100 Words on Love: Ninety-Nine

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Ninety-nine and only faded battlefields behind me: grumbling tanks, tire treads, bodies laid on broken pavement.

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What Are the Odds You’ll Hear I Love You?

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Increase the odds for someone you love, today

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Willy Loman Plugged the John

Loo with a view

When the plumbing backs up, men often expect that we should know how to make the repair.

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The Cold, Wet Nose of Acceptance

man and his dog

Arthur MacMaster struggles to accept himself as a man with a disability, but his dog doesn’t.

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My Journey from the Gym to the Gym


Bill Caudill overcomes his old fears of the gym … at the gym.

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Frankly, I Do Give a Damn


An encounter in the grocery parking lot changes Greg White’s resolutions for this and every year.

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Navigating Male Midlife


Recognize the signs of male menopause and understand the reasons behind the changes.

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


Near the end of a long life together, a husband finds himself alone with yet ” … promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

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7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman Now That I Am 50


James Elliot’s tastes have matured along with him. Here, he talks about what’s so sexy about women his own age.

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Drinking Wine with Noah


“I piled up his clothes, vacuumed his floor, and got rid of the flotsam and jetsam of an unclicked mind.” Robert Barsanti takes his father to the hospital.

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The Dream of Fondue


Emerson wrote that a hero is no braver than any other man, but he is braver five minutes longer. Robert Barsanti suspects it is the same with successful marriages.

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Beats the Alternative


What makes it so hard to be old?

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The Grasshopper Life


To his old girlfriends, Robert Barsanti’s father would always be Romeo. But for Robert, Benito was Lear.

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Waterloo Sunset’s Fine: An Insight into Male Solitude


One of the main symptoms people with depression describe isn’t upset, but detachment.

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Our Broken Ankle


After a vacation injury sidelines Carl’s wife, both the Bosches would prefer to explain with a wild tale of fast living.

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My Dad Won’t Stop Crying: Is Male Menopause Real?


After a father confesses that he can’t stop crying, a daughter does a little research on male menopause.

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