Why I Love Black Men – Chris’ Story

black men's friendships

Chris, a friend of GMP contributor Billy Johnson II, gives his take on why he loves his friends.

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Why I Love Black Men – Joe’s Story


Billy Johnson II’s friend, Joe, joins in on the conversation and explains why he loves black men and the brotherhood that he shares.

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Why I Love Black Men

Brotherhood 1

Author Billy Johnson II discusses his love and appreciation for black men and explains why these types of sentiments need to be expressed more often.

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The Friend Zone: It’s Not Just for Men

young blonde woman in crowd

The Friend Zone exists, and it’s not just something women do to men, Neil Sheppard reports. “I know, because I’ve done it.”

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I Thought You Were Like a Ken Doll

naked ken doll straddling giant baby doll head

Is a man who is a virgin not really a man?

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The Corn Curl Experiment

corn curls

How long can a friendship last?

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Standing Up Michael J. Fox and Woody Harrelson


John Tinseth meets a Chicago woman in LA, and finds himself reluctant to leave her side.

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This Little Light of Mine


In your darkest hour, your guiding light won’t always be a romantic partner.

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Men in Captivity


“It’s like you have no penis.”

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Harry Was Wrong: Lust Doesn’t Have to Ruin a Platonic Friendship


One of our great myths about men is that lust invariably cancels out the empathy.

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