6 Ways Jokes about Violence Against Men Harms Male Victims

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Andrew Smiler lists six reasons why we should stop laughing at male victims of violence.

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The One Question You’ll Ask Yourself After Downloading This App

DJ Reezey Garden

A new Techbook features millennial’s thoughts as they trip off “E”—Econology that is.

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100 Words on Love: Karaoke


You were the first to say it back, like this: “I love you, too.”

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The One Thing Crucial to Moving Forward After Being Hurt


The hardest part of moving forward is allowing ourselves to forgive, Orin J Hahn has a few role models on why that is the most important step.

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From Comics to College Professor, Insights From Neil Gaiman

Gaiman Horizontal

Kathleen Murray listens in as the legendary writer discusses the creative life with ‘Maus’ visionary Art Spiegelman.

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100 Words on Love: Daddy’s Knee Surgery


My unsinkable Amazon warrior, strongest woman I know, laboring dusk to dawn. My son fast as lighting fetches whatever I need.

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Ten Ways To Have A Happier Partner (Even When You’re Parenting Too)

10 ways

Torsten Klaus on how to keep partnership rewarding through all the challenges of life.

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100 Words on Love: More Like Tony Soprano Than Mother Teresa


I never could have known that loving my children would be more like stone cold ruthlessness.

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Love Watching This: The Pure Joy of a Girl and Her Awesome Dad (Video)


You have to see this girl’s smile, but it’s the sound of her laughter that will melt your heart.

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The Experience That Made Understanding Women Easy Enough for a Man

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Orin J Hahn discovered what women want and need from men, by appreciating the journey of raising his daughter.

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100 Words on Love: Good Old Dad


“Who needs Santa when you’ve got good old Dad?”

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Finding Beauty on the Unknown Road of Life


Moving forward and discovering the richness to be savored in a fleeting life, Himay Zepeda reflects on it all.

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The Prom Tux: Turning Teen Boys Into Inexpressive Men?

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Andrew Smiler says the standard black prom tux limits boys’ ability to express themselves and believes this is a problem.

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100 Words on Love: He Was Like a Trance


Sometimes, our greatest love stories don’t actually last.

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Saying Goodbye: Why it’s Okay to Leave Some People in the Past

leave behind

Yael Kaufman on handling the loss of relationships

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10 Things I Wish People Knew About Depression


Depression is a word many people throw around carelessly, but when used in its clinical sense it describes a debilitating, gut-wrenching illness.

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