Literally All Of My Closest Female Friends Are Ex Girlfriends

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ordan Gray says that the question of “Can men and women just be friends?” is an outdated one.

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Are You Vitamin ‘L’ Deficient?

Are You Vitamin by Colin Dunn

Ross Rosenberg asks if you’re low on a nutrient that’s essential for your happiness and well-being—and offers a solution if you are.

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Maslow and Your S.O.S. (Sexual Operating System)

Maslow and the S.O.S.

Here’s how our fundamental Sexual Operating System sabotages relationships and why it doesn’t have to be that way.

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50 ‘I Don’ts’ You Should Agree On Before You Say ‘I Do’


Before you decide you’re ready to say “I do,” it’s best that you’re sure you can promise these 50 “I don’ts.”

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What to Do When You Find Your Wife’s Sex Toys

What to Do by Anthony Easton

August McLaughlin helps husbands find the optimal way to handle the discovery of their wives’ pleasure enhancers.

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Why We Need To Stop Talking About Porn And Sex Addiction


Condemning porn and sex shames men ill-trained to create meaningful relationships as it prevents emotional growth.

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5 Ways Men Can Develop Their Emotional Presence In Bed

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Jordan Gray says that your emotional presence, passion, and desire for your partner will always be more important than masterful sexual technique.

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We Do It On Purpose: 5 Crazy Reasons a Girl Will Pass Up a Nice Guy


We aren’t dumb. We know bad guys are heartbreakers and cheaters. So why do we let the good guys finish last?

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The Perfect Storm: Real Love Is the Combination of Timing and Chemistry


Loving forever means finding the imperfectly perfect combination of timing and chemistry — and making sure to keep things imperfectly perfect.

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How I’m Supporting My Husband’s Dream


Her husband is reawakening and chasing his dreams. Here’s how she’s supporting him and what she’s learned. — My husband is in the middle of a reawakening of sorts. And it’s totally my fault. You see, when we first met, my husband was shy, a bit nerdy, and didn’t have a lot of self-esteem. He was […]

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Are You Still in Love With Her or the Idea of Being in Love?


During the honeymoon phase, all you think about is your love. Over time, life happens, and every guy has a decision to make.

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Dating After Death: When Is It Time?


Mark Liebenow knows the struggle and has a little advice.

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There’s Only One Secret to Great Sex, Unlearn Everything


Sex gives us a chance to absorb new information, as we devote ourselves to our partner’s innermost needs.

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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man: Jed Diamond


Jed Diamond, Ph.D., says accepting ourselves as men (and women) means accepting ourselves in all areas of our lives.

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Why I’m Afraid of Love

Why I'm Afraid by Thomas Leth-Olsen

Entering a new relationship, Cabot O’Callaghan confronts his deepest fear.

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The Sex Is Always Hotter: The Science Of Why Men Love ‘Crazy’ Women


Women who are a beautiful mess somehow trump nice, normal girls. Why do men seem to love crazy women so much?

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