My Men

photo by Elvert Barnes

One in a series of poems about men by Anna Halberstadt

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Impossible Exchange [Poetry]

Cupid and Psyche

‘Porn is a hell of not having … of infinite desire laid over the world on a screen.’

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At Night I Fly: The Good Life Introduces Spoon Jackson, a Poet Behind Bars


Spoon Jackson writes from prison of the freedom he enjoys as he flies: ‘My heart pounds behind no chest.’

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Coming Unhinged [A Poem About Old Love]

antique hinge

Wood planks joining steps to porch marry, like ‘a kind of same-sexed couple’ at the front of an ancient farmhouse.

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Invisible Man [Poem]


Rick Belden asks, what will become of him, now that women look right through him as if he weren’t there at all?

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Poem: Epitaph … for Skip


Daniel Lee Fee’s elegy for a young man describes the feelings “neither one of us guys / was brave enough, / simple enough, / to say, / to say out loud.”

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For a Granddaughter


Russell Kesler welcomes a family member who has not yet arrived.

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Marriage, Sometimes


Sometimes, marriage is like this.

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last trip to the doll house


The holidays can leave us desperate for human connection.

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One man’s pleasureland is another man’s nightmare.

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


Near the end of a long life together, a husband finds himself alone with yet ” … promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

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afterwards: a poem


How does a man feel after sex? That depends upon the man and his history.

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Running: A Poem


David Karpel tells an American story of persecution and flight: a family that can’t stop running.

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Fine for Now


The rhythm of Will Flores’ days are too uncomfortable to dance to, even alone.

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safe sexx confession


Rick Belden confesses everything she makes him feel.

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I Will Not Die [Poem]


Denial is the first stage of grief.

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