Twenty Phrases to Stop Using in 2014


Josh Bowman is sick of you saying “hashtag”. What’s on your list?

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Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being Dumped

Lover's Quarrel

From the many people you ask out to the one person who you can actually have a relationship with, you have made a tremendous investment emotionally, financially, and in terms of time. It sucks to have to start again.

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Guestpost #92: Shaun Chatman – Ten Things I’ve Learned About How Too Much Technology Can Complicate Our Lives


Technology is supposed to make life easier, and in some ways it certainly has done that. Here are 10 things guestblogger Shaun Chatman has learned about how too much technology can complicate our lives.

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I’m Back

I'm back

Josh Bowman has been away from his blog for a while. He’s back now, kicking and screaming.

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How to Move Without Being an A-Hole


Josh Bowman just moved into a new apartment, and wants to share the many bits of wisdom he has learned from moving way too many times in his life.

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Ten Phone Ideas…From the Future!

Cell Phones

Cell phones are boring. They are all rectangles, with touch screens. Every phone is the same. Think outside the box, phone companies.

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The Phases of a Break-Up

Break Up

Josh Bowman shares the many phases of a break-up.

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Ten Things to Expect When First Dating a Fella

First Date

Josh Bowman provides some insight into the strange and complicated minds of guys during the first few dates.

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Top Ten Ten Year Old Boy Valentine’s Day Gifts


This year, surprise your honey bunny with some sweet Valentine’s Day gifts from the innocent days of your youth. She’ll flip over these thoughtful and fun signs of your affection!

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Why I Didn’t Go To Your Show (And Why You Probably Won’t Go To Mine)

Empty Seats

Josh Bowman explains why he didn’t go to your show. It’s not personal.

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Winter Workshop Weekend and Improv All-Star Show Announcement

Amey G

International Improv All-Star Showcase – February 8-10 in Toronto

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Butts of All Time

Sidney Poitier

OMG! Celebrities are so hot and have super hot butts! Josh Bowman has gone through the ‘BUTT-BREAKING WORK (JK LOL!) of finding the hottest butts of all time. Do you agree or disagree? Let the de-BUTTS begin! ZOMG.

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How to Play Guitar Like a Sweet Rockstar


Hey you! You want to rock so hard that everybody’s head explodes and they orgasm at the same time? You want hot licks and sweet grooves? You want to bust out some sick solos? Here are some amazing tips to turn you into the guitar god you were always meant to be.

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How to Use a Gym


Josh Bowman gives some tips for all you gym rats. Etiquette, people. Etiquette.

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How to Use a Public Bathroom

public bathrooms

Josh Bowman shares some tips on how to use public bathrooms, since apparently most people are disgusting pee monsters.

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Twenty Places You May Have Left Your Glasses

Broken glasses

Josh Bowman helps you find your glasses.

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