When Bad People Do Good Things: 5/25

evil people doing good, caught being nice, bad people do good, why do bad people do good things, ethics and morals, values, contradictions, ambiguity, multitudes, evil men do, calls for submissions

Sometimes, what makes us do evil is easier to understand than the reasons why we choose to do good.

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Coaches: 5/25


Outside of our fathers, they are most often the men who have had the most influence on us. We want to hear from you about the coaches who influenced you—for good and bad—when you were growing up.

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Do Not Attempt: 5/18

daredevils, thrill seekers, testosterone, proving yourself, being a badass, risking your life to be cool, stupid things teenage boys do, calls for submissions

There’s always some new stunt teenage boys are threatening their lives to perform … what stupid thing have you considered doing?

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First Responders: 5/11

first responders, EMTs, EMS, emergency responders, 911, firefighters, medical personnel, first aid, Red Cross, first responder training, rescue workers, disposability of men, heroes, call for submissions, men's stories, men's lives, The Good Men project, The Good Life

How have you prepared to respond in an emergency?

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Best Men: 5/4

best man, groom, groomsmen, weddings, bachelor parties, men and weddings, married men, men marriage, honeymoon, husbands to be, The Good Men Project, The Good Life, call for submissions

What makes your best male friend a good best man?

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Quitting: 4/27

quitting, success, self help, better life, The Good Life

It’s just not true that quitters never win.

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Marijuana: 4/20

marijuana legalization, marijuana use, medical marijuana, war on drugs, pot, weed

What does marijuana mean to you?

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The Ethics of Writing about Living People: 4/13

press, journalism, blogging, ethics, interviews, memoir, nonfiction, lives of famous people, call for submissions, The Good Life, male writers, men who write, The Good Men Project

Who owns a story?

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100 Words from Men on Love: An Open Call for Submissions

nature, love, love writing, masculine love, masculine desire, male desire, male love, flash nonfiction, call for submissions, male writers, men who write

Love is in the air. A call for submissions.

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Sleepovers: 3/30

slumber party guest

Slumber party! A call for submissions.

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My First Drink: 3/23


Was your first drink memorable?

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Puberty: 3/16

teenage boys

Like puberty isn’t bad enough, but some people have to go and write about it.

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Funny Sex Stories: 3/2

giant butt plug

I want someone I can laugh in bed with.

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Princess Culture: 2/23


Is daddy’s princess brave and good?

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Violence in Video Games: 2/16


What can we teach our children about violence in video games?

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STDs and Men’s Sexual Health: 2/12


The STD Project and The Good Life are sparking a conversation on male sexual health in the 21st century.

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