Sing it! Belt It Out Loud And Proud!


Shawn Henfling isn’t ashamed to sing anywhere. Are you?

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#60: Clint Smith, The Danger of Silence (TED Talk Video)

Clint Smith, "The Danger of Silence"

Every day, all around us, we see the consequences of silence manifest themselves in the form of discrimination, violence, genocide and war.

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The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play


Remember what it was like to go outside as a child? Kids don’t care about what they “should” do … all they want to do is have fun. And so they play.

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#59: Students Build Mobile Laundry Van for Homeless People


When you don’t have a roof over your head, washing clothes can become a luxury — “a privilege so many of us take for granted.” But these two men are changing that.

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100 Words on Love: Not Always Easy

i heart you xx 100 words

Lately I feel like I loveyou-hateyou-loveyou-hateyou.

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#58: Husband Seeks Kidney for His Wife


A Colorado man is trying to save his wife’s life.

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From Coal Miner to Award-Winning Photographer


Ray Collins gets up before dawn, pulls on a wetsuit and jumps into the ocean swell in search of the perfect wave.

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#57: The Dad who Challenged Amazon

Oren Miller

Because of Oren Miller, we are all gadflies in Amazon’s ointment. And despite weeks of silence, I hope Amazon is listening.

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You’re Not Doing Life Wrong

doing life right

Leo Babauta would like to assure you that you’re doing nothing wrong. That you don’t need to optimize or do things better.

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#56: Teen Alzheimer’s Inventor

Kenneth Shinozuka

An innovative 15-year-old has invented a device to help millions of Alzheimer’s patients.

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100 Words on Love: Bright As the Moon

bright as the moon

How I love my stupid little life.

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Your History—I Know You Are Doing the Best You Can

your history

You are writing the book of your life right now. This is it. The camera is rolling; your actions are being recorded in history. No second chances, no take two—this is it.

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Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself

unconditional acceptance of self

Could you accept every single thing about yourself, just as you are, without feeling that it needs to be changed?

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#55: What Teachers Really Make

Taylor Mali

Watch what happens when this amazing teacher gets ridiculed by a guy who wants to know what teachers really make.

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#54: The LGBTQ Activist who’s Changing Evangelical Churches

Christians fight for LGBTQ rights

Each and every day, more and more LGBTQ people and our allies are coming out of a different closet — as evangelical Christians.

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The Most Important Two Minutes of Your Life

2 minutes

There are two minutes you could spend, right now, that would have a huge impact on your life.

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