Sex: Men vs Women… Wait, That’s the Wrong Approach


When the intimacy dries up completely, it’s more about the relationship than it is about the animals in the relationship.

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4 Ways to Deal With The Child Who Wants You to “Reconcile” With Your Ex

Bride and groom making a toast with champagne

Mandy Walker shows you how to answer your child’s tough questions.

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When Men Use Sex For Intimacy


Are emotions and sex so different forms of expression? Jonathan Cadet discusses.

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5 Wonderful and Unexpected Benefits of Being a Serial Monogamist


So yes, I’m a serial monogamist, but it’s not because I always have to be in a relationship. I’m a serial monogamist because I’m hoping to find the next relationship at some point.

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You Say Potato and I Say Potahto — How Can We See the Same Thing So Differently?


Sometimes you need an opposite reality to counter your own.

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10 Lessons Learnt From Sharing a Room With My Ex-Girlfriend

10 learnt Ben Seidelman

Jesco Puluj shares how confronting jealousy, grief, and guilt made him a better man.

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The 14 Times Graffiti Showed Us What Love Looks Like

You expect to find declarations of love and heartbreak in books and poems… But what about on the bathroom wall, the freeway overpass or the cracked concrete?

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Love at First Sight


Love can blast off at first. Dr. Bill Cloke tells us how to hold on.

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Good Sex; Or Five Ways to Avoid Bad Sex


Connected sex is what I’m after and what drives my fulfilling feelings. I get closeness from sex. I get relaxation and bonding from sex.

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Recovering From Relationship Failure


Dr. NerdLove reminds guys that even if your relationship fails, YOU are not a failure.

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Beyond Friction Sex: 2 Key Pleasure Pathways to Off the Charts Ecstasy


Sex expert Galen Fous has advice for men and their partners about what lies beyond the seven minute mark of every day sex.

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Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

divorce-decree (1).jpg

Charles Orlando gives the divorce stats and preps married folk with the ammunition to avoid splitsville.

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Are You Feeling Pressured? A New Way to Ask for Sexual Consent


Jennifer Gunsaullus offers a new means for verbal consent in bed.

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5 Types of People To Avoid Dating

tumblr_n87thvkweK1s9v3hho1_500 (1).jpg

Dating is scary enough. Here’s a list of people to avoid to make it easier.

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It’s Time To Break Up: 7 Warning Signs Guys Shouldn’t Ignore


Jordan Gray lists the symptoms of a failing relationship.

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5 Ways to Rock a Long Distance Relationship


A few key thoughts about keeping love alive across the miles, by Steve Harper.

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