The Not-So-Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Three months after we married, Celia and I up and moved to Italy. Six months later we returned to the States, almost broke and, somehow, still married.

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Iowa Black Dirt

photo by carlwwycoff

Perry Glasser is raising his daughter alone. And one by one, the mysteries are dispelled.

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The Act You’ve Known for All These Years

Horwitz and Fifer

What do you do if are a father of a daughter who loves to perform? If you’re Stuart Horwitz, you go busking with her.

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photo by woodhead

An excerpt from The Good Men Project Anthology. By John Sheehy

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Plum Island

photo by jamiesrabbits

Norm Appel was terrified to have children while drinking and taking pills. He discovered why.

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Structural Failure


Amin Ahmad’s excerpt from The Good Men Project anthology. “We take our usual seats at the coffee shop, by the plate glass window. My hands are shaking so badly that I scald myself. ‘What’s going on, man?’ Peter looks at me over the rim of his coffee cup.”

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No One Saw a Thing

Wallace No One Saw a Thing

Jeffrey Wallace wants to know why he kept missing the red flags of being a parent.

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A Death and a Birth


Rolf Gates tells the story of his sister’s death and daughter’s birth, and how they helped him become a better man.

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Heart of a Beginner


NFL Hall of Fame member, Andre Tippett, talks about how karate transformed his life and powered his athleticism.

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Blood Spattered


An excerpt from The Good Men Project book: Julio Medina’s story.

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Helping Ex-Convicts Reintegrate

Julio Medina

Good Men Project contributor Juilo Medina knows how hard it is for an ex-convict to get work. He was one.

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Amin Ahmad in Narrative Magazine

Picture 3

Original Good Men Project contributor Amin Ahmad writes about family and immigrant life. His newest story, “Catfish,” was Story of the Week at Narrative Magazine.

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Book Excerpt: Whatever It Takes

courtesy of AdamSelwood/Flickr

Few people shape who you are as a father as much as your own father. In this week’s installment of the Good Men Project Book series, Ricardo Federico tells the universal story of revealing his impending fatherhood to his dad … and what he took away from that conversation.

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Book Excerpt: Here’s the Bad News, Son


Why would a man hope for a daughter over a son? Steve Almond answers that question in this week’s installment of the GMP book excerpt series

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Book Excerpt: Resolution

Maxwell GS/Flickr

A bloody forehead, a bad back, and a train wreck later, Joseph Levens’ New Year’s resolution pays off. An excerpt from the Good Men Project book.

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A Book by Men, for Men—Awkward Chest-Bumps Not Included


The eclectic mix of contributors—from Pulitzer winners, Vanity Fair writers, Emmy winners, Poet Laureates, Gulf War pilots, ex-cons, pro football Hall of Famers—draw upon the defining moments in men’s lives and explore the perspectives men have gained.

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