The Hidden Power of Art


Jonathan Delavan discusses the reasons why art holds such powerful sway over us and is thus a powerful key to one’s personal growth.

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#75: Paramedic Rescues Doctor Who Rescued Him as an Infant


A California paramedic rescued the same doctor who saved his own life 30 years earlier.

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What is Truly Necessary? A Guide to Living Frugal

frugal living

For Leo Babauta it’s the process, not the end goal, that he enjoys.

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True Resilience is Understanding Nothing Lasts Forever


The only way to build resilience is to accept that everything will, one day, fail.

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Why Men Need to Play

Why Men Need Play by Wikimedia

Duncan Alldridge explores men’s inherent need for play as part of healthy masculinity.

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100 Words on Love: Future Wife

prayer hands

Separated by a moment in time, we’re thinking the same thing.

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John Nash: A Reason To Hope


Dr. Nash was more than a mathematician. He was a symbol of hope for the hopeless.

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100 Words on Love: Waking Up Happy

waking up in love

I slept. I dreamt. I rose.

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#74: Teen Cellist Shares Love of Music with At-Risk Youth in Costa Rica Schools


This talented teen proves that music has the power to cross geographic boundaries and to empower young people.

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Feeling Determined to Change


Determined to make some big changes in your life? Here’s how to stay motivated, even on the tough days.

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#73: Heroic Irish Priest Helped Save More Than 6,500 People during WWII


This Irish priest is an unsung hero whose work during World War II deserves greater recognition.

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A Guide for Young People: What To Do With Your Life


So if you can’t figure out the future, what do you do?

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100 Words on Love: Hanging On

100 words on love desperation

You are loved if you are free, a hostage, an escapee, if you seek love and can’t recognize it.

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Downsides of Minimalism


Warning: There are huge downsides to minimalism. You might even be forced to spend time outdoors!

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Being OK With Things as They Are


We’re unhappy, so we try to change things by doing more and buying more. But the real solution actually lies in doing less and buying less. Here’s why minimalism can help us feel whole again.

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100 Words on Love: Unbreakable Bond

baby bond dad

You keep us all bonded in love eternally.

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