I Don’t Know How to Talk to You: Conversations Among Men

Man talk photo by David Boyle

JJ Vincent wants to talk amongst men. But someone decided he didn’t have a man card, and now he doesn’t know how.

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Victor Rivers is Not a Woman

abuse of boys, violence against boys, adult survivors of child abuse, male survivors of abuse, role models, heroes, male toughness

The former Dolphins player smashes stereotypes of men and boys as victims of domestic violence.

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The Stereotype Stops Here

strange men and children, strange children and men, lost children, male first responders, male neighbors, men nurturing, caregiving men, male caregivers, male stereotypes

Stereotypes limit what we believe we are capable of, but only if we do not challenge our beliefs in them.

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Oliver’s Pink Bike [Video]

oliver's pink bike

A three year old boy’s pink birthday wish makes a man consider the kind of father that he wants to be.

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Welcoming the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Men


Rick Belden gives readers a name for what they have always known about themselves.

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Lies Women Tell One Another About Men and Love


Vironika Tugaleva thought she was showing her man how much she loved him by being the perfect Cosmo Girl. Instead, she almost lost him.

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Anything Girls Can Do

Donald VOUGUE NEW SCAN lanscape

Donald D’Haene has spent much of his life proving he can do anything that girls can.

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The Uniform of Gender


Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

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Smashing Male Stereotypes


We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

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The Gay Look


Being a gay man has everything to do with being a masculine man.

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Violence and Victimization: Stereotypes of Dangerous Men


Are male survivors of abuse more likely to become violent, themselves?

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My Life as a Male Figure Skater


In the Eighties, Kenny Bodanis endured homophobic jeers for his love—of the challenge, camaraderie, and spotlight—of life as a male figure skater.

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Our Cookie Cutter Culture


Gay stereotypes are alive and well. Can’t we move past them?

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Stereotyping the Fighter


Most of us started fighting out of fear.

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Why Women’s Magazines Need to Stop Using Me as the Voice of All Men


Stuart Heritage writes those “what men think” articles for women’s magazines.

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The Double Helix of James Watson


“Imagine if I, as a child, had accepted my supposed inferior intelligence as truth.” A scientist speaks out on racism and its effects.

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