7 Date Nights Your Lady Won’t Soon Forget


Having been married for twenty-one years, I’ve learned a few things about what makes for a good date night.

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That’s What He Said: Sex and Dating

Sex and Dating by SoulPancake

Men open up about their struggles to find the balance of healthy (strong, but not too aggressive) masculinity in world of dating.

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I’m Happily Married to the Woman I Fell in Love With at First Sight

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 9.54.11 PM

When you meet your love at first sight moment, you have to trust that your instincts are correct.

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How to Date as a Single Parent

How to Date as a Single Parent

We may inadvertently use our kids as a relationship shield once we’ve felt the pain of a split. Learn to date as a single parent… you are worthy of love.

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3 Ways I Knew My Marriage Was Dead


It bothered him a bit when she cried, but when his kids cried, it broke him. — I remember the day I shut the door. I told my wife I didn’t want any more of my life wasted with her, and she was dragging me down. I was sick of living in misery and not […]

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In Relationships, There are no Leftovers


Surveying the apartment, I can see that we were lucky, once. We had our love, once.

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Why Gratitude Makes You Sexier


Instead of blaming your ex for your struggles, focus on gratitude for the gifts of your relationship.

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5 Signs I Missed When I Dated a Sociopath

5 Signs by Kumars Edit

Will the real sociopath please stand up … so I can run away?!

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4 Ridiculously Silly Things That Can Destroy Your Relationship

things that break people up

Don’t let the minutia ruin your bond.

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Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Intimate Already


Jay Blevins believes it’s a shame fear is allowed to do such damage to men’s sexual relationships and advises communication can act as both a panacea and bridge to improve your intimate moments.

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Changegiving: The Long Game of Positive Change


Mark Belden is here to help you realize that each step you take in your personal development is bringing you closer to speaking to the woman of your dreams. Happy Changegiving.

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To Reconcile or Not? Babble of the Sexes Takes on the Ex Question

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.55.50 PM

Is it relationship sanity to date the same Ex over again, but expect new results? Alison and Jay of Babble of the Sexes consider the relationship mulligan.

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How Gender Bias Rears Its Ugly Head In the Best of Relationships


Deeply rooted gender bias can undermine relationships – here’s a way to make sure that never happens…

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4 Truths to Create a Deeper Connection Together, After the Honeymoon Period


Rarely is love like the storybook ending we’ve all heard about.

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Sex Drive: Who Does It Best?

parking (1)

Who belongs in the drivers’ seat in the on-road battle of the sexes?

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My Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With Me Anymore


His wife says there’s just too much on her mind, and she doesn’t want to have sex anymore…Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt has some steamy ideas…

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