Can Youth Sports Foster Creativity? It Depends


Youth sports have gone beyond the pick up games we loved as children. It’s now big business that has an affect on our kids.

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Jesse Owens: On Greatness


The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

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Sports Explained: Figure Skating


Wai Sallas asks himself what *would* Brian Boitano do, as he explains the glitz, glamour, and power . . . of Figure Skating.

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The GMPSports Friday Sports Dump (Dec. 19 Edition)


Wai Sallas kicks off our new ‘Friday Sports Dump’ feature: acknowledging the bad, but seeking out the good.

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As Luck Would Have It, Nice Guys Can Finish First


For too long an undeserving group has fought an uphill battle trying to prove they don’t always finish last. Now, Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck stands ready to plant a flag for the Nice Guys at the apex of the last sport of gladiators.

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Like Father, Like Son? Rex Ryan Is No Head Coach. Not Now. Not Yet.


The Jets’ soon-to-be former fearless leader never learned from his father’s mistakes. Dave Chmiel questions why anyone should trust him with another franchise.

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If You Don’t Think Ballet is a Sport—Think Again


Tor Constantino makes a case that ballet is not only a sport, but it might be more of a sport than other forms of competition.

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Sports and Math Collide at Yale and UConn: Upset Loss to Yale Spawns Complex Math Test

Yale- Uconn

Remember when an upset win was relished by the entire student body? Mike Kasdan is sad to report that at Yale that may no longer be the case: “Thanks a lot Professor Chen!”

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5 Ways Andrew Hawkins Nails It on Protest, Police Killings, and Racism . . . In One Speech

Hawkins - GMP

The Browns wide receiver eloquently urges us all to “support the causes and the people and the injustices that you feel strongly about. Stand up for them. Speak up for them. No matter what it is because that’s what America’s about and that’s what this country was founded on.”

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“We Don’t Need No Education?” Hey Athletes, Yes You Do

Sports - Education - GMP

Why do we think that our sports figures shouldn’t also be intelligent and well-educated? Matthew Facciani explores the un-talked about pressures on athletes to not succeed intellectually.

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Winter Steelheading: An Angler’s Guide


Randall Bonner, with tips and techniques for fishing for winter steelhead

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A Letter To Derrick Rose That’s Really About Eric Garner

Rose - GMP

Bradford Philen is angry about racism and white privilege; but he doesn’t want to rant. He wants to listen and be smart and recover. He urges athletes like Derrick Rose to keep pushing the dialogue.

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The Bus Hit Him. Skiing Saved Him.


Sports can be a cause of discord in marriage, but for Heather Gray and her husband, sports preserved their union—and her husband’s life.

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So . . . This Happened. Three Things in Sports (Dec. 15, 2014 Edition)

Manziel Shown Money - GMP

Our weekly Monday sports round-up features three-time ‘So . . .This Happened’ Featuree Odell Beckham Jr., Johnny Manziel being shown the money (but not how he imagined) in his starting debut, and a wonderful speech by Notre Dame’s women’s basketball coach about activism by athletes – and all of us – in the wake of the death of Eric Garner.

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Tommy Lasorda: On Greatness


The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

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All I Want For The Holidays This Year Is a Power Forward, a DH Who Can Hit, and An Offensive Line

nfl santa

Alan Wolf and our readers share their sports holiday wish lists!

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