Pick Your Moustache for Movember


Just in time to raise awareness for men’s health in November.

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How to Check Your Skin for Skin Cancer


Learn to examine your largest organ for five signs of cancer.

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Guys: Check Your Balls


Are testicular exams women’s work?

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When Your Parent Dies


What gifts of care or truth are worthwhile to the dying, and to those left behind?

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Eating Sushi at Stoplights


Caring for his mother through treatment for a brain tumor, David Olimpio finds odd comforts in a city he used to call home.

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Invasive Testing


A trans man’s first pap smear is a traumatizing experience.

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Out of the Cradle


The gifts from one’s parents include passions and observations that communicate—and finally become—character and identity.

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Men, Strength, and Death


True strength does not require denial of reality, but suppleness in meeting it.

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The Hourglass


The people I love are grains of sand in an hourglass. And they’re starting to slip through the narrow curve at the center.

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Homer’s Hero

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 6.30.42 PM

Cameron Conaway offers a moving and personal dedication to his mentor, martial artist Daryn Clark, who despite fighting brain cancer still dedicates his life to helping others.

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Cancer: 8/18


Survivors wanted: men’s stories of cancer.

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Perchance to Dream: My First Colonoscopy

weathered dock, blue-green ocean, blue sky

Don’t worry, Geoffrey Philp says. His first colonoscopy was like a day at the beach.

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The Idol I Remember, The Man I Never Knew

marathon runner

One word does not do justice to what a father does.

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Oral HPV More Prevalent Among Men Than Women

Hat tip to Tobias.  The Internal Medicine News covers a study showing that oral HPV is three times more prevalent among men than women. Oral HPV has been linked to something called “oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma,” which is apparently cancer of the middle part of the throat (the tonsils, soft palate, and the base of the […]

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Nine Days with Cancer


Jim Mitchem learned a lot in nine days.

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My Tribute to My Mom for Mother’s Day


Art Eddy recently lost his mother, so he knows this Mother’s Day will be tough for him. This tribute is in honor of all of the ways she made his life wonderful.

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