The New Macho

The New Macho

Boysen Hodgson believes “the new macho” can be defined in a way that benefits and serves everyone on the planet.

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Paging Nurse Man

men, nurse, male nurse

After Stephane Wahl experienced first-hand how amazing nurses are she knows that the men who do such work deserve nothing but respect.

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5 Ways Disavowing Masculinity Changed My Life

men's fashion, men's style, men who break rules, Man Code

Robert Reece has found that ignoring the Man Code has improved his life enormously.

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When Did I Become So Masculine?


Pat Brothwell comes to the realization that he’s always been more manly then he thinks.

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Why Might Today’s Man Want to Practice Today’s Yoga?

Army Yoga

If it’s good enough for the Army and the Marines, what’s stopping today’s man from getting into yoga?

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Bieber Bangs


Rob Ern grapples with the meaning of his parents divorce and his dad’s sudden change in hairstyle.

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Life in the Man Deserts

lack of male role models, children without men

Why are more children than ever are growing up with no male role models in sight?

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A Letter to Masculinity

machismo, masculinity, man code, stereotypical man

“Dear Masculinity, Who are you? Because no one seems to know for sure.” Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s letter to a man who’s impossible to know.

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Johnny Cash: Life, Love, and the Magic of Being Your Badass Self

Johnny Cash, original men, Man in Black, musician, passion, dedication

Chantele Theroux on how to live and love like the Man in Black.

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What Real Men Talk About

T Cooper interview, T Cooper writer, transgender men, FTM, transmen, Real Man Adventures, gender transition

Pages: 1 2

Justin Cascio talks to T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures, about writing, crying, and being a real man.

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Real Man Adventures [Book Review]

T Cooper, coming out, book review, Real Man Adventures, McSweeney's, masculinity, trans men, FTM, gender performance

A testosterone fueled adventure through sex and gender, unlike any you’ve seen before featuring a man battling a shark on the cover.

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Moving Beyond Sexuality into Masculinity

male affection, male friendships, male athletes, male teammates, male teamwork, gay men in sports, coming out as gay, gay pride, gay acceptance, Jason Collins

Mainstream acceptance of gay men represents a shift in how we see masculinity.

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Can Single Women Raise Boys to Become Men?

Jill Scott, Jett Hamilton Roberts, single mothers, single mothers of sons, single women raising sons, single mothers of boys, it takes a village, male role models, black masculinity, black manhood

No one raises a man alone; it takes a village. We need to make sure we include positive men in our villages, too.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Man? U of Calgary Students Respond

men, manhood, masculinity, University of Calgary men, students manhood, young men feminism, feminism masculinity, men's studies, The Good Life

How do students feel about manhood and masculinity today?

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The Cold, Wet Nose of Acceptance

man and his dog

Arthur MacMaster struggles to accept himself as a man with a disability, but his dog doesn’t.

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Rap Music as a Safe Space for Hetero-Masculine Love


That most masculine of subcultures, the world of hip hop, ironically provides an acceptable outlet for men to express platonic affection for one another: through rap lyrics.

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