50 Sufferers Describe Depression for People Who’ve Never Been Depressed


It’s hard to understand if you’ve never been there.

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The Beauty of Small


Less can come in many forms. You can have fewer things, you can do fewer things, you can use fewer things, you can focus on fewer things.

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Thank You For All You’ve Given Us Robin Williams

robin williams sized

With the discussion of the recent passing of comedy great Robin Williams and what his death might mean, let us not forget what his life taught us.

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Robin Williams Didn’t Manage to Recover From Depression—But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t


One person’s plight with depression – even if that person is a celebrity that we all know and love – has no relevance to your own plight with depression.

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A Love Letter to Confident Women

love letter

Warren Talbot on all the ways he loves women.

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Life Lessons for a Slut-Shamed Man

men slut shame

Being Caballero on how Slut Shaming challenges men’s sexual and personal development.

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Zamperini and Me


John Espinosa Nelson is not one to name drop unless it happens to be Louis Zamperini, the subject of the award winning biography “Unbroken.”

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Unautomate: Do it by Hand


Sometimes making things harder isn’t a bad thing. When we must do things ourselves, and it costs us in time and effort, it forces us to consider whether it’s worth doing at all.

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The True Cost of Stuff


The cost of purchasing an item just scratches the surface.

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Going the Distance: Every Runner has a Reason


Ronnie Goodman may well be San Francisco’s most unexpected half-marathoner.

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Hope is not the Poor Cousin of Faith


Hope is the strangest thing. And at the same time, it is so familiar to us all. How can something be so strange and so familiar?

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Clutter is Procrastination


Leo Babauta has some advice on how to avoid creating a mountain of clutter.

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A New Life in the Saddle


His parents introduced him to horses when he was just a year old and he’s been around them ever since.

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If You Had to Move, What Would You Take?


It might be useful to make an actual list. Then it might be useful to get rid of everything not on the list.

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The Book Inspired by Muhammad Ali and the Author who Wrote It


The toughest opponent this young author ever had to face was low self-esteem, but he is using that experience to inspire others.

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The 30/10 Procrastination Hack


Leo Babauta has a simple trick to combat procrastination, and he’s sharing it with the rest of us.

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