Searching for the Copper Salmon of O’Brian Creek

Alaska OBrian Creek 3 Dan Szczesny

An Alaskan side road takes Dan Szczesny to a local, and secret, fishing hotspot where the fish swim right into nets.

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Searching for a Good, Stiff Breeze in Denali National Park

Denali dreamscape

Deep inside the glorious Denali National Park, Dan Szczesny and his wife have to run from predators—but probably not the sort they expected.

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Circumnavigating the UK on a Mini-Yacht, Port by Port


“An evening stroll along the middle lane of the New Jersey Turnpike is probably a little more suicidal than sailing in UK waters without keeping a lookout, but not much.” — Jonathan Footerman, on circumnavigating the UK in a mini-yacht.

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We Climb, It’s What We Do

Dan and Janelle celebrate atop North Baldface Mountain.

An Excerpt from The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie: A Hiking Journey through New Hampshire’s 52 With a View Mountain List

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First Fog, then Gale Force Winds, and Mud. And There Is No Plan B.

Brid_pontoon in mud

Jonathan Footerman is sailing a mini-yacht solo around the UK. It’s him against the elements. Along with the occasional stuck anchor. 

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The Sea Is So Great, And My Boat Is So Small

Twilight in the mouth of the river Deben

Jonathan Footerman is skippering a 21-foot mini-yacht solo around the UK. And it’s the most dangerous, exhausting and near-disastrous thing he has ever done.

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Travels with Harry: The Dipsea Trail


While out exploring with my son, we came across a pleasant surprise.

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Unexpected Love from Istanbul


Events happening on the other side of the world are much more personal when the protesters you see on T.V. are your close friends.

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Business Travel with Dad

drug sniffing dog, border crossing, business travel, driving across the US Mexican border

Chuck Ross relates a father and son bonding experience at the U.S./Mexico border.

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Is American Hyphenated?

soldiers, drinking stories, partying, racism, Australian culture, Army culture, war, Vietnam War, national pride, identity, American identity, hyphenated Americans, Italian-Americans, immigration

An Aussie soldier challenges his Yank counterpart to drop the hyphen from his American identity.

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The Hanoi Hush: Walking Vietnam`s French Quarter [Photos]

French Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi is awash with sights and sounds to fill the senses. There are times when it’s nice to do without the latter of the two.

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The Invisible World of Rural Black America: Part 2

Pops and Uncle Bennie

Join Lola Rainey on a guided tour through American history with her father and uncle, sons of a Texas sharecropper.

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Gay Israeli Culture from an Israeli’s Perspective


American travel writer Sophie Needelman meets an Israeli soldier who shows her the gay State of Israel.

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Israel from an American Lesbian Perspective


The first in a two-part series, in which travel writer Sophie Needelman brings her identities as a West Coast American college student to the State of Israel, and begins to unpack.

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The River of Life


Why does it always feel like jumping off a cliff, every time I step back into the current of my life?

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The Grace Hotel


A former wedding planner observes the sex trade in Bangkok, as well as efforts to free women and children from prostitution.

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