Hey Beast Mode: It’s Time to Grow Up


Michael Stilley explains why it’s time for Seattle Seahawks star running back, Marshawn Lynch, to quit the bad behavior when it comes to the NFL and the media and just grow up.

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The Evolution of Media Day: The Top 5 Media Day Moments

Media Day

Today, Crazy gets its own day during Super Bowl Week. Media day has become a spectacle almost as big as the game itself. Here at the Good Men Project we don’t just look at the quotes or the personalities that highlight the event. We look at the evolution. Here are the Top 5 Moments from Media Day that have created the spectacle we have today.

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Not Just the NFL: We’re All Playing the Hurry-up Offense

Andre Reed

Modern life moves fast. But is it time to start making adjustments to how we’re playing the game?

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Casual Spectator: Australian Open Quarterfinals Preview

Novak Djokovic

Casual Spectator previews The Australian Open Quarterfinals: what you need to know.

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Top 5 Reasons I Hate Tom Brady


Is he the best? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we have to like him.

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So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Jan. 26, 2015 Edition)


As we head into Super Bowl Week, our Monday sports round-up features Duke’s Coach K notching his 1000th win, our special Deflate-gate/BallGhazi coverage, and phenom Nick Krygios taking the Australian Open by storm, plus bonus Pro Bowl Coverage (now with 200% less relevance!)

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What’s Not To Understand? Children Were Raped.


The Penn State scandal was a tragedy for many, but one that people seem to have passed over too soon.

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From The Front Lines . . . of Sports: The Day I Met Ernie Banks


Kim Bongiorno honors Ernie Banks, by sharing her story of the day she met him.

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John Bingham: On Greatness


“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  – John Bingham ♦◊♦ The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports. Join us! If you have a favorite sports quote, please send us your submission via email […]

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Why I Really Want a Pete Carroll Jersey


How one woman who lives in a big Football city found the same relationship between herself and a coach that many feel between themselves and a player.

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Baseball’s Ambassador of Playing Two: Remembering Ernie Banks


Die-hard Chicago Cub fans and baseball fans are reflecting upon the incredible career and life of Ernie Banks, forever tied to one team and one town.

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Sports Explained: Hockey

dustin brown

Football isn’t the only sport honoring it’s All-Stars this weekend. With the help of Hollywood, Boston and Canada, we tell you about a little niche sport from little frozen ponds across the world. Sports Explained: Hockey. It’s money and we didn’t even know it.

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Boston’s Games Bid Will Need Public’s Heart to Win IOC’s Nod


Will the city of Boston get the 2024 Summer Olympics?

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Be Careful What You Wish For: A Career Story


Sports photographer Vincent Pugliese tells us how “You can still have your dream without giving up your life.”

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The Friday Sports Dump – Welcome to Deflatopolis


From the Pacific Northwest to Down Under, The Friday Sports Dump will traverse the world to give you the good, the bad and the deflated.

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Tennis Wunderkind Nick Kyrgios and The Rise of the Social Athlete: Are You Not Entertained?


The rise of teenage tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios is heralding a new age of sports star in Australia – the social athlete – one whose interaction with his fans is now as close on the field of play as it is off.

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