Golf Digest’s Cover Reeks of Desperation


Members of the LPGA are rightly protesting Golf Digest’s decision to put non-golfer Paulina Gretzky on its cover. Liam Day believes it says as much about the sorry state of golf as it does about the continuing sexism in the publishing world.

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Chief Wahoo Must Go

chief wahoo must go by SarahDeer

It’s ONE! TWO! THREE! strikes you’re out at the old ethnic stereotyping game.

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That One Great Play: My Shining Baseball Moment

baseball play

Jon Sindell tells how a savvy tip from an old–school baseball man yields fruit two dozen years later.

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The Sweetest Upset


Forgotten now, but four years ago the NCAA backed down in the face of fan opposition to a plan to expand the annual men’s basketball tournament to 96 teams. Brian Lutz says its one of the few times that fans won out over corporate greed.

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Will the NLRB’s Ruling Really Change Things for the Better?


In the wake of last week’s ruling declaring Northwestern football players employees of the university, Argun Ulgen worries that we will just wind up trading one type of corporate culture for another.

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11 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for MLB Fans


To mark baseball’s return, Fran Berkman at The Daily Dot offers the 11 Twitter accounts fans everywhere should be following.

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10 Things Major League Baseball Should Change Right Now


Though psyched, as always, that baseball is once again here, Neil Cohen suggests 10 changes that would make the game even better than it is.

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For Dove Men+Care, Jay Wright Was an Easy Decision


Villanova men’s basketball coach was signed to be one of the spokesmen for Dove Men+Care’s ‘Easy Decision’ campaign. Between his style, his composure, and his obvious care to do the best he can for the young men in his program, it’s pretty clear Jay Wright was an easy decision for Dove.

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Pay Them Already


The North Carolina scandal demonstrates that, if college athletes aren’t going to get even the education that is their ostensible compensation for generating billions of dollars, than they should at least get a share of the television revenue.

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3 Ways Baseball Fans Aren’t As Manly As They Used To Be


Justin Zackal explores the evolution in the behavior of baseball fans. . . some of it good, some of it bad, all of it driven by the market.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game. . . In Sydney That Is


100 years after MLB’s first trip Down Under, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened the 2014 season with a 2-game series in Syndey. JP Pelosi reports on the culture clash.

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Carl Crawford Leads Off


The Los Angeles Dodger began the 2014 season on paternity leave, making use of MLB’s forward-thinking policy. Scott Behson sees this as yet another reason to celebrate the beginning of a new baseball season.

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Why I Love College Basketball


Tweet Continuing with the best NCAA Tournament articles from the GMP Sports archives, Yago Colas admits he has a soft spot for the college game, one grounded in the knowledge that the players we’re watching these few weeks in March are not quite yet adults. Everything that stirs us and causes us to cringe during […]

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Confessions of a New Rugby Fan


Cameron Conaway expected to have an unforgettable time in Ireland, but he didn’t expect to fall in love with a new sport and a new culture. #JamesonJourneys. Raise a glass to Jameson for sponsoring this story.

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A Lesson in Figure Skating and Black Men

Adam Dyer Squaw Valley

Adam Dyer knows full well what it’s like to be a black guy obsessed with figure skating.

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NCAA Tournament Diary, Day 1


GMP’s Doug Zeigler paired some of the finest regional beers with a slate of second round upsets. In his diary of the afternoon, he shares his thoughts on everything from Dayton’s patience on offense to Albany’s downright ugly uniforms.

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