Fenway Park With My Father

Fenway park photo by charlie walker

“My father and I—both stolid men—have always communed through baseball. Sports are and always will be a way in which men connect and speak the unspoken, articulate our ineffable emotions.”

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Truth in Engineering: How Germany Beat Brazil and Won a Fanbase in China

germany world cup

A shock to most, Germany’s dismantling of Brazil in the World Cup explains why they have a legion of fans in China.

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The R*dskins Myth of a Manufactured White Liberal Controversy


Johnnie Jae debunks the idea it’s only white-guilt motivating the change of the Washington team name, and promises that Native folks like herself won’t give up.

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Watch all 7 Of Germany’s Goals in One Video


This 6 second video highlights the “greatest World Cup performance of this century, complete with all seven of Germany’s goals.”

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From the War Zone – The Soccer Game That Changed Lives in Afghanistan

Surrounded by adoring fans of theirs in the Afghan military, Second Lieutenant Emily (Wnuk) Anders and Major Suzy Mitchem pose after the match. (Photo courtesy: Josh Walters)

What happens when very different nations come together to play the world’s favorite game? Jamie Reidy learns about peace-building from a few soccer-loving American service members

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Ben Tribbett’s Hypocrisy and Resignation


Frances Danger calls attention to a controversial blogger.

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Was This Man-Hug The World Cup’s Best Moment?


There couldn’t be a better example of sportsmanship than what happened on Friday at the World Cup.

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Michelle Wie is Finally Ready To Be the Next Big Thing

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie’s critics forgot all along that she was only a young person struggling with the same issues all young people struggle with, namely becoming an adult. Now that she has, Liam Day believes she could be on the brink of the greatness every assumed for her when she was 13.

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8 Ways The World Cup Is Exactly Like Parenting


There are many parallels between the FIFA World Cup and parenting life. Here are 8 ways the World Cup and parenting are exactly alike. Yes, diving is involved.

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Why Soccer Isn’t A “Man’s” Game


American mid-fielder Michael Bradley says soccer is a man’s game. Kozo Hattori argues that shouldn’t preclude showing vulnerability or admitting that criticism hurts.

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A Real Life Rocky?


Yes, Chris Algieri is Italian-American and the unlikely new WBO Light Welterweight champion, but he is also a fighter, not a brawler and that, says Kevin Duffy, is what boxing badly needs more of.

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Ann Coulter is Smarter Than You


A master of the modern phenomenon of trolling, Ann Coulter knew what she wrote would get her name tweeted thousands of times and posted on Facebook hundreds of thousands more.

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Suicide Rates and World Cup Results: Beyond the Numbers Game


Several studies appear to show quite noticeable associations between hosting and performance at World Cups and suicide rates.

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The Reason Soccer Seems Huge in America is the Reason It’s Not


Is soccer getting tons of media play because of affluent white people deciding they need to appear educated and culturally literate?

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Culture Clash


Mikhaile Savary argues that Jurgen Kilnsmann, the man charged with changing the culture of American soccer, must understand that he cannot change the culture of Americans.

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The Pageantry, Performance and Publicity of Goal Celebrations


From individual signature moves to team dances, goal celebrations have become almost as exciting as the goals themselves.

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