Grieving Men and Their Ocean of Emotions


Mark Liebenow believes men have been conditioned for too long to hide their grief. It’s time to talk about it.

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I Tried to Evict My Mental Illness, But Now We Are Friends

Words and Mental Illness

Mental illness can be defined with just seven words. Be careful, because the words you choose will speak for you.

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Call for Submissions: Where is the Line Between Love and War?


The terrorist attacks in Paris have added fuel to the fire of violence. Should mankind be declaring war on its own people?

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10 Things Women Do that Drive Men Away

push men away GMP

What are some things that women UNKNOWINGLY do that drive men away? Let’s explore. — I spent many years blaming men for my dating/relationship issues. And then I had an epiphany—the only common denominator in every relationship was ME. Once I looked inward to see what I was bringing to the table, I began attracting and creating the best […]

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Movember: Save Your Pits and Your Mental Health

My Movember Pits

This Movember, Sean Swaby will not shave any of his hair, not even his pits. His hair will be doing the work to raise awareness, raise funds and to raise eyebrows for men’s health.

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Redesigning Your Life’s Interface


Simplify your life by following these steps.

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Who is The Pink Marine?


A conversation with Dave Brown and Greg Cope White about The Pink Marine

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The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

Mental Illness Happy Hour

“I have this fear that if I feel this pain, it will kill me and I will die… I’m afraid that I’m going to pass my anger onto my son.”

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How I Helped My Husband Get His Balls Out Of A Vice


Life can make it hard to see a future beyond what you have. Sometimes you just need a squeegee.

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Habit Relapse: What to do if You Fall From Your Diet or Good Habits

woman yoga

Disappointed about slacking on your good habits? Here are some tips on how to get back at it.

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The Ill-Fitting Pieces Of Our Lives – 6 Lessons We Can Learn From “The Puzzlers”


“If we only knew how uniquely beautiful the finished puzzles of our lives will look, maybe we’d worry less about the pieces that, in the moment, don’t seem to fit.”

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5 People Who are Living not Drifting

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 6.43.26 PM

We set aside the important, intentional thing for the urgent, immediate thing. All the dang time. At least I do.

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Letting Go of the Need for Control

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.01.00 PM

I don’t have to act. I can just sit.

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4 Roadblocks to Pursuing Our Dreams

backyard campfire

What are the things that are holding you back from your dreams?

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The Transformative Power of the Gratitude Habit

thankful woman

Make a list. The process of writing things down can truly transform them.

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PTSD….I Never Saw That Train Coming


CitizenVine shares his personal journey with PTSD and how the love and support of his family is helping him to stay on course.

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