What Is Objectification?

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When a psychologist promoting her new book is interviewed by a Playmate for Playboy radio, she’s challenged to answer the question at the root of porn’s very existence.

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Growing Up on Planet Porn

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Were our kids sexually healthier when sexual images were harder to come by?

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Men Spend Less on Porn Than Women Do

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Although the straight female audience is eight times larger, the gay male porn market is enormous in comparison. What porn are women using?

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The Way I Heard It [Fiction]

sex talk, don't tell me, father and son bonding, the sex talk, sex ed

Oh no, not the sex talk, Dad. Please. But he does, and it’s worse than I imagine. [Fiction]

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Impossible Exchange [Poetry]

Cupid and Psyche

‘Porn is a hell of not having … of infinite desire laid over the world on a screen.’

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The Science of Love


Why has it taken us so long to learn so little about how and why we have sex?

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The Myth of One-Size-Fits-All Sex


Sexual instruction manuals perpetuate the notion that, despite the apparent diversity of ways to have sex, there’s just one right way for men to be lovers.

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My Husband Live-Chats with Porn Girls


Watching porn is one thing. Live -chatting with sex workers is another.

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Why We Crave Porn


Although we treat porn as a commodity, it is actually a deeply desired human interaction.

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The Utility of Violent Porn


Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

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Would the Buddha Look at Porn?


Buddhist American Keith Andresen is torn between culture and faith.

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Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict


To prepare myself for writing today I watched some Internet porn.

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Pornography Ended My Marriage


Is porn a good thing?

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Our Porn, Ourselves

sandoz GMP men and porn

Charlie Glickman maps the sexist anti-porn arguments of radical feminist Robert Jensen.

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How to (Not) Become a Male Pornstar


Ever watched porn and thought, ‘I could do this, easy’?

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Women and Sex Work


Suburban wife, mother, and sex worker Elle Lynn Stanger talks about the women and men who make and use porn.

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