A Threat and a Promise

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Pro tip from a waiter: don’t enlist the staff in your wedding proposal. But if you do, do it right.

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The Nearly-Weds

Elvis Presley wedding

Donald and Maurice come close to tying the knot.

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She’s the One

She's the One

Tom Matlack talks to married men to find out when they knew their wife was “the one.”

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend, James Bond Style


Perfect the moment you ask her to marry you, by choosing a ring that fits.

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Opposites Attract, to a Point


A longtime bachelor finds love and marriage don’t always arrive as planned.

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Why Do Men Marry at All?


Tim Brown thinks of four reasons why he would even consider marriage.

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How to Ask for Money for Your Wedding


Tips for newly engaged couples on asking friends and family to contribute.

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Your Wedding, Your Life


The greatest threat to marital peace is a set of unrealistic expectations, demands which may reach an early climax in the wedding ceremony.

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Advice to the Young on Their Wedding Day

sandoz gmp funniest wedding moments

A “short” speech on marriage is an impossible task; like a “quick” hike up Mt. Everest. But when your brother asks, tell him what you know.

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Blueprint Proposal’s Guide to Proposing in NYC on a Budget


How to make the moment she says “I do” last forever.

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The Wedding Cake Topper


Bill and Kelly’s community made sure their family enjoyed every benefit of marriage, starting with a wedding.

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Can You Afford to Let Your Family Pay for Your Wedding?


Can you afford not to?

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Is Your Man Ready for a Rock?

Is Your Guy Ready for a Rock1

Men’s wedding and engagement rings are offered in a broader array of metals, stones, and ring designs than the plain old band of gold.

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I’m For Commitment, Just Not Marriage

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 12.50.38 PM

For this week’s Man Up Monday, Carlos Andrés Gómez explains how the love of his life opened him up to a new model of life-long commitment.

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Seven Years Later: Reflections on Marriage


Love, when it is real and good, is many things. Seth Dombach on seven years of wedded bliss.

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The Male Straitjacket


Mark Radcliffe tears up the myth of male independence.

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