A Sense of Place

best way to get there, small town small talk, knowing your way around, GPS, sat nav, internet culture, modern life, road maps nostalgia

Gadgets that answer our questions instantly remove categories of expertise, and the small talk they engender.

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What Are You Able to Do?

subway station emergency, Boston emergency, walk away, walk toward danger

Drew Diaz says that in an emergency you need to make a conscious choice: either walk towards it or walk away.

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The Touch Ups

children chores, children responsibility, teaching children pride, teaching children love of home, families, #RealFatherhood

Pete Wilgoren lets his five year old daughter help him paint the house.

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The Twangification of a Greasehead [Video]

diddley bow, music instruments, Rob Azevedo, Hands On, The Good Life

What’s a diddley bow? After watching Jack White build one in less than ten minutes, it’s Rob Azevedo’s latest obsession.

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How to Cut a Mango Quickly and Easily: All in Pictures

mango slicing instructions, how to cut up a mango, preparing mango, testing mangoes for ripeness

Love the flavor of mango but don’t know how to figure out if they’re ripe or how to prepare them? No problem.

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Well Done, Weld One

TIG welding, stick welding, welding types, beginning welding, Drew Diaz, The Good Life, Hands On, The Good Men Project

Some things are rocket science, but welding isn’t one of them (unless you’re working on a rocket, or a fire escape).

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The Value of Snow Shoveling

shoveling snow

When Bob Barsanti was his eldest son’s age, his adolescent ego was stoked by shoveling snow: a modern John Henry against the snowplow. That was then…

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Willy Loman Plugged the John

Loo with a view

When the plumbing backs up, men often expect that we should know how to make the repair.

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Do-It-Yourself Man’s Guide to Clothing Alterations

smartly dressed man

Take care of loose buttons and long cuffs yourself, and keep your clothes looking nicer, longer, for less.

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Josh and His Dad Take Down the Dragon Tree

barefoot construction

Josh Magill is proud and unafraid to work alongside his father, even after the tetanus shot. And the shed incident.

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Model Citizen


As an expression of his love, Jack Harper improves upon exotic cars.

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Children Will Listen


Greg White spent a summer teaching a ten-year-old nephew to run, and changed both their lives.

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Dogs in the Garden


When fences don’t work, Phil Keenan finds a new solution.

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Butchering a Turkey into Boneless Roasts

turkey and meatpaper 015

Prepare your turkey in advance for less stress on Thanksgiving Day.

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How to Survive a Natural Disaster


If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

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5 Essential Survival Skills for Men


In an emergency scenario, what do you need to stay alive until help arrives?

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