A Reverence for Reproductive Justice


Rev. Matthew Westfox appears on MSNBC to talk about Christianity and reproductive rights.

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My Response to ‘The Good Men Project: The Day I Went for an Abortion’


What is the worth of one life?

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I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 5.29.34 PM

Lynn Beisner explains the difference between the two phrases “The best choice for both my mother and me would have been abortion” and “I wish I had never been born.”

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The Day I Went For An Abortion


So long as people think abortions only happen to people they don’t know, they’ll continue to limit our choice.

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Whose Life Is This?


Keith Doyle, a man with second sight and precognitive dreams sees pregnancy, and abortion, in a different light.

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Whose Abortion Would Jesus Support?


When Christians and feminists enter the abortion argument focused on rights, they disregard their own defining values.

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It’s Her Choice


In Richard Essery’s opinion, abortion is an area best left to those unexpectedly expecting.

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Letter to My Unborn Child


Nick Florest writes to someone he loves who never was.

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Taking a Stand: Why I Support a Woman’s Right to Choose

Progress Ohio pro life rally

Every woman should have the right to control what happens with her own body.

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His Right to Choose


When Jess Prominski asked her new partner his views on abortion in the event of unplanned pregnancy, she was surprised by his answer.

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Delivered from Abortion: Healing a Forgotten Memory

Christus statue

‘Did Mother ever tell you about the time she was going to abort you?’ my sister asked casually.

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Where You Came From


These things don’t always work, says Mother. Where do you think your sister came from?

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Someone Else’s Protest


The children brought to rallies are on adult ground, holding signs made for them by other people. Are men with opinions on abortion actually on women’s ground?

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Abortion: 7/28

abortion protesters, for and against

Men have abortion stories, too. Call for submissions.

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The Right to Life; The Right to End It [Video]

eye in the pool

It’s your life. But is it yours to end?

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Ten Things I’ve Learned From “Having” An Abortion


Josh Bowman believes that your politics mean nothing until they are tested.

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