What’s the Cure for Multi-Tasking Madness? A Digital Detox, Of Course.

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The premier of our new column by Michael A. Stusser: #DigitalMadness

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Truffol iPhone Cases Are an Extension of You. Just like Your iPhone.

Truffol Top image

Truffol iPhone cases—You’ll love them almost as much as your iPhone.

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Confession: I Have a Bad Habit that Could Kill Me or Get Me Arrested (& I’ll Bet You’ve Done it Too)


I know it’s bad, but once you start, it’s a really hard habit to break.

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Getting Rid of the Damsel in Distress Trope in Video Games

photo by neeta_lind

Are video games the new fairy tales? “Damsel in distress gets rescued by big, strong, handsome man and lives happily ever after.” Not if some guys can help it.

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Dads Need to be Involved in Teens’ Internet Usage (And Then Get Out of the Way)

photo by gabrielap93

Rob Zidar believes in teaching his sons to act responsibly, rather that attempting, perhaps in vain, to prevent them from acting irresponsibly.

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Technology: Hovercraft under $200K? Done.


The only way to fly. Drive. Sail. Whatever.

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Technology: First Driverless Car Takes You for a Spin [@spodachozn1]

There you have it folks, autopilot for your personal amusement.

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Science: Our Place In The Universe [@neiltyson]


Really? It’s going to be okay. It really is. Here’s why.

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Komplicated Solutions: The Modern Man’s Utility Belt [@hannibaltabu]


The modern man is beset on all sides by challenges logistical and psychological. Here’s a possible solution.

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Futurism: The First Space Mining Company Is Set To Secure The Stars

space miners

Taking the first step towards, maybe, just maybe, becoming a type one civilization at long last.

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Science: Researchers Teach Robots To Make Their Own Tools, Mayhem Surely Follows Soon


Scientists give this Promethean concept to mechanical citizens of the world. What could go wrong?

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Radical Openness: Where Ideas Have Sex [video]

where ideas have sex

A wild, futuristic, provocative ride into the heart of a concept that Jason Silva calls “radical openness”.

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The Right to Life; The Right to End It [Video]

eye in the pool

It’s your life. But is it yours to end?

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Science: Could Scientists Have Found A Possible AIDS/HIV Cure? [@spodachozn1]

What the what?

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Technology: The Surprisingly Porous Nature of Password Security Online

How secure can one be in an online world filled with predators? We take a look at that question.

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Apps: Instapaper Is Free This Week Only Courtesy of Starbucks

Picking up an expensive cup of coffee comes with a great treat, this week only, while supplies last.

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