The “Walking Toward Manhood” Rite of Passage

rites of passage, walkabout, journeys, male adolescence, mentoring boys

A glimpse at the ancient tradition of the ‘walkabout’ as practiced today, in which some young men sing to survive and others ‘walk to listen.’

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When Teen Boys Lose Hope

mentoring boys, mentoring teen boys, mentoring teenage boys, leading cause of death among teenage boys, suicide, impulsive behavior, aggression, emotional intelligence

Hopeless and angry young males can do desperate things. How mentors can stand by in their times of crisis.

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Secrets and Smokes at Two Minutes to Midnight

boys sleepover parties, boys slumber parties, 1980s, 80s nostalgia, boyhood, rites of passage

Kenny Bodanis is a father of two small children: nowadays, he craves sleep. But 25 years ago, up late with his friends, it was a different story.

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Joshua and the VCR

VHS, 80s, gay 80s, gay teens, teens flirting, boys kissing, gay culture, gay connections, romantic stories, physical culture, homoeroticism, The Good Life, gay pride, Townes Coates

Townes Coates reminds us of the days before the internet provided more straightforward ways for gay boys to connect.

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Seven and Seven

male virgins, teen drinking, My First Drink, Paul Schneider, The Good Life

Even his mother knew he was hiding who he was behind that hair, but Paul Schneider was running, too.

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Death Wish

drunk driving, teens drunk driving, teens drinking, suicidal behavior, risky behavior, physical risk taking, adolescent males, competition, male sexuality

Risky behavior in adolescent males ranges from self improvement to suicidal, but the reward is the same.

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Advice for Mothers of Teenage Boys

advice from mother of a teenage boy, male adolescence, mothers and sons

How one mother keeps her teenage son close enough to guide him.

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A Boy’s First Look at Puberty

birds and bees, sex education, male puberty, male adolescence, Playboy, fourth grade, first kiss, first crush

“Your son’s been distracted by girls,” Miss Pelley informed Robert Steven Williams’ mother. “He’s a bit early on the curve. Have you had the birds and the bees discussion?”

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Big Man on Campus

college life, BMOC, growing up, manhood, being a man, adulthood, protective masculinity, nurturing men, fag bashing, homophobia, fighting back, active bystanders, anti bullying, homophobic violence on campus, college students with learning disabilities, medically fragile boys

A fragile boy with learning disabilities transitions from home school to college.

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How Teens Drink

teens drinking, underage drinking, youth drinking, youth drug use, alcohol use declining among teens

Before the energy drink slash cocktail and butt-chugging, there was “The Watermelon Crawl” and “Mr. Boston’s.”

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Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide To You-Know-What

sex education, puberty, male adolescence, learning about the birds and the bees, sexual reproduction

Steve Coruzzi’s sex education was woefully incomplete.

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How Social Messages Can Make a Man a Bad Lover

Pablo Neruda, love poetry, relationships, men's desire, men's sexuality, how to attract women, how to make love

What you believe may keep you from greater intimacy and satisfaction.

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The Importance of Pecking Orders to Boys

male puberty, male adolescence, pecking orders, male status, belonging, boys, rites of passage

Should parents and teachers intervene in the jockeying for status endemic among adolescent boys?

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Coup d’État

Dominican Republic, puberty, rites of passage, missionaries, youth mission

A missionary growing his first chin hairs comes face to face with revolutionary soldiers in the Dominican Republic.

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Little Wanker

early childhood development, precocious masturbation, how young do children masturbate, children masturbate, children sexual exploration, playing doctor, early sex education

Andy Bodle was a precocious youth with an excess of curiosity and desire.

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Hair Down There

puberty, adolescence, sibling rivalry

A sign that a boy is becoming a man is commemorated by his family.

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