Reimagining the Internet as a Mosaic of Regional Cultures


The way you think of the internet is probably a lot different from the reality.

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Is Your Cell Phone Cooking Your Brain?

The SafeSleeve Case for iPhone 6

David Pass believes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Why It’s Good To Take Breaks from the Internet


Matthew Rozsa discusses why it’s important to spend time offline as well as on it.

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Does Artificial Intelligence Have a Role in Eliminating Prejudice?


Patrick Sallee reviews this week’s ‘Art of Humanity’ podcast on futurology.

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Drawing Will Never Be the Same

Drawing Will Never by Facebook

Post by ‎المعلم‎. – Instead of creating shapes on paper, create them in the air with this 3D drawing pen. ___ Why make a sketch then go through the complicated process of having a model made when you can draw the model instantly? Photo—المعلم/Facebook

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Unplugged Valentine

unplugged valentine

When V-Day and technology collide.

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Slide and Go: Mobile Business Solutions

Slide and Go Mobile Business Solutions

How modern POS systems are changing the way we do business.

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DIY: The Wave of the Future – Now?


Raise your hand if this sounds familiar – I had to replace my (fill in with that item now in the landfill) because I couldn’t find a replacement part!

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Tech Dad Gift Guide—Holiday 2014


‘Tis the Season for John McElhenney’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Dads.

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Amazon Prime Air. Is This What the Future Really Looks Like? (Parody)

amazon prime air

Amazon’s new service, Amazon Prime Air, delivers products to your door with a fleet of aerial drones in 30 minutes! Insane publicity stunt? Or the future of customer service? You be the judge!

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Put That Thing Away

put that thing away

What does it look like to the other person when you can’t put your phone down while having a conversation? This video nails it.

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5 Brain Challenges We Can Overcome in the Next Decade


Understanding mental health must be a primary global health priority. Here are 5 ways we can improve brain health to create flourishing societies.

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The Top Google Searches of 2013 (And What We Didn’t Search, But Perhaps Should Have)

Google Search

Michael Stusser looks at what our searches say about us.

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Why the Lulu App Could Be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Men


A new app allows women to anonymously rate their male Facebook friends.

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Sunset Chasers: Only on The Weathers Channel, and The Discouvery Network


Oh the sheer devastation of this sunset!

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A Modest (and Dishonest) Plan to Bring the NSA to its Knees


Michael A. Stusser shares his misleading digital profile. Or does he? #DigitalMadness

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