How Do You Define Cheating?


How you do know when your partner crosses that line, or when you do?

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What are the Do’s & Don’t’s for Newly Divorced Co-Parents?

Wedding cake visual metaphor with figurine cake toppers, divorce, stock images

The marriage didn’t work. Yet he’s committed that co-parenting does. Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert has some Do’s & Don’t’s to create more ease…

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In Relationships, You Are What You Judge


Sonika Tinker wants you to take a look in the mirror and ask a very simple question.

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What The Most Compassionate People All Have In Common

Heart and love

Jordan Gray says that all of the most compassionate people have this one thing in common (and it isn’t what you think it is).

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10 Tips For Seducing a Man Away From His Smartphone


It’s possible to seduce your man out of complacency. Here’s how to start.

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Why a Buddhist Therapist Made My Girlfriend Break Up With Me

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.18.54 PM

I live like it’s a game – I’m suddenly reminded how awesome the world is. I found it odd that a dude who said he was a Buddhist would be against such a view of life.

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5 Things You Should STOP Doing to Save Your Marriage


Marriage can be extremely challenging for guys, but you get out of it exactly what you put in.

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Why it’s so Hard to Break Up With Someone (Even When You Need to)

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 8.07.33 PM

Breaking up is hard to do. Even when all the signs are telling you that this person isn’t right, why do we want to stay? Dr. Nerd Love breaks it down.

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Keep The Effort Going: 7 Forgotten Ways To Earn A Woman’s Love


Welcome to 2015 and the wonderful world of dating, where we no longer put forth any effort into what we do. And somehow, that’s okay.

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5 Ways Guys Can Create Lasting Change in Their Life


Society has conditioned guys against stepping out and claiming the kind of life we want to live. Life is short and time can never be recovered. Each moment is precious and should be lived to the fullest.

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How I Stopped Hating Her for Dumping Me

Broken Heart for GMP

Author Jay Cradeur shares 5 steps for transforming heartache and anger to love and compassion. It starts with saying three words you don’t want to hear.

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5 Healthy Strategies For Getting Through A Messy Divorce


No one gets married hoping for a divorce. But it’s not a perfect world. Stuff happens. So if you find yourself in a messy divorce, please take these five healthy strategies to heart.

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Letting Go Of Your Ex Is Painful, But It’s Better For The Both Of You


No matter how much you wish things had turned out differently, it’s time to see reality for what it is.

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What I Learned From Feminism: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


A place exists in feminism where we can come together as men and women and support each other in healing our wounds. We just have to find our way there.

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5 Sexy Messages You Can Ping Him With

5 Sexy Messages by Kris Krug

Cut the shallow Cosmo crap. Want to be make your man burn? Be real.

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7 Things Women Don’t Tell Guys That They Should Know


Here’s how guys can have fun, love themselves, and show their love to their special someone.

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