Rituals of Love. What’s More Important than Roses and Chocolate?

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Will Valentine’s Day be a celebration of many magic moments shared during the past year, or an exchange of pricey stuff you hope will paper over a few cracks?

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A Letter From Your Future Wife

A Letter by Christopher Hellberg

Ever wonder what your future wife is thinking? Daniel Dowling has a letter from her that you need to read.

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What I Really Want From My Man on Valentine’s Day


As the years have marched on by, I’ve learned that love happens intentionally.

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A Love Letter: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

A Love Letter by James Woodruff

Love letters touch a person’s heart; the emotional vulnerability on paper is unmatched

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How to Love a Sexual Partner With Body Image Issues

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If you tell a woman who despises her body that you think she’s incredibly sexy, she’s going to need a moment to process that.

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First Date Mistakes That Could Have Been Avoided

first date mistakes

Ever make first date mistakes? We all do. Here’s how to do better next time. — You’ve got first date jitters. You’re waiting at the coffee shop, a little nervous. What if she doesn’t show up? What if he looks nothing like his profile photos? What if I spill my drink? What if I’m so […]

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Keeping Your Relationship Hot With the Language of Love


To build strong relationships, you need to fill your partner’s emotional ‘love bank’.

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How to Communicate with Women (and Men) In the Wild

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Once we meet the ones we want, how do we get to the point of clear communication?

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There is No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

Here is an empowering context that will forever protect you from having a broken heart…

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How Our Differences Make Us Whole

couple on beach

Peace on earth or peace in your relationship, both require an appreciation for our differences.

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Even Kate Winslet Knows Jack Didn’t Have to Die

jack rose (1)

‘Titanic’ left us brokenhearted, but why do we need someone to blame?

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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Partner

man and woman in love

What she really wants is what only you can give her.

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How Men Can Last Longer in the Bedroom by Using the Power of the Mind

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What can men do to last longer in the bedroom?

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The Lonely Drug: You Know it When You See it


Is it really a lonely drug? Maybe it’s time for a little more research.

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How to Pick Yourself Up After a Break-Up

man alone

Because binge drinking, drunk texting, ex-stalking, or staying in bed for a week aren’t really the only ways to get over a split.

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Straight Talk About Bisexuality

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Bisexuality is real. Do you know what it is — and what it isn’t?

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