Sometimes He’s Into You, and It Still Isn’t Enough

Sometimes Hes Into by wilB

Love is all you need, right? But sometimes, your partner being into you isn’t enough for a happy relationship.

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5 Wrong Reasons You’re Sure She’s the One

5 Wrong Reasons by dave wolanski

You’re head over heels in love and convinced you’ve found your soulmate. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s why.

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8 Important Dating Tips From Mother to Son – Yes, Really!


Instead of locking him in his room with a bag of Doritos and his PS3 until he’s 30, I want to share some dating advice with my son.

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5 Ways Focusing on My Needs Helped Me Find the Love of My Life


You attract what you give off, so chill out.

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Love in Good Times, Bad Times, and Sweaty Times


Love is never mundane, even in the most mundane situations.

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Reclaiming Manhood: Detoxifying Toxic Masculinity


Dr. NerdLove wonders if we can reclaim the term “being a man” to help us grow in our relationships and in our lives.

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How To (and How Not To) Write an Online Dating Profile in 10 Fabulous Steps

man writing on laptop

Just for men — a funny — but true, look at what to do and what to avoid when you’re putting yourself out there.

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What it’s Like to be Cheated On by Someone You Love More Than Anything


Paul Hudson laments the loss of love.

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31 Powerful Lessons on Love, in 31 Years

31 lessons on love

Nate Bagley’s birthday gift to himself is a list of 31 tough lessons he’s learned about love and relationships.

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3 Ways to Feel the Security You’ve Been Needing in Your Relationship


How do you get the security you need?

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Are Healthy Hookups Even Possible?


Get laid. Hook Up. Get busy. Get it on. Whatever you’d like to call it, we want to know if it can be done in a no-strings-attached and mindful way.

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The Simplest Dating Advice Ever: Give Her Your Number

give her your number

Joanna Schroeder explains exactly why you shouldn’t ask a woman for her number.

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Why Your Expectations are Silently Killing Your Relationship


What we expect may not be what our partners are willing to give.

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Relationship Intelligence for Men: Your Simple 12-Step Guide

Your 12-Step Guide by Ryan McKee

Guys, do you want a better, healthier relationship with your partner? Use these 12 steps to improve your ‘relationship intelligence.’

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Have True Gentlemen Been Replaced By “Bros”?


Acting like a jackass is nothing to be proud of, Bro! And it won’t get you the relationship you want, either.

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10 Reasons Why the Millenial Generation Seems To Be Losing the Ability To Be In Love

ability to love

If we don’t come to understand love better — its purpose, its boundaries and its shortcomings — we will never be happy.

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