Morning Parade


Spoon Jackson speaks of nature from behind bars.

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Unnatural Desert: The End of Arts-in-Corrections


Spoon Jackson gives a glimpse into daily prison life and asks, “How can we heal without the arts?”

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Life Without Parole – Limbo

prison, life behind bars, locked up, corridor, jail, bars,

Spoon Jackson contemplates his life without parole

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The Struggle To Be

spoon jackson, prison, prisoner, loneliness, struggle

Loneliness is such a powerful feeling that it can often take away our desire to truly exist. Spoon Jackson reflects on this daily — behind bars.

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New Folsom Prison Diary: April

view from prison, men in prison, prison life, typical day in prison, California state penitentiary, New Folsom

Spoon Jackson’s view of the world from Folsom State Prison is framed by a 3″x3′ tall window.

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Stolen: A Letter from a Prisoner Serving Life without Parole

prison life, life without parole, regret, sin, evil, humanity

Spoon Jackson does not define himself as a murderer, but by what he has done in the days since. How do you see him?

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A Poet on the Writing Process

solitude, writing lifestyle, #iamwriting, zen of writing

Spoon Jackson writes, “I believe art is waiting to come out when allowed the room to flow up.”

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Locked Down for Having Dreadlocks

racism, injustice, prison life, California prison life, poet behind bars

Injustices, large and small, abound in prison. California prison inmate Spoon Jackson, a teacher and poet, is wrongly identified as a gang member and placed on lockdown.

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Go On: Support The Other Death Penalty Project

Go On poem, Spoon Jackson, prison poet, poet behind bars, The Good Life, The Good Men Project, social justice issues, life without parole, prison reform, The Other Death Penalty Project

You can help raise awareness among policymakers of the cruelty of life without parole.

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To Watch TV or Not

TV kills, TV imprisons minds, TV pacifies prisoners, TV pacifies, opiate of the masses, prison reality TV

Spoon Jackson remembers the days before free TV pacified prison culture.

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Too Cruel, Not Unusual Enough

Too Cruel Not Unusual Enough, cruel and unusual punishment, imprisonment, life without parole, life imprisonment, Spoon Jackson, Kenneth E. Hartman, The Other Death Penalty Project

Kenneth E. Hartman’s anthology sheds light on the other death penalty: life without parole.

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A Prisoner’s Message to Youth on Gang Membership

student assembly, school to prison, The Good Life, education, prison life, Rosanne Cash

After Rosanne Cash’s visit, Spoon Jackson receives an opportunity to speak to troubled youth from within prison.

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The Poet in Prison Dreams

swans, romantic love, arts, musicals, bird lovers, life in prison, life without parole, forgiveness, dreams, world peace

A lover of birds dreams he can fly and talk to animals … and that his human brothers and sisters might learn to forgive him.

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Unrelenting: Mental Illness in Prison

incarceration, imprisonment, mental health in prison, mental illness in prison, California State

After 35 years of incarceration, Spoon Jackson says, “I have never adjusted to being caged.”

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Rosanne Cash Performs at Folsom State Prison

Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash, Folsom Blues, Folsom State Prison, Spoon Jackson Realness Network, The Good Life

Forty years after the late musician Johnny Cash performed “Folsom Blues” in the Folsom Prison Library, his daughter returns and meets GMP poet Spoon Jackson.

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Bird Lovers, Bird Haters

nesting geese, free bird

Birds are a symbol of freedom and hope. To Spoon Jackson and other inmates, they are sacred guests.

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