Robert F. Kennedy and Me

RFK, RFK assassination, Bobby Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Kennedys

On the 45th anniversary of his death, Deborah A. Lott describes the reaction to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy: in the Ambassador Hotel where he was scheduled to speak, and in the days and years after.

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How to Become a Warrior

guys who wrote the book on war, Carl von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, warriors, military genius, leadership, sensitivity, courage, male toughness

The warrior is sensitive enough to discern truth, and has the courage to stand up for it.

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Slaves and Robots

R2-D2 from Star Wars

If we invent a machine with a personality and desires, does it deserve freedom?

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Joseph L. Galloway, Combat Journalist, on Vietnam [Video]


Galloway speaks with respect for both the enemy and his fellow soldiers in the war in Vietnam.

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The Complicated Legacy of Dr. King


In some circles, speaking ill of Dr. King is blasphemous. But wasn’t he just a man like ourselves?

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Jamaican Gentlemen


For a revolutionary generation of young Jamaican men, the strong and available role models looked like the enemy.

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Normal for Now


Our beliefs and values surrounding concepts like family, childhood, and masculinity, are products of our time and culture.

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Wild Boys, Wilderness, and Woodcraft Rangers


Predecessors of the Boy Scouts of America, Woodcrafters still bring nature-deprived boys out into the wilderness.

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Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

4926596880_321ac69592_b (1)

How do you live with the awareness of death on a massive scale?

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Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys?


Whether childhood circumcision is acceptable or not is an ethical question, not a medical one. Chuck Ross asks, why did we ever circumcise boys?

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It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating …


Seán Flynn on the end of American Empire, and how the internet is more like the Catholic Church than you imagined.

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Delivered from Abortion: Healing a Forgotten Memory

Christus statue

‘Did Mother ever tell you about the time she was going to abort you?’ my sister asked casually.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

large family

The phrase’s author, Pliny the Elder, was a naval commander. It seems fitting that he would have a keen idea of where and what home means.

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Gambling Man

titanic thompson

Titanic Thompson was a brilliant con man, a world class engineer of stunts and easily the most outrageous character you’re likely to encounter in a book of non-fiction.

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Talking Tesla

tesla pic08

Thomas Edison was a bully. That’s why you’ve barely heard of the hero of Rave’ Mehta’s new graphic novel, The Inventor: Nikola Tesla

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The Future Is Ours: Video


If I’m part of the mechanism that lights a spark for just one person to effect change, it’s worth it.

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