Why Are Men Expected to Make the First Move?

why are men expected to make the first move

Are we ready to move past these stereotypical roles?

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The Precipice


Jackie Summers, on how a few words at the end of a love affair can send one into a free fall.

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Five Reasons Why Honest Sex is Awesome Sex


Zach Rosenberg shares five reasons why it’s best to be open with your partner in bed.

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The Health Benefits of Sex

kissing in France

Alyssa Royse outlines seven unexpected health benefits from having sex.

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10 Super-Simple Tips for Having Sex Like You Just Met (Even If You’ve Been Together Forever)

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.24.57 AM

Happily-married man Doug Zeigler lists his favorite tips for bringing heat back into your relationship.

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10 Reasons You Should Keep Your Relationship Hot


Zach Rosenberg’s ten favorite benefits of having a sexy marriage.

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All That Existed Was Her Mouth, And That Strawberry Red Lipstick

first kiss, Dove for Men, Lips, strawberry lips, Gint Aras

Gint Aras’ first kiss, on the shores of Lake Michigan, comes back to him every time he washes his face.

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She’s the One

She's the One

Tom Matlack talks to married men to find out when they knew their wife was “the one.”

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How to Survive a Dating Emergency

Batman Kiss

What could go wrong on a first date? Just about everything. Don’t worry, Dr. Nerdlove’s got you covered.

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Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Desires?

Picture 13

Society pressures men to initiate sexual relationships, yet punishes them when they’re candid about their desires. So how can a man express his sexual needs without being tarred as a creep?

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Trouble from the Start: A Retrospective

photo by colros

“Betty was the first woman I dated seriously after my marriage ended, and everything about her screamed trouble from the very start.” Jackie Summers goes to the Dominican Republic and gets more than he bargained for.

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Why Men Objectify Women


“When I check out women, what is really going on with me? Is it just normal because I’m a heterosexual guy that likes women?” Jayson Gaddis explores objectification.

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How Do I Tell My Female Friend That She’s Using Men?

Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 10.44.19 AM

A man asks Eli and Josie how to help his female best friend stop using men and then dumping them.

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Stinky Orders Viagra: An Animated Video Adventure

Stinky Orders Viagra by Mark Greene

Mark Greene’s alter ego, Stinky opens a mysterious spam email and goes on an internet adventure to a real live virtual online pharmacy.

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My Ex-Wife’s Wedding: Best. Wedding. Ever.

photo by goofball

After a marriage fraught with difficulties, Steve Jaeger finds the wedding of his ex-wife to be a day of joy.

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A Sex Drive Parked in Neutral

straight-jacket poster

After being molested at the age of thirteen, Marcus Williams struggled to reconcile his libido with his fear of making an unwanted advance.

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