8 Things to Remember if You’re Looking for a Loyal Woman

loyal woman

Chris Brown may lament “those hoes ain’t loyal,” but the truth goes a whole lot deeper.

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This is Your Problem: You’d Rather Be Comfortable Than In Love


What you already know could change your life… but it probably won’t, because you like being comfortable too much.

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Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective


Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

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Blow Away First Date Stress — 27 Tips

first date1

Dave Kanegis wants to help you get past the first date jitters.

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5 Popular Marriage Tips That Are Actually Lies


This is where the myths and lies end.

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Overthinking: The Worst Thing a Man Can Do While Searching for Love


Trust me on this one, overthinking it with women is detrimental to your chances of finding love. Here’s why.

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3 Toxic Expectations That Kill Relationships

Happy young couple outdoors

Jordan Gray says that everyone comes into their relationships with expectations. But some are a lot more harmful than others.

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6 Classic Relationship Rules You Should Ignore


This old-school advice is b.s … here’s why:

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The Dangerous Appeal of Dysfunctional Partners

Why Dysfunctional by Quinn Dombrowski

Thomas Fiffer explains the exceptional draw and destructive impact of partners who are determined to change you.

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6 False, Widely Held Dating Beliefs That Will Hold You Back From Love


We probably wouldn’t be quite so cynical about dating if we stopped believing these six things.

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How Assertive Communication Can Save Your Relationship

Assertive Communication by Counselor Carl

Counselor Carl explains the four communication styles and shows how assertiveness is the key to avoiding dysfunctional dynamics. Which one are you?

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Don’t Even Think Of Approaching Her Until You’ve Checked This Out


Here are the major mistakes guys make when approaching women, according to women.

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8 Excuses Used To Justify Cheating In A Relationship That Are Total BS


Is there such a thing as an ethical cheater? James Michael Sama doesn’t think so, and here’s why.

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All Relationship Is For Healing

Young couple in love outdoor

Jordan Gray says that we can get by on our own, but in order to have an exceptional life, we need to allow ourselves to lean on others for support. —– The purpose of any and every relationship in your life is healing. Whether it’s the healing you’re aware of… your ex that you want […]

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Building Intimate Relationships That Last

Building Intimate by Michael Coghlan

Thomas Fiffer talks relationships with Rick Gabrielly on “The Marriage Boss” podcast.

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Sapiosexuals: Why We’re Scientifically Attracted to Intelligent People


Science is finally getting behind what we’ve all known all along: Smart is sexy.

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