Why You Need To Date Someone Who Scares You


Jordan Gray says that the best loves are the ones that drag out all of your emotional demons.

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Why I’m Saying Sorry Doesn’t Cut It When Resolving Conflict [Video Tip]


When working through conflict, does saying “I’m sorry” really work?

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The Secret to Making Relationships So Awesome Others Are Somewhat Nauseated

walking resized

Orin J Hahn will do anything for love, but he won’t do that.

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How One Couple Saved Their Relationship Exploring Conscious D/s-BDSM (NSFW!)


A woman daringly explores the depths of her submissive sexual kink. Her reluctant “nice guy” fiancé slowly warms to his own dominate counterpart.

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Navigating the Dating Scene in the ‘Age of the Selfie’

photo by gareth1953

How older singles can navigate the sometimes intimidating world of dating.

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating


Jon Vaughn is no expert in the online dating world, but here are a few things he’s found that are helpful to avoid.

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I Sing the Body Connected: Cultivating Sexual Energy


For John McElhenney, once the connection has been established, even with a woman who may not be a perfect match, there is an energy, a confidence, a glow that transforms every cell of his body.

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How to Tell if She’s the One

Cute young couple eating lunch

James Fell says that figuring out whether or not she’s right for you is a lot simpler than most people make it out to be.

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7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Better In Bed

Great photo of loving marriage couple

Jordan Gray says that becoming a better lover is simpler than you’d expect (and it has nothing to do with sexual technique).

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Psssssstt… Miss Independent May Actually Want You to Take Care of Her


It’s not always easy to find the balance between chivalry and chauvinism.

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3 Simple Explanations For Why You’re Still Single


Mark Manson offers up some refreshingly simple solutions for why you can’t seem to find a healthy relationship.

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“Wifely Duty” and Why So Many Married Women Eventually Prefer No Sex

Wifely Duty

Here’s the way to avoid the nearly inevitable sexless marriage experienced by so many long-term couples and in fact have your sex life get far better as you get older.

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Are Your Standards Too High?

Handsome man talking to charming woman

Jordan Gray says that there is a massive difference between healthy standards and being overly picky.

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She’s an Ex for a Reason: Why it’s Impossible to Really Stay Friends After a Breakup


Dan Scotti answers the age old question: can people stay friends after they break up?

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2 Simple Statements You Can Make To Break Free From Resentments

resentment-jg-kevin dooley

Jayson Gaddis shares how people can get past resentments to strengthen relationships.

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9 Couples Who Should Be Your Real Relationship Goals

The couple who learns new things together.

Let these couples restore your faith in love.

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