Ben Hogan: On Greatness

ben hogan

“I always outworked everybody. Work never bothered me like it bothers some people. You can outwork the best player in the world.” ~Ben Hogan

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It’s My Fantasy and I’ll Draft Who I Want To

fantasy football draft

After years on the sidelines, Rob Azevedo broke down and joined a fantasy football league. And he’s glad he did.

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To Watch or Not To Watch: Morality, TV, and Sunday Football

football field by daniel x oneil 5647809356_5610585af0_z resized

If a man tries to promote better treatment of men (and women), can he ethically watch professional football?

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Why I Write – Making the World a Better Place for Our Youth

boy with basketball

From the time he was 7 years old, Matt Petry knew he was destined to play sports. Until an injury made him rethink his purpose, and helped him discover his passion.

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Have You Ever Seen a Perfect Game of Snooker? (If Not, You’re In For a Treat)


  Meet Ronnie O’Sullivan, master of snooker. Here he gets a score of 147, the maximum, for the twelve time in his career. Yes he is playing against an opponent, although you’d never know it.

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Tony Stewart Discusses Kevin Ward’s Death at Emotional Press Conference, Returns to Racing

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart announces he will return to racing for the first time since he hit and killed Kevin Ward during a race.

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A Quick Guide To The College Football Playoff


The 2014 college football season will be different than ever before. This year, college football will end with a 4-team playoff. Here’s what you need to know to hold your own in a conversation about the new playoff.

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Are You Ready For Some Football: An Introductory Guide To The English Premier League


Americans fell in love with the World Cup this summer, but soccer isn’t over. In fact, English Premier League is just heating up. Here, a guide for newbs.

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Who Will Win The New College Football Playoffs?


The season hasn’t even started yet, but it’s time to decide who’s going to be on top at the end.

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Playing Little League Like it Was the Majors

playing little league greg westfall.:Flickr

A skilled and proud coach shares the details of success for his little league baseball team.

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I Should Not Have To Reconcile Being An NFL Fan With Being a Woman


Chelsea Cristene is sick and tired of dealing with the sexism that is seemingly attached to being a female fan of the NFL.

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7 Life Lessons I Learned from Professional Fighting

Thai Nguyen Fighter

After 1000 punches, 1000 kicks, 500 knees and 500 elbows—every day— Thai Nguyen has an insight or two he’d like to share about fighting.

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Legendary Skater Tony Hawk Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

Tony Hawk, Skateboarding Legend

Tony Hawk joins the growing list of people declaring that marriage is an equal right.

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‘Waiter, There are Boobs in My Basketball’

Milwalkee Bucks dancers 2

Do men really need female eye candy in sports? Matt Story wants to know.

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Keith Olbermann Pulls No Punches in His Take-Down of Sexism in Sports

Olberman calls out NFL

Sometimes men need to call out other men. Here, Keith Olbermann rails against the NFL.

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Michael Sam Moved To Tears During Speech: “Great Things Can Happen”


Sam is the 21st recipient of the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award and joins a great legacy of previous winners that includes Muhammad Ali, Pat Tillman, Nelson Mandela and Robin Roberts.

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