A Guy’s Survival Guide to PMS

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The science of PMS, and offers some advice for men on how to be more compassionate to their partners during this time.

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“She Was My First —”


Jason Williams regrets that his wife was not his “first” the way he was for her. As a result of those feelings, he did something amazing for their 10th wedding anniversary.

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What Men REALLY Wish Women Knew About Them

What Men Want

It’s pretty simple really, and it’s not about sex.

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These 11 Bad Habits Will Ruin Even the Strongest Relationship

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Don’t let your marriage suffer the same fate.

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How Men Can Boost Their Sexual Performance With Yoga

yoga whoa

From enhancing blood flow to elongating performance, yoga can make men better in bed and life.

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Are There Trustworthy Men?


We all know the stereotype of the lying, cheating man, but does his opposite exist?

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The Addictive Pleasure of Being Right

I'm right

The satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ can damage your relationship.

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How Facebook Could be Threatening Your Romantic Relationship

couple showing off selfies

Technology can also have a toxic effect on intimate relationships, one of which is Facebook’s potential to exacerbate romantic insecurity.

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Redefining Codependency and Understanding Self-Love Deficit Disorder

Redefining Codependency by Bert Heymans

If you’re the one who’s always giving in a relationship and hoping your partner will start to appreciate you, this video will change your life.

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Disabled and Dating

disabled dating

Communication in any relationship is the key to finding love.

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How Defining a Relationship for My Only Son Helped Me Clarify My Own Relationship Fears


As a mother, what kind of relationship do I want for my son and would there be a time or place when I would stand in the way of his relationship?

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3 Traits Women Want In A Man (That You’re Already Capable Of or Doing)


Men have always wondered about the most complex (and simplest) thing in the world: what does she really want–and need–in me?

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Her Husband Won’t Friend Her on Facebook, and She Doesn’t Know Why

man wife laptop online husband

She justs want to show off her husband and be more than ‘Mom and Dad’ online. He says no.

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5 First Date Questions You Should NEVER Ask

first date questions

Asking the wrong first date questions can lead to a dating disaster. That’s why you shouldn’t ask these 5 questions on a first date… — First dates can be confusing, scary, and sometimes boring. Or they can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re armed with some good open-ended questions (and the right potential partner). Even if the person […]

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14 False Beliefs Men Need to Get Beyond: Sexual Needs and the Sex Routine


Nothing limits our ability to love and be loved, and to find joy and fulfillment more than the beliefs that disconnect us from our hearts. And, nowhere do these beliefs cause more limitations than in our sex lives. Dr. Jordan Paul releases us from these false beliefs in this weekly series.

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6 Great Reasons to Date a Health Enthusiast

Healthy Eating

How important is compatibility with your partner in areas of healthy eating and fitness?

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