Addiction: We’ve All Hurt Enough Already, Haven’t We?


Waking up in a jail cell with little to no recollection of how you got there really isn’t anyone’s ides of a good time.

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Confession: I Have a Bad Habit that Could Kill Me or Get Me Arrested (& I’ll Bet You’ve Done it Too)


I know it’s bad, but once you start, it’s a really hard habit to break.

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How to Become a Cocaine Addict

cocaine abuse, cocaine addiction, trying cocaine for first time, single men, sex and the single man, drug addiction

Andy Bodle tries cocaine for the first time and feels like a winner.

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In Utero

alcoholism in families, My First Drink, alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety

For Drew Diaz, trouble with alcohol began early.

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How Fathers Can Teach Their Sons about Addiction

talking to your son about drugs, drug use, parenting, male role model

How you can help protect your kids from drug addiction, by telling them why you used.

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A Child of Alcoholics Finds Serenity

Aaron Brinker, My First Drink, sobriety, Serenity Prayer, alcoholism, youth drinking

Aaron Brinker changes a family tradition of silence around alcohol abuse, by telling the story of how he also became an alcoholic.

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5 Techniques to Avoid Cravings after Drug Rehab


After recognizing cravings and their triggers, learn to alleviate the discomfort.

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Why I’m Quitting Drinking in 2013


I’ve finally realized I’m no longer ‘one of the lads’ but a ‘binge drinking father figure.’

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How to Deal with a Partner who Has an Addiction


Addiction shatters relationships all the time—and the only way to put them back together is by being there, giving time, and staying positive.

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Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict


To prepare myself for writing today I watched some Internet porn.

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What I Learned from 9 Weeks of Sobriety


Why Mike Nicholson took a self-imposed hiatus from drinking, how his friends responded, and what he learned from the experience.

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Laugh at the Punch


After four years sober, cracks begin to appear in Erik Christian’s façade of normalcy.

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How Erik Got His Groove Back


White-knuckling his way through sobriety was burning him out, until Erik Christian returned to his youthful creative passions.

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Your Ideal Day


Nick Florest concludes his series on addiction with a question: What does your ideal day look like?

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Losing My Religion, Gaining Spirituality


Brandon Ferdig’s story of getting sober, finding “god”, and relating with his religious family.

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Habits and Contradictions


Jimmy ValenTime on the habits one forms, being the son of addicts.

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