An Open Apology to Anyone With Depression

happy lady

For all of you that have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for “wellsplaining” you.

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Neither Averting Nor Craving in Each Moment


Accept light, sound and physical molecules. Accept this moment, without craving something else, or avoiding what’s there.

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Don’t Waste Your Opportunity


Leo Babauta asks, Are you willing to make the most of the opportunities of this moment, of being human?

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Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire

feet to the fire

When it comes to changing habits, we know what doesn’t work. So what does work?

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Stop the Talk That Drains You: Self-Talk to a Powerful You!

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Words are powerful. They trigger us and have an impact on how we react, how we feel and what we do in response. The words you use in your own mind to tell yourself what’s right or wrong are just as powerful as those someone else might say to you. Watch your words and tame the voices — you have the control to do it.

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The Gods of This Day


We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.

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Call for Submissions: How Do You Get What You Need?


When you don’t have the means to provide for yourself or your family, it’s no longer a man’s world.

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#87: Baltimore Man Donates Dreads to Girl who Lost Her Hair to Chemo


A Baltimore man gave a life-changing gift to the daughter of a stranger he met at the park.

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#86: Homeless Former Marine Receives Scholarship after Playing Street Piano


A viral video of a homeless veteran smashes stereotypes and results in a well-deserved chance for a new life.

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52 Tasks To Being A Good Man: Week 29

old man reading

Each week, Joe posts a new task in his quest for redemption and enlightenment.

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The Importance of Vacations

Vacation Picture 2

Matthew Rozsa explains why it’s so important to go on completely non-productive vacations.

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Could You Be Just Two Steps Away from Happiness?


Are you feeling lost, numb or adrift? These two steps may help right the ship.

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#85: Cellist Was Brave Warrior for Peace during Sarajevo Bombings


With bombs exploding around him, this brave cellist honored his city’s gunned-down residents and national treasures.

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#84: Boston City Councilman Implements Free Sunscreen Citywide


Boston combats skin cancer with new, free sunscreen dispensers — at no cost to taxpayers, either.

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Your Summer Guide to Drinking Pink


Bottle of red, bottle of white? How about pink? Isaac Baker is here to guide us toward the right glass.  — Sure, a glass of rosé may not sound like the go-to choice of adult beverages. But if you’re passing on pink wine, you’re missing out. Wait!—you may object—I don’t want to drink sweet swill! […]

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#83: Officer Sings to Toddler after Family’s Fatal Crash


A Colorado police officer comforted a toddler by singing after her family’s fatal car crash.

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