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James M. Chesbro runs from grief and mortality.

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What Are the Odds You’ll Hear I Love You?

love, heart, fathers and daughters, expressing love

Increase the odds for someone you love, today

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Watching Baseball with Dad

Braves scoreboard

Clyde McGrady explores the bond he shared with his father over a mutual love of baseball and their favorite team.

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An Email From My Father


Tom Fiffer longs to hear the ping of a new text message or email: the one that would let him know his father got his message and is replying.

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Golfing With My Father

golf course at country club

Collin Slattery and his father both believed that the ability to play golf was a marker of success.

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I Think You’d Be Proud of Who I’ve Become, Dad

proud dad

Jared used to be embarrassed to have a gay dad.

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The Idol I Remember, The Man I Never Knew

marathon runner

One word does not do justice to what a father does.

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Character Lesson

water moccasin, Father's Day

That which does not kill you, builds character.

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My Dad Never Told Me He Loved Me. And That’s Perfectly Fine.

tiger, Father's Day

Ali Rizvi writes: “I was his first child, and his first son. I wonder if I was also his first experience with real intimacy.”

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Father’s Day 2012

Father's Day 2012 collage

Join The Good Men Project and in celebrating the fathers of the 21st century. An introduction to the Father’s Day 2012 series.

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My Fourth Father’s Day


Being the father of a daughter is one of the hardest jobs ever: you are molding her into the woman she will become, someday.

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How I Became Obsessed With Sneakers

adoration of the Air Jordan

No one has ever sacrificed for his children like Jorge Alberto Foglia, may he rest in peace.

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Tex, Father's Day

Andy Hinds and his father share memories of Andy’s bootlegging, fist-fighting, cowboy grandfather, “Tex.”

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Son of a Famous Man


John Manchester, son of one of the most famous biographers in American history, reveals what growing up is like in the shadow of a man whose success changed the nation.

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Growing Up A Son of Sarge


In this excerpt of Mark Shriver’s book, The Good Man, he salutes his Dad and remembers the perks of being the Sargent’s son.

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3 Ways My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Dad


Home Made Dad learned the vital principles of parenthood from his mother.

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