence?


Last week, Jordan Gray thought he was going to die in a plane crash. This is what went through his mind.

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Are You The Reacher Or The Settler?

Attractive young couple

Ever heard of the reacher/settler debate? Jordan Gray has something new to say about it.

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5 Ways to Survive a Break-Up

survive a breakup

You’ve been dumped. You know you’ll survive it, but it sucks. Here, Dr. NerdLove shares five tips to help you move on.

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