Too Many Fatherless Father’s Days

modeling fatherhood, becoming a father, fatherless fathers

Patrick Caneday didn’t know what he was missing, growing up without a father around, until he became a father, himself.

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How to Love Fearlessly

marriage, love, fighting, divorce, separation, relationships, love, families, fear of abandonment, insecurity, commitment

Do you feel secure in your relationship?

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Batter Up


My girlfriend’s 15 year old kid had played a year of Little League and hadn’t picked up a bat or glove since. This was an opportunity for us to bond, but the odds were stacked against us.

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I Like That My Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Is Hairy


Why another man’s back hair makes me happy.

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The Kids May Be All Right, But I’m Not: My Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Is Moving In


After the news comes up over lunch with his kids, Paul Schneider finds himself digesting the news uneasily.

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Watching Him Go


Edwin Lyngar considers the “flaky” upbringing his oldest child had, with him for a single father.

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The Myth of the Normal Family Unit


Corina Connell hosts a conversation among her co-parents on the evolving nature of the family unit.

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Supporting My Real Family


Stepfather Kieron Casey wonders what it means to be a “real” father.

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Teach Your Parents Well


Mark Sherman always thought he had been a great dad, until his son had the courage to enlighten him, and to give him a second chance.

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