What Makes Couples Successful: 5 Ways to Thrive in a Healthy Relationship


How do you make a relationship thrive? Lizzy Tran gives us 5 new ways to be successful in your love.

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What A Bad Country Music Concert Taught Me About Marriage


Irritation is the way of all flesh. The question is, if you’re going to be annoyed for all of eternity, who do you want to be doing the annoying?

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5 Lies That Keep Us Stuck in Dysfunctional Relationships

5 Lies by Peter

Thomas Fiffer believes that dysfunctional relationships are delusional and nails the five lies that stop us from leaving.

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10 Ways Falling in Love With an Alcoholic Changed My Perspective

loving an alcohlic

Dating an alcoholic will change your perception of relationships.

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How to Love a Woman With Bipolar Disorder


Liz Furl’s husband rides the waves of bipolar disorder with her, and they both maintain their balance through love.

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What Women Don’t Understand About Men (But Should)


Get this: We’re not that different.

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Why Women Leave Men They Love — What Every Man Needs To Know


Justice Schanfarber on why some women leave the men they love.

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The Psychology Behind Whether it’s Possible to be Friends With an Ex


Dan Scotti on how to be friends (or not) with an ex.

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We Used to Be Newlyweds … (Sigh)

We Used to Be by John Carleton

Angela Keck knows that magical “just married” feeling is gone for good. But she and her husband have found something better.

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Spice Up Your Relationship with a Blind Date

Blind Date

Want to learn and experience something new with your partner? Try going on a “blind date”. Here’s how it worked for Michael J. Russer.

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Ladies, Stop Expecting The Worst Of Men

A young  loving  couple hugging and kissing on the beach at suns

Jordan Gray says that there are plenty of good men out there. And they’re easily found once you know how to find them.

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A Man Doesn’t Ignore His Woman, But Reminds Her Of His Love

8748478432_1e30a81dd0_z (2)

Generally speaking, when it comes to the way women — all people, really — experience love, there are two separate parts to the formula.

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His Wife Cheated on Him for 10 Years: Don’t Waste Your Life Says Man on Reddit


Take it from a Man who has lived, yet not lived: Don’t waste what life you have.

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10 Ways to Be Her Real Life Superhero


You don’t have to be her savior, but you should be willing to follow these ten rules of superhero behavior toward the woman you love.

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With Sex, There Is No Going Back

Get Real With Sex

Can you ever get back the heat and passion you had at the beginning of your relationship? Should you even try?

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13 Things You Need to Know When She Doesn’t Want to Bone You

Friend Zone to Bone Zone

It’s time guys stopped seeing ‘The Friend Zone’ as some awful hell where women put men, and bone up on what’s really happening when she says no to sex.

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