On Men, Shame, and Vulnerability


GMP is covering this important and sensitive topic on all fronts. Consider submitting your story and join the conversation no one else is having.

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Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes


Does the stereotypical man exist?

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Call for Submissions: Male Toughness

tough guy

Do men need toughening up, or are we tough enough already?

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My Not So Secret Vice

hobbies, habits, vices, obsessions, bad habits, calls for submissions, men who write, The Good Life

It’s not exactly criminal. So why do you hide the source of your joy?

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The Lightbulb Moment: Call for Submissions Due 9/4


What was the moment that made you stop and think about something differently? What was the tipping point?

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My Hometown: Call for Submissions Due 8/28


Tell us about the place that made you who you are.

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The Movies that Made You a Man: Call for Submissions Due 8/6


Which film marked your ascent to manhood—and which ones set you back a few years?

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The Five Senses and Memory: Call for Submissions Due 7/31


Our senses are tightly linked to memory in both fleeting and powerful ways.

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Men and Faith: Call for Submissions

religion man

Does faith and spirituality inform and shape your sense of masculinity? The Good Men Project wants your story.

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Family Outings: Call for Submission Due 7/24


Trips, travel, secrets, love, discovery, beauty, disaster. What’s your family outing story?

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Adolescent Regrets: Call for Submission Due 7/13


What do you regret from your teen years? If you could go back, what would you do differently?

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Man Caves: 7/6

jam space, TV room, computer room, gaming room, den, man caves, dad's room

Men, do you have a room of your own?

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What Every Man Should Know… About Style: 6/29

what men wear, men shopping, men's clothing, do men care about style, what men should know about style, getting dressed

If the clothes don’t make the man, do they at least signal what kind of man wears them?

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Visions: 6/22

mind's eye, visions, dreams, hallucinations, psychedelics, trance, rave, meditation, prayer

An examination of the ways that what you see in your mind’s eye influences your life.

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Drop Out Success Stories: 6/15

Gautam Adani, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, dropout success stories

Did you leave school for success? Tell us your story.

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What Every Man Should Know… About Cooking: 6/8

feeding the family, feeding the kids, cooking for kids, cooking for the family, family dinners

Do you know the way to your own heart? Men who cook and write wanted.

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