Men Are Not Simple Creatures, but They Aren’t Impossible to Understand

man with camera

Women need a guide, not a manipulation manual of how to get a guy to do what you want.

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Choosing to Believe in Love Will Neutralise Destructive Negative Expectations

romantic go ahead man

Even cynical romantics, with a set of unrealistic expectations for a relationship, can see the power of choosing to believe in ‘possibility’.

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3 Breakups: an Anatomy of the Devastation (and How to Heal)

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After the breakup, the injured need to experience love again and know that they still matter.

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Why My Husband’s Jealousy is Good for Our Relationship

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.03.48 AM

Ultimately, it’s more about recognition than actually being unhappy with the roles we’ve chosen.

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The 7 Secrets of Real Lasting Love

a love map

I used to think I was a marriage and family counselor. Now I realize I’m really a love guide.

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Can Being a Good Storyteller Lead to Love?

man and woman telling story

Spoiler alert, in this study men who spin a good tale were more likely to attract long-term love.

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What Will the Future Hold for Intimate Relationships? (Call for Submissions)


What will sex, love, and relationships look like for men and women in the future (near or far)?

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I Was In a Long-Distance Marriage

I Was In by Cali4beach

Stacey Freeman reflects on how distance was the key factor in her marriage’s survival—and demise.

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Seven Steps to Realizing the Relationship You’ve Never Had, but Always Wanted


Aren’t you tired of testing love? Apply these seven steps to your relationship and get over your Abandonment PTSD permanently.

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3 Reasons Your Ex-Boyfriend Was the Problem

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If you know that a relationship fail had a lot to do with you, Wisdom Amouzou has solidarity to offer, and some suggestions for next time.

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A Dating Story: How to Know if You Should Stay Or Go

dating story

Read this dating story as it unfolds and decide if she should stay or go… — ‘Laurie’ was dating ‘Josh’ and wanted some coaching on whether she should continue to see him. He had many of the qualities on her must-have list; he was kind, financially responsible, fun, and open-minded. She was attracted to him, but there were also […]

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Why I’m Allowed To Say I’m Not Attracted To You


Have hopeful paramours become increasingly fragile in accepting the truth of lackluster chemistry? Ben Dutka alleges it’s okay admit when you’re not feeling it.

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A Thank You to the Love that Got Away

mans hand full of shells

The one that got away is the most important person you’ll meet in your life.

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Help! I Think My Partner Is a Narcissist!

Help by Rie H

In an abusive relationship, some labels matter, and some labels don’t.

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Sex, Lies and Menopause


When your partner uses menopause as the reason for diminished desire consider it your wake up call to something more serious…

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Why I Have a Problem With All the ‘Get Laid Now’ Advice

a woman and man date

It’s not just that those titles are clickbait or insulting to women, its that the whole idea is creepy.

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