Why Sexual Compatibility Matters to Long-Term Love

do you have chemistry

So you and your new fling have heat… but do you have the type of compatibility that supports a lasting relationship? Dr. NerdLove explains.

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Climb Every Mountain: Propositions And Pick-Up Lines On The Suburban Party Circuit


Brian Rutter shares his story about an encounter with an interesting pick-up line.

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How Gratitude Helped Me Find My Way to Monogamy


Joanna Schroeder never thought she’d get married.

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Anatomy of a Personal Erotic Myth – Feminine View


A woman braves her fears about her sexual desires to embrace her lifelong fetish sexual yearnings and save her relationship

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Selfless or Revolving Your Whole Life Around Someone?


At what point does making someone else’s happiness your own become bad for you?

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7 Ways The Right Relationship Improves Your Life


Here’s what happens when you find the right relationship.

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There Might be Hope: 9 Reasons Dating Gets Better as You Get Older

piano on the street

#7 You know better than to run everything by your friends.

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Sex Without Desire Is More Like Porn Than Lovemaking


When the love is gone but the sex remains, the magic is missing and it feels like … um …

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Hey Guys, 5 Almost Free End of Summer Dates

kissing on grass

Tamara Star suggests 5 sizzlingly romantic summer dates without the heavy burden of a credit card.

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4 Things to Do If Your Relationship is Stuck, Flat or Drifting


Long-term relationships grow stagnant and stale, especially after having kids together. But Jayson Gaddis insists there are ways to bring the love back to life.

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9 Points to Consider for a Better First Date

Dating using cell phones

Dating isn’t easy. Sami Jankins provides pointers daters may want to keep in mind.

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How To Break Up Gracefully

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Mark Manson gives us ten principles for respectfully ending a relationship.

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6 Reasons First Dates Should Cost Zero Dollars


Paul Hudson is about to blow your mind: The best first dates should include keeping your wallet in your pocket.

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12 Things Your Partner Needs To Hear More Often

Young Woman with Silk Valentine Heart

Jordan Gray says that the daily maintenance of a relationship is so much easier when you employ even a few of these twelve phrases.

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Video Tip: Never Fighting In Your Relationship May Be Destroying Your Bond

jayson gaddis not fighting

Not fighting with your partner will eventually cause an ending of your marriage.

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The Three Layers Of Truth In Your Relationship

Couple not talking after a fight on the sofa in living room at home

Jordan Gray talks about why honesty is not always the best policy within your relationship.

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