How Law Firms Help Dads Find Balance

Firms Loosen More Family by Mike Boulette

Attorney Mike Boulette was surprised with six full weeks of paid paternity leave at his new law firm. He was even more surprised when told to take it. All of it.

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The Importance of Vacations

Vacation Picture 2

Matthew Rozsa explains why it’s so important to go on completely non-productive vacations.

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Life Ed: 7 Ways to Support a Breastfeeding Co-Worker


Jessica Shortall knows that pumping breast milk at work is on the rise, and she’s here to help you support your colleagues.

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Is Autonomy the New Money?

egalitarian marriages, celebrity marriages, how to make marriage work, two career marriages, flexibility, manhood

What does Jay-Z offer Beyoncé that men can offer the women they hope to marry?

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How I Quit Chasing the American Dream

American Dream, rejecting materialism, living simply, sell everything you own, find yourself, American man

D. T. Brown didn’t quit owning things. He quit materialism.

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Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, Paternity Leave and a Step Forward

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!, paternity leave, maternity leave, parental benefits, employment perks, Yahoo work benefits

Marissa Mayer announced a progressive paternity leave policy at Yahoo! Especially considering recent Yahoo! decisions, these policies represent an important step forward for working dads everywhere.

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Oakland A’s Slugger Brandon Moss Takes Paternity Leave

MLB paternity leave, baseball paternity leave, Brandon Moss, Oakland A's, MLB, baseball, work/life balance, fatherhood, sports dads

Major League Baseball implements a paternity leave policy for players … of only 72 hours. A good start? Or the price of playing pro ball?

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Helping My Wife Lean In

fathers and daughters, family values, career family balance, two career families, parenthood, marriage, The Good Life, Scott Behson

Scott Behson takes his own advice for two-career families.

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Sawyer’s Reaction to Yahoo’s Ban on Telework Misses the Point

man works from home with dog beside him

Telework expert Scott Behson offers his analysis of the data on telecommuting, employee productivity, and creative office culture.

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Are Fathers As Free to Leave Their Careers As Moms?

Attendees of Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network Conference 2012 New Delhi

Are men more vulnerable to burn out and career dissatisfaction without a biological imperative to slow down and reassess?

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Are Family Dinners Really That Important?

family dinner

Is there a multivitamin for family health?

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Fathers, Work and Family Issues on TV: Expedia’s “Find Your Perspective” Ad


One father finds work-life balance on the teacups ride at Disney. How do you find perspective?

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Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job


A study of working dads suggests fatherhood conveys direct benefits to employers.

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These Chores Don’t Count? On Men’s Hidden “Second Shift”


Housework—as it is defined by those who keep the statistics—does not include many chores traditionally handled by men.

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Golf: “Time Suck” to Avoid #1


Scott Behson pisses off half his readership by pointing out how golf takes you, your time, and your money away from every other important thing in your life.

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Prioritizing Time and Money


“Ten years ago, I turned my head for a moment and it became my life.”

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